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French fries vs Mary the painting
Scary story time😆😆😆😆
When I was 7, I lived in a apartment where a woman hanged herself😣😣. The first few months were normal. As usual,I would play all by myself and read and draw in my room. I was a lonely little girl😪😪. I would have these dreams that made my head feel fuzzy and my legs tingly. Then, I would wake up violently shaking. My eyes would flutter, and I could barely breath. And, I would always see a shadow of a woman at my door and then I would be back to normal and had to wait a full hour to go to sleep😫😫😫. It would happen again and again, and the shadow would get clearer. There was no escape. At my aunt's house, I was dreaming about demons chasing me and that woman...I felt my body shaking more violent than before and I woke up. My cousins were surrounding me looking scared and told me my eyes were wide open and white!!😲😲😲😲 The last time it happened was like a false awakening. That means when you wake up multiple times but you're still asleep. It wad my family in the kitchen sitting at the table with button eyes(curse you Coraline) and I would turn around and the woman, I could see her! She was the woman my mom described seeing hanged in the shower😱😱😱😱😱😱. She was white in a white dress with black hair. She would jump at me!! When I woke up, the shaking, barely breathing thing happened but longer. And I saw her, hanged in my door way... Ever since then, I heard whispers and I couldn't sleep well without waking up every one hour.
French fries vs Mary the painting: Ok Leonard, I forgive you
Leonard: I never said anything about ur mom. I was talking about the mom in the story and u urself said the story was fiction. As I said before, what kind of mom would tell their own child thats supposedly young, about someone who killed herself and even mentioned her facial features. Thats literally the only reason i talked shit about the mom. Never did I ever mention ur own mom. And if that part about the mom was the real parts that u mentioned earlier, ur mom should be in a mental hospital. Not being rude or anything but if a mom tells her own child about sensitive topics like sucide, something up. In sorry if i offended ur mom but theres just alot if holes in the story
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French fries vs Mary the painting
Another scary story with a main character so no one gets confused
Anna knew a man got killed by her stairs by her apartment. There were rumors about a shadow man. Anna believed this because she would see the shadow man herself. She would experience paranormal activity like her closet door opening and closing, her Barbie doll whose smile got wider in the bathroom(imagine how terrifying that is), and watching her imaginary friend get killed(that happened to me tho.) It drove Anna crazy. All of it. On a Sunday night, Anna saw her body sleeping peacefully. "Oh, what's going on", Anna thought. Then, her body jerked violently and rose up. Anna the spirit thing got scared because she knew that something was invading her body. Anna's body left the room and Anna spirit thing followed. "What's going on", Anna thought, "Am I sleep walking? Do sleep walkers watch their bodies move around? " Anna's body made it to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife. Realization kicked Anna in the face as she realized she was possessed. Anna flew into her mom's room and screamed to wake her up. Anna's mom couldn't hear Anna because Anna was a spirit of course. Anna's body went into the bed and stood over her mom. Then, the body slit her mom's throat. Anna screamed. Then, Anna's body jammed the knife into her head and everything went black. When Anna woke up, she was haunting her former home with the shadow man and her mom.
French fries vs Mary the painting: Also I like sad endings
French fries vs Mary the painting: Sure thing!
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French fries vs Mary the painting
Another Scary Story!! again...
As we looked at the mansion my older brother Scott shook his head slowly. "What's wrong" ,I asked. Scott being Scott said nothing and started toward the mansion. The mansion was built when every one was into gothic style. The place is said to be haunted by the owner and his maids and butlers. Me, Angel, and Scott are going to prove that the mansion isn't haunted by staying in it ALL night.
Phone in hand, I mustered up any courage I have and ran after Scott. "Woah this place is cool" , I beamed. "Yeah." Was all Scott said. I admired the chandelier and old furniture. Ok, I'll admit it's dusty but, it's cool. "Let's split up", Scott mumbled," and yell if you find anything. "
I started to the stairs and watched my step because of the cracks. I set my phone to record and started walking around. "Wow this place is so cool", I said while passing portraits of people," I wish I could live here! " All of what I'm saying is lies of course. It's so dark and creepy. I'm just saying these things to calm myself down.
"It would be bad if someone destroy this place!" For some reason, I heard a little voice screaming at me to run. I shook violently even though it wasn't cold. Then, I heard a piano.
I followed the sound to a room.
To be continued
Chandra Ray: Loving the minute details and the way of storytelling ☺️ and of course looking forward for part 2 ( and also thanks for listening to a Fan's demand) <3
SakuraMizuki: really!? that's pretty cool!! can you tell me what will happen next?? I'm really interested to know about the continuation of the story, if its alright with you. and no need to rush or anything. also if its a burden to you then you may reject my request. I won't mind and thank you!
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Yeondan Kim
Someone I know in highschool lived in a school's girls dormitory and it's number is room 441.She said someone used to live there but dissapeared. 2 days after she moved in she said she felt like as if someone was watching her. After a few days she started having these scary nightmares but forgets the then instant she wakes up, and every time she does, she's covered in sweat. Then she told me she was starting to hear stuff. I didn't believe her at first, but then she started acting strange. Like she became paranoid and gets scared and suprised at everything. So her other friend offered her to stay in her friends dorm for a couple of days. Then her friend told me that when she moved in with her, she was starting to get better.But then she had to move back into the room and she started acting up again, it got so crazy she started huting herself. The school called her parents so they had to take her home to live with them. And this actually happened. This is why I got interested in this comic.
French fries vs Mary the painting: That most be so terrifying
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Melissa Morgan
woow more girl add to the room
wilmina audre
can't wait for the next episode
So guys and gals while we wait for next update. i have a non spiritual theory which explains The mystery dorm haunting/ deaths up to this point for this comic..Localized in room 441 aerosolized toxic mold exposure causing hallucinations, Any thoughts?
BŁĂÇĶ BÂŤ: clandestined u write too much N u think too much too😂u r like a detective 😅nice work keep the spirit high I like it thou I still don't agree with mold causing hallucination I mean molds cause gangrene but hallucination is a too much plus previous inhabitants must have kept the room clean si there is no way they could be exposed to mold
Clandestined: Here is my reasoning. . for mold
per this episode, the girls were cleaning the dorm up. . dusting kicking up old mold spores into the air and they inhaled large quantities in doing so. both would have been exposed and hallucinated.. the girl outside saw a man while girl inside thought she saw a lady instead but convinced herself she saw the same gender due to suggestion conformity.

The previous tenants who died had long term exposure and hallucinations plus vision/ sleep problems. the balcony suicide girl may have been in a hallucinatory state written the message on the computer and not recalled it. . then listened to the voices in her head and killed herself (all the spirtual stuff would be from her perceptive and a hallucination).

Her roommates death is unclear it seems to suggest a spiritual death but who was the dialog for besides the reader? i thought she died of fright or heart attack suffered from complications from the mold exposure and one last hallucination explains the dying words she heard. . Her death isn't as clear cut and i could see how it could be perceived either way.
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Laura gacha girl
yeay its 4 now
I see that I'm icy
Laura gacha girl
Msk Yzw
Grabe naman yan 1 week 😭
maybe she is neat freak😐😐😓😓😓😓
Clandestined: i thought Suya might be germaphobic? or just not want to join their table after meeting ms Qin to register.
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Eya Sghaier
first 🙋
Hobi Hope
I think the man was standing behind Yuan and the woman was behind Zhaodi...and Yuan didn't knew that Zhaodi was talking about her.
Angelica Perdagorda
crazy update
Joziel Padua
Scary eyes 👀 so dirty
too slow 😣😣
Edna Moudson
about the last panel: ouch
who are you?
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