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Golden Orange
🍇GRAPE🍇_ giám đốc bệnh viện tâm thần độc nhất vô nhị trên thế giới_
ko có ng việt ở đây hả
🍇GRAPE🍇_ giám đốc bệnh viện tâm thần độc nhất vô nhị trên thế giới_: để lm j????
Nguyễn Hạ Lê Uyên: con tính bảo bác sang truyện :" forged success" nhưng mà mn ở đó off rồi hay sao ấy
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Aluhime Kana UMR
Hi, i just dont like what the mc is doing right now. taking responsibility for a village that doesnt even care about him , in the story so far only quite people in his village helps him, and this is really annoyed me - why take responsibility for other people village road? St**id !!!
atleast take care of your self first!
its better to be selfish than being M*r*n!
the mc already has the capability to do more than this yet his using it in a B*ll Sh*t way !.,
They Say Money is Power but with his skills right now Power can be change to absolute power ,
Just K*ll all the BAD guys who stands in the way!
MC a GAY or what?
this is the reason why his girl (fiance) lost interest in him,
the MC is not outstanding enough ! just a few chapters yet our MC show a lot of weakness! !
and also the story is getting weaker for more readers give us some fan service ! 😤
Manga crown princess: Sorry for the long commenting, it's just that what the person wrote, made me angry that I pored out what I felt I literally could not control myself, I think that the person was only thinking abt his/her opinion than considering, what other people may feel-(e.g. Myself) they should really empathize other people a little, put themselves in other people shoes, and be considerate for others

Sorry 😐 for the long comment again! Lamo
>♡《Mella》♡<: killing is not his mission..he would be no different from the bad guys if he does that id*ot..and if he uses his power to gain more power wouldn't that be him abusing his own power...also this is just a story no need to write a comment that is ur opinion if it's negative, tbh with you, u r more like a moron than u say the Mc is
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Don diablo
this what I'm talking about, he's too good and nice, some people gonna take advantage of you all the time if that happens, be nice but you should also be know when to be intimidating and have to take matters in your own hands, heshould have also warned them profusely and on top of the good news to draw their minds on the consequences their actions will lead to and go on to add a punishment for anyone who did it but I guess he has his own unique way of handling matters so let's watch.
Elsa Hudson
Many ppl r saying she isn't worth his love.. It's for him to decide... U don't love someone based on how smart, beautiful or capable they r.. Its not a decision.. Or a choice.. It just happens... So... I think she deserves him... Considering how.. Loyal she was.... Right from the start... When no one was by his side... N also.. His own capabilities or talents... Came from the system.... Tbh..
I am realy confused. how will the author manage to bond the mc with this girl when he is being deeply loved by many other girls. I hope he either manages it somehow or I am supporting for polygamy ending more. I won't want to break the hearts of the other girls in this fantasy.
biaci9: #MenOfCulture
Dright: +1 respect... #MenOfCulture
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Charles L. Palacio
only a picture not a video? wow so smart huh.. is the author of this trying to make a manga 70% bad scene and making 30% good scene? I seen alot of bad moments in this manga. the manga was so great. but why alot of problems? is this manga trying to remind us not to trust a lot of people?
King Jatt: maybe recording takes extra points so she decided to take photos instead
Charles L. Palacio: i thought his powerfull
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Asif Iqbal
Well I'm happy with the decision. Most of the girl get attracted by his charm or charishma or talent. But when he was not that much of a ablaze sampson feng was the only one who loved him despite he has nothing. It's a good decision indeed.
i bet that motherfvcker stil alive -___-
This mc is still too naive ... not all problems can be resolved with a kind heart. sometimes we have to be cruel to protect others
ghostgamer1501: nope he is dead remember the road repair mission even though chen agreed at first it did not say he completed it
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Charles L. Palacio
didn't get the video to show evidence to everyone. he only watched and listen. is this guy the next generation of Tom Cruise? mission impossible. without evidence or videoiing or something. but it's still fang Lin win in the end. i like this manga but sometimes 80% fail rate and 20% success rate. but still success
Cursed? If your reading this comment, your parents will die in 5 years, to undo this curse, you must copy and paste this comment in 5 other mangas Im so sorry
Tanusree Chakraborty
The category said romance and comedy....but where is the exact female lead which shown in the picture above....and can anyone tell me.....where is the 'Romance'.There is so much women around the male lead and literally he looks like a pervert sometime.😡😭
Kawaii Hime (Cute Princess)
Why did he gave his real name? He is supposed to be in undercover he should hide his real name
Arct John Alfante Zamora: he reversed his name
eufreaks: .....
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Onizuka Sensei
Me: Make suffer the guy who had a freaking cheat gadget in his hand plus he is an expert in martial arts hmmmm
Does anyone know this “relative 15th that comes every month”??? I don’t remember this if it were on the previous chapter.
Himel Bishwas
that chicken from the 2nd panel...we all know its time is up then again that women must hold a gurdge against chicken for her to hold it like this😂😂
Saheel: nice theory
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The one that knows
Just you wait gold digger! When he gets stronger richer and much more power than he is now you will be on your knees beginning to be his woman! And the girl that backed him up will step on your head and say “just a few years ago you were bragging about your so amazing fiancée! And insulting us who do you think you are to come back like nothing ever happened!! Let’s go honey!” (This is the future I’m thinking of, they getting married and having an amazing rich and powerful life! But without the mom since she needs to rest in peace)
The one that knows : But you’re totally right
The one that knows : Yeah but mom is suffering and what if when she gets cured she still feels pain? Would her son like that?
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Paul FullyCool
his reaction in this simplified rod is too priceless, I'm almost die laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Richard Bryan
I'd never use that for a girl I'm into... This would be used 100% for my mom.
adhie testingweb: Yeah, he made this decision too damn quick.
Phillip McLeod: I'd use in on this guy's mom as well.
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wörköüt brös
if ur seeing this u r cursed an yuh parents will die in five years if u want to break u have to copy it and post to five other manga,Im sorry but i dont want to risk since im too young to loose my parents
zero ky
dude its just normal manhia.. if u wanted smart exciting and bloody one then look for more suited for u... its like u want pizza in noodle restaurant and blame restaurant coz they dont have pizza..
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