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Monster Lord Loves a Priestess

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During the Edo Period, hundreds of ghosts appeared at night. The prosperous era was created by co-existence of monsters and humans. However, as time goes by, monsters could only be heard in stories. leila starts believing the existence of monsters since the childhood under influences of her grandma. After her grandma’s death, she guards the shrine alone and acts as the priestess. At a summer sacrifice, a strange handsome boy comes to the shrine to “pray”. leila doubts about his identity. The surprised boy turns to the monster form in front of her. It is the first time for leila to meet a real monster called Master Carter.

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- Pikachu -
Uhm, i think you should gave a proper words to him before he left, something like....
"Go back, The more you get close to me, the more you suffer, so, you can go back now, in that way, you won't get hurt... "
"I don't want you to suffer so much in this world, so, you don't have to come to human world anymore"

and... lady... don't just stare at him with your pretty poker face, i think its better to smile while crying and give a farewell and that'll be more sad and it'll make the readers more... "emotional? "
Orinasai: ughhh the story plot that i totally wanttt😣😣😣
Anonymous: I believe she was acting strong, and she knows it's for the greater good. 👍🏼😁
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anisa arobi
Carter we miss you😭😭😭that damn hitemoto is trying to snatch away your girl .come and save your girl .ah.....and the priestess ,isn't she missing him .she is not a perfect female lead .
Zelan.Jing: She’s confused, give her a break😒
anisa arobi: I also think that priestess should be more aware of the person who loves her .she is a real fool .but I miss Carter so badly
total 4 replies
myat chel🍁👀
Lance why the hell are u attacking my ship 😤
don't u even dare to sink my ship 😒 if u dare I will kill u for that😡😠 My lovely ship can only carry two person which is monster and pristress so pls stop attacking my ship because I'm not gonna welcome u 😈u are like a pirate which is trying to take pristress away from monster which is a perfect match made in heaven
sianna soto: Same here!
Abi Gwathney: B I feel the same way 😂😂
total 4 replies
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