Girls' Dormitory

Girls' Dormitory

Girls' Dormitory
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Girls' Dormitory Comics Online. At nanjiang medical college, the 441 room of girls' dormitory has become a myth. 441 girl suicide incident, moon lake ghost incident, canteen knife chopping sound incident, autopsy floor zombie resurrection event... In this mysterious medical school, there are 10 legendary horror events, and solving the mystery, just the tip of the iceberg...

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Lavanya Baraik
actually it would be her own body comin out of there then binder and little yan would into cheng li and the other girl who went mad

then it turns out to be a dream and she wakes up ..... then her roommates throw her off the baclony and then......again she wakes up

suya tells that everyone had a nightmare like that So binder suggests that they go meet a dream intetpreter and the true meaning

then the manga stops at ep 50....
Valir’s Arcane: Where did you read this?
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Theresa Korbey
Noooooooo not her too girls die there noo
IceHotGirl: Dude probably everyone dies in room 441

I should live in room 441..
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LenaXxX Unknown
Am I the first comment ? :)) hehe
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