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The Journey of Flower

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The Journey of Flower Comics Online. It is a love story between a master and his disciple. Hua Qiangu is an unlucky orphan who's looking for a chance to learn magic and martial arts to survive after her parents died. Bai Zihua, the sect leader of Chang Liu, takes her as his only disciple. Qian Gu falls in love with her teacher but doesn't reveal her true feelings until the end...
Justice, evil and happiness make no sense to me. The only thing I believe in, is YOU!

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Niks Sharma
FL is a DEMON QUEEN and ML has to kill FL beacuse in future she will be a threat to people beacuse of her power
she never knew that all of these things are planed when she knew she knew that she has to die but didn't knew that she has to die from the hands of her loved one AKA (ML)
ML actully wanted to be with her but they can't be together as i told u the reason before
IN THE END , when ML goes to kill FL he can't because he love her but due to FL 's power a threat to people made him to do so
PS: it was so depressing 😭😭she has to die in the end before that she was tortured to death by people 😭because she is a demon only dongfang and that female like demon idk what his name is were good to her but they in the end died to save her 😭
when she was going to die she said to depressing words to her master
- “ if i knew from the beginning this was going to happen i would never loved you , i regret loving you , " and she also gives her blessing to her master that he would never grow old (never dies ) after that she died 😭
her master later realise how much she loved him and how much he loves her but they can't do anything about that later ML regretted his decision
but this is not the end 😂 actully they got quite good ending maybe
because she has new recantation and she did not knew who she was and who is ML but gradually they fall in love with each other
maya kaic: Gosh! You freak me out! I hope this is not the end in this comic. It's really heartbreaking.
Bibi Vivi: Bai Zi Hua (qian gu master) is ML..
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Demonic fire
Oh my seriously dude you can't even tell that this person is a girl (even though she's not attractive unlike other cuties😍 ).

YELLOW HAIRED BOY : As a reward I would buy you some clothes to make look like me.

GIRL : Um... excuse me who are you referring to? 😐😐😐

YELLOW HAIRED BOY : Who else it's you idiot.

GIRL : But why me ? I don't won't boy clothes.

YELLOW HAIRED BOY : (Is this kid a cross dresser. Ahhhh.... now I get it you like to wear dresses )Ohhh I understand my friend how difficult it's for you😭😭. Come with me I'll buy you what want. Don't be shy come on. I'll keep this as a secret if you keep my secret.

GIRL : Hey you girly boy don't make up stories in your stupid head. I'm a girl not a boy. 😡😡😬😬

YELLOW HAIRED MAN : Whaaaaat? Are you serious? 😲😲😲😱😱😱😱
maya kaic
Whoaaaaa!!! I am so impressed,I LOVE this comic. I was like excited all the time! I couldn't wait next chapter to read. Really so so soooo satisfied with this comic. It was so good to read it,I like that they have so much to read,really very impressed! I just think she could become more mature and more beautiful. I want to see her look like a beautiful woman! Oh author I hope there'll be a lot of chapter to read!😍😍😍😍 Craaaaaazy updeeeet please!
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