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Monster Lord Loves a Priestess

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During the Edo Period, hundreds of ghosts appeared at night. The prosperous era was created by co-existence of monsters and humans. However, as time goes by, monsters could only be heard in stories. leila starts believing the existence of monsters since the childhood under influences of her grandma. After her grandma’s death, she guards the shrine alone and acts as the priestess. At a summer sacrifice, a strange handsome boy comes to the shrine to “pray”. leila doubts about his identity. The surprised boy turns to the monster form in front of her. It is the first time for leila to meet a real monster called Master Carter.

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Cindy Ngo
They’re going to expel a student for a rumor that they might’ve spent the night together and/or are in a relationship? Wtf how is that the schools business? Not like scandalous photos of them were leaked or does this school have a no dating policy? Because if that’s the case I’m not sure why all the girls are trying to hook up with Hitemoto 🙄
Kata Dóra Bencsik: Ikr? this is bullshit. I know that b.tch is jelaous but please, who cares, really, why does it matter?
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-_- Gabby -_-
I feel so sorry for this boy. So innocent and pure. He don't need to see these scenes. RIP him reality ~( ´•︵•` )~
Broettia : I agree I feel bad for is not his day
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Hisoka D Uzumaki
i hope leila realizes who she loves, i don't know what will happen, don't want to know. I support leilas decision, but on the other side hitemoto has been way too heartless to laura it's not funny anymore she knew she had no chance. also he still disrespected her space and surroundings 😒 and her state of mind, no monster would want to go through a heartbreak like that, especially carter too. I noticed the monsters are very fragile when they fall in love😭
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