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Jiaxian Academy

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In the past 15 years, I always thought I was just an ordinary girl. I had a horrible dream in which my papa and mama became furry animals. But things turned out to be crazy because my parents are really animals and they even sent me to jiaxian academy which was jointly established by "Five Grand Jiaxian Families". Many ordinary small monsters are enrolled, and afterward, they became immortals. Thus, I started my life in that school…

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Ahahah... This chap make me reread again from chap 56, how bout u guys? I am confused 😂.. Then I back and reread again slowly.. Veeeryyyy slooowly....

Then something just Poping up on my mind..
On chap 56 our FL informed that she can change fate... What if... Thats 2 chap when Tian Yi became a mortal and she and Tian Yi didnt remember each other is an alternate future that she seeing it or even worse she already passing through of that fate... And actually because she want to changes that fate, thats why she so eager to stopping TianYi became a mortal... U know, 1st time she want to give up rite? And the fox lady give her an advice to change the fate.. What if, she actually using her power before but she didnt remember her past life?

Wahahha.. What is it? What a plot? Sorry its just on my mind.. 🙏😂
Bangtan_ Boi: Illuminate: stay right where you are
ARMY bts : the same here hahaha
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Monalisa Orthi 🇧🇩
Guys.... i'm so sorry to say that....
This episode.... i mean the episode - 60 probably is the last episode of this Manga.... the author Didn't publish any new episode of this manga in Chinese for long time.... so that's why It's the last one... and It's ends like this....
Yeah i know you guys are not happy with this ending... but we can't do anything... 😞 the author made the ending like this...💔

Thanks for reading my comment,have a nice day 🖤
Anisa Arobi sneha : let's do it then I will follow you ,you follow me 😉
Rishta😉: Hey we can follow each other on mangatoon?!!
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Im not satisfied with the ending, they forgot to know each other on chap 58 but then on chap 59-60, the story continued suddenly, im really confused, sorry i dont even know how to say it clearly, just one word, "confused" right now with its ending 🤔🤔🤔🤔
MaHachi10: Yes it is really a confusing end, 🤗🤗
Chimi Yukun: ya ... me too hachi san
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