Lucky Young

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Chen Yang was just an ordinary person. However, one day he suddenly got a chance: He possessed a special ability to control his luck! After that, girls come to him, boss thinks highly of him, and he even receives a sudden windfall! Could he bump into a beauty just by going out of the house? Could the stock he bought hit limit up immediately? What his life will be like when someone can control his or her luck?

MangaToon got authorization from Haotoon to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xieqilinran,xqlr
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Spoiler Alert!!!!

He needs a device than can measure his luck to counter the bad luck. and Btw, it has at least 200 chapters. I hope they would do a crazy update of 50 chapters. The chapters going over 80 is a really big turning point for him.
Comette: I've read it
Add: you can either wait for crazy update or go read it on browser, there's 111 chapters up on wuxiaworld of this manhua though it goes by the name of "Vicious Luck Comics" there. :v
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i thought the ring will give him extreme luck but after reading all the chapter its......not giving as much luck like i thought it would
Eren Jaegar: bez he's not wearing his ring
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oh shit he has blackjack in his hand omg
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