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Lee Vorg
why are the 3 girls together with him? their enemy will know that they have an alliance especially the one with the other phone app too.🤔😆
sean aliester: the girl with the phone is considered KIA due to betrayal. the other three are friends who have ties to the underworld but support him
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Ms. Bearʕ•ﻌ•ʔ
eufreaks: as always they're dumb...,😂
Dark Lord : Right
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Huzaifa Ahmer
Almost none of them are tempting, If ot was me I would literally slice that womens head off.
samuel cisneros
Damn, bunch of stupid people showing off they can count to 4, 👏 congrats.
I would’ve just saved the people close to me and leave the village because the always causing problems lol
👑King Jatt👑: i agree but saying villagers helped him would be inappropriate. I'd say his neighbours and few people helped him in his financial conditions and most of the money was lent by his aunt.
AMNA: He can't leave the village because
when he had no food his villagers were the first to give him food
when he was helpless his villagers were used to give him help
all he have is just his village
without his village where will he go
it is kind of important to him and it should be he just want the people of the village to live a happy life nothing else
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Lover Queen 🍓🍓🍓
I read something just like this, no exactly like this but the people looked different, I can't believe but I still like to read it, hahahahahahah
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️: What’s the name?
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AlcatraZ L
Shameless Greedy Villagers
Iris Nightingale: At least this man isnt greedy and some few more villagers aren't
Fadil Nazer: Bloody Gramavaasees
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Adhip RBLX2233
she actually recognized him by a footprint, is she THAT obsessed with him?
Yuuki Chen: oh is that so? I'm really curious 🤩
S L: no..actually its normal.if you know someone from later before or love someone you really can tell them by their footstep or just air. its just the vibration you get .
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S. C. Sahadat
those damn villagers
why they keep doing wrong things agein & agein .
Zahra Sedenu
this yellow haired girl has a perverted mind...always thinking otherwise
Lee Vorg
and BOOM! goes the dynamite 😆.
you didn't see that coming 😂
Adhip RBLX2233
wait they really were busted? that was quite badass
Shin Wolford
it's really similar and a second version of My Amazing Wechat🤔👌
Dark Inferno: Except thank god there are no immortals.
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karma you
gave me that so ican use it at the up coming tist
💖miracle clandera 💖: like that I accidentally see the answers for my exam and took a photo then I send to own GC but I forgot that there's also a teacher there... luckily I didn't get expelled😂😂
Adhip RBLX2233: Who's gonna take a screenshot of the question paper and send it in the chat?
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Master Cookie
He should have her as a girlfriend she has a nice side like a relationship should be
Grief the Sly Goblin
He’s called rat bc of his front teeth!🤣🤣😂😂
Crys Aguiar
kkkkkk, os caranguejos. kkkkkkkk
Adhip RBLX2233
lol that hutao guy was tilted like 45°
Aaditya Parmar
though anyone can pirate the system fang Lin has the most powerful one
A lazy guy😎
everyone looks the same... except for hair styles and colour
Jomz Diza(Dark_Clan😈Member)♢☆♢: yeah you can comment on it but pls apreciate their work your making pressure outta them ..
A lazy guy😎: since it's posted for readers to read, can't we comment freely?
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