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Jiaxian Academy

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In the past 15 years, I always thought I was just an ordinary girl. I had a horrible dream in which my papa and mama became furry animals. But things turned out to be crazy because my parents are really animals and they even sent me to jiaxian academy which was jointly established by "Five Grand Jiaxian Families". Many ordinary small monsters are enrolled, and afterward, they became immortals. Thus, I started my life in that school…

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It would be really cool if she could still join Peace Union...
yet, somehow become entangled and involved with violent side (the ones who compete to the top), and she managed to lie her way through...

this way, she could get inside information for both sides...

or she could also establish the fair side (for monitoring purpose - aiding the weak, establish fair fight, help the injured, resolved bullying cases or such)...

Would be really cool if the storyline involves that kind of things...

I also look forward to her magic arts cultivation, learning process, how she judge and decide things (tactical) 😍😍
Arghhhh... In other words, I need more.. More..MORE!
mika: wow this manga is a like the anime I watched past years ago sure they she will be a special student
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I love how weak and easily surprised she is...
It is a clear indicator how she is unaccustomed to all of this and still perceive things through ordinary people's view despite not being one herself..

This would be awesome, when she had great progress cause the author could throw this scene as flashback at the time
I just love weak to STRONG protagonist trope ^o^>_<(~_^)(。・ω・。)(。’▽’。)♡(♥ω♥ ) ~♪(灬♥ω♥灬)

And I just like how she dishes out complaint to steward Bai like a professional critique, who stood up on behalf of customer (to grant customer the best experience they could get) 😂😂😂
Her family sure treats him nicely...

On that note, I wonder if their position is reversed, would his family and the people within his residence gives her the welcome and respect she deserved...

It would be interesting if he is doted by her family and she is doted upon by his family... That would be hilarious... I mean just imagine it... 😂😂😂
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