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The Journey of Flower

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It is a love story between a master and his disciple. Hua Qiangu is an unlucky orphan who's looking for a chance to learn magic and martial arts to survive after her parents died. Bai Zihua, the sect leader of Chang Liu, takes her as his only disciple. Qian Gu falls in love with her teacher but doesn't reveal her true feelings until the end...
Justice, evil and happiness make no sense to me. The only thing I believe in, is YOU!

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bookworms in library
shocking. the guy can talk for so long after being dead. so the girl needs to attend an immortal party tell them the news of his death,gather the rest of the sect's followers to steal back the chain and pass leadership and two books to yunyin and tell him yunyi has killed him. omg. thats a lot to do. ohya, and search for bai zihua.
Scarlett Chan
am i the only one who noticed that the monster in the middle kinda looks like the purple haired sister/brother *with a beauty of a sister*
Scarlett Chan : yeah but the look at the facial features are kinda the same with different eyes and hair
Scarlett Chan : guess im not the only one who noticed it HAHAHAHAH
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the story is really nice though in the movie . they change a lot of scene like in the forst place qian gu already met his master and there's alot of bad peiple like to harm her. they change whole of story. Unlike here her big sister is demon while her big sister in movie is the leader of seven merdurers.
mumo: yes.. master bai hua needs to kill bone because she is the bad omen for bai hua
wow entertainment: woww...I never knew that this manga actually was adapt into a movie!!! I must watch😆
total 6 replies
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