Jiaxian Academy
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Jiaxian Academy

Jiaxian Academy
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Jiaxian Academy Comics Online. In the past 15 years, I always thought I was just an ordinary girl. I had a horrible dream in which my papa and mama became furry animals. But things turned out to be crazy because my parents are really animals and they even sent me to jiaxian academy which was jointly established by "Five Grand Jiaxian Families". Many ordinary small monsters are enrolled, and afterward, they became immortals. Thus, I started my life in that school…

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Jessie Morine
waaaiiitttt, Whhaaaattt??? what just happened to the other boy? The guy who looks like him but with black hair? didn't he turned into human?

That 2nd to the last episode is somewhat confusing... It feels like ther should've been more to it rather than just skipping to that sort of ending...

what just happened?!?? 😵😵😵
Night Color : lol that kinda explains it
ChlowerZ: actually.. in the 3rd to the last(or was it 2nd to the last?) panel the fl was just calculating or imagining what would happen if the ml turned into a mortal or a human...in other words, it was just her imagination.. And the ml stayed as a half demon something because of the fl who confessed to him.. and then there comes the last panel where they took a picture together(all of them)..
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so basically. when he is mortal. and they had forgotten him. that was one future. but she changed that and created a new future. controlling the fates. very interesting. but also very short
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO WAYS.. STOP ! CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WTF JUST HAPPENED!?! DIDN'T HE BECOME A HUMAN!??? WHAT'S UP WITH THE LAST PANEL??????!!!!!! I'm lost....
Damon Livesey: they were thinking about how empty there lives would be without the other. She stopped the spell in time and the hedgehog help create pills that will keep the demon side in check so the snake doesn't have to become mortal anymore
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