Jiaxian Academy
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Jiaxian Academy

Jiaxian Academy
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Jiaxian Academy Comics Online. In the past 15 years, I always thought I was just an ordinary girl. I had a horrible dream in which my papa and mama became furry animals. But things turned out to be crazy because my parents are really animals and they even sent me to jiaxian academy which was jointly established by "Five Grand Jiaxian Families". Many ordinary small monsters are enrolled, and afterward, they became immortals. Thus, I started my life in that school…

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Hottest Comments
Kim Solmi
hmm! half demon means half human being and half of his body is demon. But others are fully demon it means he is weaker then other snakes. And also can't control his power and can't even control himself when he is in his own form. Am I right
Iris chan
This is wrong at so many levels first of all when someone is abt to say smth that serious there's usually in tense atmosphere and they just have that look in their face yk and second of all y tf did they change her school like that that must be illegal I won't bother to say the other wrong things that r here but over all I still like this manhua I mean like it seems really cool
Amit Das
hey author thank u very much for this manga it's really a good one .one of my fav.If u make a part 2 pls.make more happier ok .cos we need some peace of mind not pressure like other mangaa.
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