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Romance / TimeTravel / Girl Power / Drama / Sweet / Chinese Classic / Revenge / Counterattack / Gentle
Author Name: Haotoon

Feng yuheng, a Super-A military medical officer of Land Force in the 21st Century, travels through time and possesses the body of the second daughter of the Feng family. However, her half sister and the hostess of the family bully her and even try to chase her out of the family. But it doesn’t matter for the emperor cares for her, empress dowager protects her~ but what about that damned engagement with that prince? MangaToon got authorization from Haotoon to publish this content, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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Updated to Chapter 417    /    (37440)
 Updated to Chapter 417 
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T r I s H a
I really like this story taking revenge is good right guyss😊😊😊
someone: Hi ghjjjjjjj
Ai: ❤️that’s is a good one to read
total 105 replies
I love these sweet moments where the loving couple support each other in their mutual revenge. Heads will roll, blood will spill and two hearts will grow ever closer in the shadow of the carnage.
RykoSeniorSenpai: Thanks for that
lemurloki: You might have someone someday who loves you so much and you them that bloody carnage to revenge the wrongs done to each other isn't entirely out of the question. Of course, this being the modern era, revenge on their scale might not happen...but if you wake up in a more 'personal vengeance tolerant' era, like the FL did, the sky's the limit.
total 33 replies
Xuan Tianming is so protective when it comes to Heng omo kyahhhhhh
Leiana Tabuena: hello i wish there is someone who translate the comic . "love flourishing age"..
Sana Sain: hey guys can you find time check out my chat story 😊 it's called "the lost man " thank you
total 50 replies
I think he's just acting??? Right? who's with me? hahaha
yume chan: ml planning something
Rich Khongsit: sure he is
total 25 replies
Her hubby burned the mansion while she completely destroyed it...pffftttttt.....haha😆 hehehe....They are just made for each other 😂
Lily orange: no no noooo more like perfect match in hell
suki_015: I know there so brutal but I love it❤
total 12 replies
Like if you are single and this hurts your little heart,this is soooooo cute I wish to have a boyfriend like him😢
Destini Cruz: 😭😭 all single ladies all the single ladies
Swagata Mukherjee: not boyfriend but wish to have a to-be- husband 🥺🥺🥺
total 16 replies
"I don't want to, I am going to marry her"
Chetna Pandey: 9th prince you got a love rival ...
Daredevil: im dying this is the xoment ive been looking for
total 6 replies
"You look so sexy, you really turn me on~"
Dangggg to be honest, he looks so hot in that pose and with a mask on. Like hot hot!
kelly: Oh Goss he is looking like Jimin
Ana Sci: he is really a hotie
total 30 replies
Gao Xiong
Girls were considered women when they got encountered their first menstrual cycle. After that, marriage is usually the next step for the girl. Some were arranged for marriage as early as 9 years old, and would marry by 12-13. They would have their first child by 14-16. Keep in mind that in ancient China/times, the average life span of a person was 45-50 years old. So getting married at a young age was normal and getting married to someone of noble/higher social status would guarantee your survival. REMEMBER THESE THINGS! That’s why everyone strives for power in ancient times! Power meant that you can secure your own safety, and you’d never go hungry.
Krysbe: you have to remember aside from what the main poster added, there were some things that were VERY different. IF a girl received any education, she was done before the age of 10. People in general were far far more self sufficient at a much earlier age than now. Most 10 year olds could cook, clean, and either hunt or gather (depending on gender), if they lived in a village, most could go to vendors for supplies and do basic barter negotiating. In other words, most 10 year olds back then we're as reliable as a now 16 year old. Boys could weild a small sword and girls could make clothes. These changes in age ability didn't become noticeably different until the 1990s. It's why if you watch old 70s and 80s movies, 7-10 year old kids were left home alone or unaccounted for for nearly an entire day sometimes. As for pedophilia.. is it really pedophilia for a 14-15 year old boy to be attracted to a 12 year old girl? Granted, some of these, the boy is as old as 17, which gets a little uncomfortable, but when my husband was 17, I was 12 (we didn't meet until I was 20 and he was 25), so I can't really say much. I also find it funny people nag on the underage, but not the slavery or polygamy. Did you not know that people were getting married in the U.S. by that same age in the 1800s and early 1900s?
bimbobitch666: ped0philia was something acceptable.. disgusting..
total 38 replies
she doesn't treat people badly she treats them accordingly
yume chan: fl so kind
total 3 replies
Threxy Avon Vacaro Quiblatin
having a doremon power is a big advantage😂😂
Godwin Deveyra: yeah you're right haha 😆
SRINIVAS 7B: dude where are you? you didn't see doraemon?:
well he is just a robot made the great great grandchild of Nobita the ML (who is weak) comes through a time machine and delivers doraemon which helps Nobita by giving him gadgets by a pocket created on is stomach and unlimited things of the future like gadgets are present in it!
so she has doraemon power means she can have unlimited things (in this case) of her own world!
*I literally summarised doraemon lol
your welocome~
total 7 replies
Victor's wife
waah....her belonging..... she is quite possessive for a girl
ʍɛʟօɖʏ: instead of being possessive, she can be tactful. Some possessive ppl don't think and become reckless...
Sindhu Reddy D: a girl can be damn possessive if she wants
total 13 replies
no one:
literally nobody:
not even a single soul:

manga male lead: this girl is very interesting
Iris Aphedia: really I always see this in story
Twy: then authors found a new way of saying the same thing "this girl is crazy" 🤣then readers will miss the old word "this girl is very interesting" Jahhshaha
total 14 replies
I'm 99% sure that's a teleporting chair prince has
Dirt: Imagine him just sitting there,getting into position before the chair tp
Rich Khongsit: 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
total 14 replies
I guess eagles do like snakes
Andy pierce: Ooo the burn
Melia Jewellespark: Nice one😂👌
total 35 replies
Gia Schiro
poor guy hes just like
"why cant i even bathe in peace"
Miss M: poor guy, he will be beaten up to death🥲
Z4W: I've been reading the comments and this is the best so far,you made me laugh!😂😂😂👍👍👍
total 6 replies
Their mom is pretty including their sons.. oH mY GoSh
Seihu_San: Beautiful genes👌👌
SRINIVAS 7B: dude hotness and beauty is hereditary
total 10 replies
People in this era Don't know Doraemon.... hahahahahahahahh...😂😂😂
Kitty546: Doraemon still comes in India though and I watch it sometimes on Disney channel
lhanz zenabi: well i miss doraemon heheheheh
total 24 replies
OMG!!! He did not just turn around just to call her ugly?!!! 😂😂😂😂
Seihu_San: I agree
Wizi: HAHAHAHA he sure did😂
total 7 replies
Peppa Pig
Karma: How do u like meh now
gem: ha, how u like that🖤💓
vegetarian weeb: nagisa : is that u karma
total 15 replies
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