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Monster Lord Loves a Priestess

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During the Edo Period, hundreds of ghosts appeared at night. The prosperous era was created by co-existence of monsters and humans. However, as time goes by, monsters could only be heard in stories. leila starts believing the existence of monsters since the childhood under influences of her grandma. After her grandma’s death, she guards the shrine alone and acts as the priestess. At a summer sacrifice, a strange handsome boy comes to the shrine to “pray”. leila doubts about his identity. The surprised boy turns to the monster form in front of her. It is the first time for leila to meet a real monster called Master Carter.

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Hottest Comments
Nandani Bucha
It's true Lance is innocent I knew it☺️☺️...It's so cute and a heart touching story it has the best art out of all the stories I have read....And the best thing about this story is that there's not much of a misunderstandings between the ML and the FL like the other stories and in my perspective this is one of the best story I have ever read...Thanks author for such an wonderful work but it's too short so sad about that wish that it could show a little more about their relationship getting better...
Wait a second
Can somebody tell me what is the scene of Lance kissing Charter? 🌚
Is it just that little kid’s illusion?
Explain it to me .. my BL virus is going to eat me up!!!
Shabina Kauser
ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhh oh my god it's the best story I have ever read I really gb like it no no ni I luv it I want the next season plzzz plzzz plzzzzz I luv how the monster luv that girl and even soooooooo much
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