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Golden Orange
Shisumi Chan
Omg! The phone! Though I didn’t have the same experience but I develop a sense of fear making my phone accidentally drop in a toilet 🚽.. So every time I go to take dump, I would rather put my phone in a plastic cover for safety purposes. Well, I can’t help bringing my phone to the bathroom.. it’s for entertaining me.. So.. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😔
That’s me but I’m actually being chased by BTS body turns and Im running in circles and screaming ;-;
Anime Sarano333: I read army and came back😂😂😂
Mang: Army Helloooo!!!! 😍 💜💜💜💜💜💜
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aayyyeee l
i mean he isn't wrong im in a culinary class and buying food from private investors isn't the safest
boo~~: it's not necessary for him to be so rude. but yeah I agree it's not the best option to buy food from private investors
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Han Jee-Han
i want the phone too... i like story about betrayed girl... and happy when see the girl regret menyesal hanjakal lebok we ah
vee huand jhia: hahaha
Han Jee-Han: hehe terbawa emosi
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lucy fan14
I drop my phone into a water and guess what happened to it it didn't work and his phone was drop in to a water and guess what happen to it
it can see the future
nAFi: you need to drop it in "COMMODE" water with little bit of your "SHIT" & "PISS" to make it work
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Acc 09
If I dropped my phone in the toilet before going to get it fixed id be there for hours scrubbing as hard as I can till it’s better then new
OK I'll drop my phone in the toilet and I can have a magic phone, yay *walk to the toilet*
Shisumi Chan
lol is this Mirai Nikki now? Good thing, it isn’t psychologically scary.. phew.. but I would love it to have a twist
T-T Geminis T-T: *Opens window slightly*.. Yukki?
Fairy: lol I love that anime
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I mean are you really that careless and fearless so you can just drink a random liquid buried under a tree?
Acc 09
YES CANCEL THE ENGAGEMENT, makes it easier for the male and female leads to meet 🥰
Bangtan Dream: lol yess😂😂
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PLS? PLS? PLS? CHANGE THE BOY MAIN CHARACTER NAME... I have my own reasons why..
💜Himeragi Yuki💜ARMY💜: whyyy???
MYHUSBANDJUNGKOOK:): no. ppl no, nothing bad. ITS M- ####
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Patrick Micabalo Rait
i did drop one (unintentionally) but nothing happened thou!......

i dont know nan molla
Does this manga has the novel version??
if it do can someone tell me what is the novel title is please...↖(^ω^)↗
Imelda Arora
y e d
Yo gurl in the house😜
OMG his phone is a wizard....😂
Yo gurl in the house😜
Wow Wut a bitch..... I’m going to kill her....
gihermon 27
She's a good girl ;')
Black YT
Are we missing something ?
Azzam Mohd Borhan: yaa something weird, but i don't mind it😂
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what is the novel name?
Akim Dyn
I hope everything will be fine....
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