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Phoenix Goes against the World

nu aditha
hey it's my birthday'(
morgan ❤: 🎊🎉🎂🎂🎂🎉🎊
to you
Chane Roux: happy B-day
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Λενα Κιουκου
damn i love beiyue
do u agree like if yes
Д. Тамираа
I am here for points.....
Adamson’s Wife: This manga is best lorr
bronxe: how on earth did you guys doing as same as me.. i dont believe it.. lol
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who else came here for points??!!
Sam: Me too....and I kinda liking it a bit
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Paula Wong
Lvh_ Killer: FBI open up oh wait he’s only killing that hoe he’s fine
Elle Han: OMG😱😂😅😂
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Ayesha Noor
Boy she was wearing such revealing clothes and you still don't get that she is a girl.
Yuki Daisy: he just a bumper guy from olden day,....all he know women wear fliry clothes haha
Mr parsa: in all mangas and animes people can't find out your gender without seeing your boobs or your di*k so if you are a woman just wear a man's clothes and compress your boobs and you will be fine
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SPOILER:Beiyue's stepmother (who has two children)is gonna DIE,lol
gooomiho: does anybody get the copun now a days
Jeng Tiara Pratiwi: wow nice
finally both bitches will be dead
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i am Jin's wifeu
Feng is the only person who knows beiyue is xi tian 🤣
i am Jin's wifeu : Well i am going to stop 😊
Lauren Capps: DUDE! Stop spoiling things! What are you, stupid? Good lord. Stop it!
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Marwa Ben Ahmed
" I said save her " that's so sweet 🤗🤗
Bishojo Kawaii
that smack was to worth while and that but kick from the emperor his pain is so funny 😂🤣🤣😂
Anujin Anujin
OMG! hahahaha
Kemani Toppin
Purple K-pop Lover : 'Mission failed! We'll get 'em next time'
Kemani Toppin: roasted
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Elleyna Lei
Why dont she just reveal her identity?
MeoW: This way is moooore interesting 😏
Katie: wheres the fun in that? 😏
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Jihan Datumanong
she is so beautiful when she wear her sports cloths and of course she is strong as ever, so don't judge her alright.......heheheheh 😎😎😎😎😎😎
I think everyone will be jealous of him for having a Master like her😁😁😁
I just hope they not kill him for being her student
Anonymous: I think you just raised the flag
Bradley Olivier: Then they Will je ice Bird food
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'friend forever" umm friendzone?
Black Queen Kyosei Phantomhive
I'm actually starting to like this purple haired girl
lemurloki: Me, too! She has her royal pride, sure...but I think she also has empathy.
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Angie Pat
ok I ship them both, I don't know about u
Ren Vinteen: yup i ship it
Lauren Ellzey: I know right even though they make him out as a bad character I really want them to be together lol
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The characters are so similar and there’s too much names!!!! I don’t know who’s who!!!!!
itzfoxycake: got me singing like ohoh e ooohhh I don't know what to do oo!
Yağmur: lmao the sam way
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Hyo ki
So many handsome guys. Princess you should pick one 😂😂😂
Schwi Desu: the closest to her so far is the ninth prince tho and smore he is the male mc of this manga
Shamima Jahan: nice one
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