Girls' Dormitory
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Girls' Dormitory

Girls' Dormitory
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Girls' Dormitory Comics Online. At nanjiang medical college, the 441 room of girls' dormitory has become a myth. 441 girl suicide incident, moon lake ghost incident, canteen knife chopping sound incident, autopsy floor zombie resurrection event... In this mysterious medical school, there are 10 legendary horror events, and solving the mystery, just the tip of the iceberg...

MangaToon got authorization from Haotoon to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
School life
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Aya the doll vs French fries
I followed the sound down a long hallway and stopped in front of a white door. Unlike the rest of the house the door was in good condition. I gently opened the door. I saw Scott playing a paino. The tune was familiar.
"How did you get here",I asked alarmed. How was it possible for Scott to go upstairs without me seeing him. "I found a secret stairway," Scott smiled, "I was looking for you and found this piano and decided to play it." Scott stood and walked toward me. "We're late for dinner" , Scott said, "We should get going Angela."
Wait a minute, Scott never used my full name. Unless he was trying to get on my nerves, of course. I followed Scott as we left the mansion.
When we got home we found the usual note on the table. And as usual, it claimed that mom and dad would be gone for the night. I realized how close Scott was to me. I felt really uncomfortable but said nothing and went to the kitchen to eat.
After dinner, I took a shower and as I finished getting dressed, my phone rang. I answered the phone and said "Hello" . "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!!" , Scott yelled. "Huh?" I'm really confused. "Don't play dumb" , Scott growled, "You pushed me into the basement and locked in and left me!!DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO KICK OPEN A DOOR!!" " Wait if you're there than who is-" Fear washed over me when I realized that what I walked home with wasn't Scott.
"I'M ALMOST HOME AND WHEN I GET THERE YOU'RE GONN-" "Scott don't come home", I whispered. "Why shouldn't I go home?"
Hidden Flame: I appreciate it
Sakura🌸Mizuki: its alright.. i understand your feeling.. hope there would be another interesting, and scary story, can't wait to hear it!
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Aya the doll vs French fries
You would never guess that you're doppelganger is roaming these streets. You, from another dimension, the one who looks like you, sounds like you, and have the same name. But, this other you can easily be a psychopath, a sociopath, or a serial killer. I heard stories about people seeing themselves but person they see is from a different dimension. I believed that that they did see a doppelganger, but doppelgangers here still managed to look and sound different. When I was walking to the 99cent store, I was standing on that concrete thing in the middle of the street. A car pulled up and the people who occupied it and I stared at each other in confusion. In the car is my dad and step mom. I used logic, of course and the only possible answer is that that's them from another dimension. The woman and man look so like my dad and step mom that it was scary and I guess that I looked like their daughter. The woman wore a pastel pink and white stripped shirt with a blue jacket and my dad wore a red shirt. Those clothes looked too expensive and we didn't have that much money for clothes with fine quality. Plus, my dad was wearing a white shirt and my step mom wore a large white shirt. Have you ever encountered you're doppelganger?
yEeT: Imagine if we had a twin brother/sister we can use them to pretend that they're are doppelgangers (≧∇≦)
Park Deviana: doppelgangers are true
ive really heard of them
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Aya the doll vs French fries
Another Scary Story!! again...
As we looked at the mansion my older brother Scott shook his head slowly. "What's wrong" ,I asked. Scott being Scott said nothing and started toward the mansion. The mansion was built when every one was into gothic style. The place is said to be haunted by the owner and his maids and butlers. Me, Angel, and Scott are going to prove that the mansion isn't haunted by staying in it ALL night.
Phone in hand, I mustered up any courage I have and ran after Scott. "Woah this place is cool" , I beamed. "Yeah." Was all Scott said. I admired the chandelier and old furniture. Ok, I'll admit it's dusty but, it's cool. "Let's split up", Scott mumbled," and yell if you find anything. "
I started to the stairs and watched my step because of the cracks. I set my phone to record and started walking around. "Wow this place is so cool", I said while passing portraits of people," I wish I could live here! " All of what I'm saying is lies of course. It's so dark and creepy. I'm just saying these things to calm myself down.
"It would be bad if someone destroy this place!" For some reason, I heard a little voice screaming at me to run. I shook violently even though it wasn't cold. Then, I heard a piano.
I followed the sound to a room.
To be continued
Aya the doll vs French fries: No problem
Chandra Ray: Loving the minute details and the way of storytelling ☺️ and of course looking forward for part 2 ( and also thanks for listening to a Fan's demand) <3
total 5 replies
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