Phoenix Goes against the World
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Phoenix Goes against the World

Phoenix Goes against the World
crystal Isolde
I'm guessing that it's Yunli (Beiyue's master). if u have seen the previous episodes where Beiyue is still with his master, his master says that his hair is getting white or old, cuz Yunli's hair has some red color on his hair and when Beiyue appeared with the same spells with "the king of night" , those spells are taught by Yunli (Beiyue's master) so Yunli must know something about "the king of night" too and when Beiyue's master told her his name, his name is Yunli which means something like away from sunlight (sorry forgot) and I don't think that's his real name I think it's his made up name that also means about "the king of night".
plus, he also knows about the beast Jade so as the person in the pic.
and since his older, he wants to have a survivor like him so he wants to teach Beiyue.
But y would he wants to teach Beiyue?
if the Yunli is wants another red haired person to take over him, he could just teach red Lotus rather than Beiyue cuz red lotus is much better and powerful anyways... so I was thinking if Yunli do have a relationship with Beiyue I'm really thinking that his Beiyue's father...
I mean come to think of it, Beiyue's mother ever had the Spirit Deity and it's in the seven Pagodas so as Yunli. Yunli maybe take cares of spirit deity and Yunli also says that someone ordered him to teach her the spells of that and I think the spirit Deity is the one who ask him too...
so ya I'm sorry if I talk to much... sorry ...
Alexis Laoyan: Yeah I cannot find that chapter
♡Moon_Soul♡: It's a website called timelessleaf

and the sweet conversation of beiyue and prince yi is there too....

If you want to read it, find my comment in the latest chapter.... Or you can visit the website and you can see it in the latest chapter....
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Okay so....



The next day in this story, they will have the competition. Wherein the blue haired girl will fught dongling but beiyue will substitute and they will fight. But when Beiyue was about to attack, she let her guard down because she noticed that she was fighting with her childhood bestfriend. So, when Dongling saw the opportunity, she attacked, and Beiyue needs medical help so, LuoLuo, helped her. But inside the tent, Beiyue removed her mask and LuoLuo (maybe got angry because Beiyue/his master left him?). But then, he helped and somewhat understands Beiyue. And also, Red Lotus and Black Lotus together with their maybe mage friend joined the competition. The next day, Dongling struggled just to talk with Beiyue just to confirm her doubts, but she failed. They entered the cave and Beiyue found some dreamwavers and ordered Squeak to communicate with them. The last update is when Prince Yi/King Qi, met Beiyue while PLAYING the zither.
♡Moon_Soul♡: timelessleaf and is only one okay??? It's the shorter version, got it??? (let's use our common sense please.....)

And I'm just helping them to get the latest chapter so, I suggested reading here.....

I know I'm being rude with my words but I think I'm just telling the truth and I didn't do anything wrong.... So SORRY ( I'm not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Hasmin Tabora: i think they said
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(continuation of comment)

Again, not all stories are published by the author directly in these plataforms, there are teams and guidelines that establish the length a story should be released here. Anyways, there's more to it than it meets the eye, so I think it's unfair to say that their work is being lazy because of it.

Every writer has to build a story and its characters. Stories, specially long ones, need their back-stories and relaxed moments before they build a climax again. I agree that by being released in small bits, the low peak parts of the story seem a tad too slow, however if you have a chance to read it in 'one go' you'll see it makes sense. So~, be patient and enjoy the ride, you wont be disappointed, in particular with stories like this one where the art, story line* and characters are consistent and well balanced; and where they pay careful attention to detail. As someone who likes to read a lot, books and comics alike, I think this one is doing fairly well so far. If you feel that the story is losing impact by reading it in short episodes, then I advice you wait a bit longer 'till a few episodes are released and read them all together, meanwhile you can save points and read other stories in the same way (it works for me.) The wait is annoying, I know, but it's worth it if you've liked the story thus far. 😊

*Translation flaws that affect the time lines, are independent to the author in the majority of cases too.
little princess : I did not read this storg for almost 2 months and saved points , i was having 400 points
Sensei 🥀: Are you by any chance a Visual artist?
Based on your words, looks like you are ❤
Someone who understands the art of writing, judging the art for its beauty and meaningfulness.
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Crazy Reader😁🙃💖🇵🇭
I want to cry😢. I tried to read the Raw Mangatoon. many readers said that just turn the language into Chinese and I did. I saw so much raw chapters still not yet translated. even thought I dont understand chinese I easily understood it because of the drawing.

spoiler alert. dont read it if you dont want to. I'm not forcing you to read

I want to cry because Beiyue had a duel (or something) with dongling but she did'nt know that her opponent was dongling. beiyue cast a fire spell that made Dongling's veil disappear. Beiyue found out that Dongling was her childhood bestfriend. the only onw who cared about her when nobody did. Beiyue's guard went down and Dongling stab Beiyue. Beiyue's diciples/the peopke who follow her was shocked that their so called 'king' did'nt fought back.

then after that scene I stoped reading the raw version of Mangatoon.😭😭😭
LOURD K: adik 😂
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Athena Malik
i don't think that concept of revenge which dongling want to take is that so clear....
just because if i were at the place of dongling and if huang help me.. but if huang can't able to rescue me... then i must take a revenge on red lotus not beiyue because i know she tried to help me but she can't...
and if beiyue can't help me at that time if she run away not doing anything then i must take revenge on her..
but this was not happen...
dongling know that huang help her so many time and one time when she fail to rescue her then it is not mean that she not goodand taking revenge is worst thing...
from my side if anybody helps u then u should thankful to her or him and take revenge on that red lotus😈.........
Tell me everyone if u were at the place of dongling then u will take revenge on beiyue or not??? or if not then whom??

Kritvi: yep that's dongling - a level 7 summoner . they will have a fight ... wait I won't give u spoilers. go read this manga on . they have way more chapters of this manga there . ur welcome
Meme: omagas
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Whoa!!!!! Fine!

Black lotus will tell her to get lost and Luoluo will protect her, but suddenly they were spotted by Red Lotus and she humiliated Luoluo because he once beg Red Lotus cuz she looks like his teacher... Luoluo gets mad so he attacked Honglian (red lotus) but it's just a piece of cake for her and blocked it easily, but she attacked Luoluo too but Beiyue shielded him... And then red lotus challenged her to a fight and she accepted it and they will fight after storming the shura/xiuluo city..... But I think, they will not continue that......
哦死哦死哦死哦死哦死: Drop the link of the novel 😤
Winter Bree: where did u read itttt??
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Maybe 'King of Night' is her biological father seeing as she somehow resembles him and almost has the same power that can somehow subdue others. Yan did mention that he was sealed by someone powerful that it cost him his life just to conquer Yan. This might be similar to Naruto where his dad sealed the Nine-tailed fox within him that later on made him powerful. So maybe Beiyue is destined to be as powerful as him, the King of Night. Well, it's just my guest but yah, who knows. 😜
JKT2WS : Feng Ni Tian Xia is the name of it and the names of characters r also little different from here.
JKT2WS : no, it has a different title
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Athena Malik
i reallly don't want that dongling fight against beiyue ....
she really tried to rescue but she was not that stronger that time..
😈red lotus must be finish by her hand
she havenot thought of that she must have been so much stronger after five years...
there fight must be amazing......😍
but dongling😥i dont want to they fight together
Kritvi: yep that's true. read this at timelessleaf. com . they have a lot of more chapters . ur welcome
Selvi U: Yes the veil girl is dongling
She is in misconception that FL didn’t come to rescue her
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Joey Ong
I read this comic with my sister together. We love this comic very much but until she read the last chapter she said that she didn't want to read it anymore because she couldn't bear to see dongling and beiyue fight against each other. But she said that she hope that beiyue should not stop fight because she thinks that it is beiyue fault. She must fight and explain to dongling why she left that day.
Kritvi: the name of the comic there is feng ni tian xia
Joey Ong: Thank you very much.
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Melody Sare
luoluo will know beiyu's identity as xi tian and also as beiyu . and she will lose in a tournament with dongling but not because she's weak but because she was confused and didn't want to hurt her . but stupid dongling want to kill beiyu because she think she abandon her . and no prince to didn't show up yet in fact a man taked his place as a judgement in the tournament . and he hasn't get back yet . and also red lotus and black lotus will appear again . btw I missed seeing beiyu's beautiful face 😭
«MOONLIGHT_ARCHER» : Watttt!! Dongling ohh my gaddd
Xing er: where to read this plz let me know.
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(Calling all the rich readers to tip mangatoon)
Jin Kazama: They need to put in the a tip battle first or it wouldn’t have a use
Crazy Reader😁🙃💖🇵🇭: yes plsssss Crazy update plssssss
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Olivia Lin
When the old leader say that there is darkness that blinds the light around the King Of The Night I just felt like something.It just remind me of Yan who is insidr the seal of the beast thingy.I THINK The King Of The Night is Beiyue’s bilogical father who is always beside her daughter the whole time.I think Yan is The King Of The Night because one time Yan appear from the beast seal and he is a human kind which get me corious at first when he is a powerful beast at the same time as a human.Someone put Yan inside the seal because he is very powerful and people want to defeat him so they lock him inside the beast seal.
Jeni : yes but her spirit has travelled not her body

she now she is in body of original princess Beiyue.. so that person can be prinvess Beiyue's biological father
Ema Koka: Guys you forget that she is from another part of the world, from another time so I really doubt that
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i have finish of this novel..but i really dispointed for the end..
because beiyue did not marry ..
prince li just talking about waiting a girl to marry.
and the end
Blue Rain: what's the name of this novel ?? and where can I find it ... can you give me link or something plz???
ghita: you can read it in novel...because novel tell every thing more detail than comic
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Ok ya no!!! That a bad ship Mr. Author
I mean why not the ML come on man!!!!

I’m sorry I just assumed your gender...😅

But no please don’t Break my heart so just let my ship sale safely!!!! 🥺👌

Like if you agree and comment if you don’t but you better have a good explanation!!!
♡Moon_Soul♡: If you are talking about the crown prince, he's still not shown even in the latest one.....

If you are talking about prince yi, wait for another 10+ chapters.......
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That girl with the mask is Dongling. They will actually fight in a competition later on. And Beiyue will... Lose. But just because she was confused about Dongling; Thus she lost.
Kritvi: not exactly tho . its still ahead of mangatoon
Bish,, PLEASE: It's only a few chapters ahead
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Kara Atta: Same here 😂
mimi: too bad, I'm a poor reader 🤣🤣🤣
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im really confused right now who is the real male lead?? there are so many men around her and no one is so intimate to her that I can recognize as the ML???
Michele Shaw: Hmm...because obviously they want to know. 😏 The answer can be none or several because the novel may include a harem, etc. I prefer to know because I don’t care for harems either way. We all have different preferences. No harm in asking.
Michele Shaw: I’ve heard lots of people say it’s Prince Yi/King Qi. The former hostage prince and the one she found lil tiger with.
I prefer a clear ML and dislike harems in the novels I read (male or female). It’s just not my thing.
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why is it such a big deal that she killed that princess they were in the arena circle wich was clearly stated that in there you are aloud to kill and the princess is the one to be blamed because she pulled the weapon.
just saying
Truly Love
waaahh I really want black lotus to join our FL
Tang Sect Leader ,Tang San: me too
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guys a lot of u r complaining about the slow updates. if u want to read more chapters , u can read them on . they have way more chapters than mangatoon . they're almost as updated as the Chinese version is . ur welcome
Mikaaa: feng ni tian xia
Anonymous: what is the name
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