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Golden Orange
You need strength? Eat spinach from a can 😂
in❤️withAnime~: Haha 😂
Stellaluna💕💕 (Angel Sect🌈): Popeye the sailorman
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yashi ururuki
that gold digger. i want to slap him on 100X come on she so ugly i want to kill her lets see gold digger if he will richer than you and stronger than your fiancee and much power full. but in the future you will lost everything you (this is the future im thinking of, they getting married and having an amazing rich and powerful life but without the mom since he need to rest in peace poor mother)😎
zero ky
so... like we can jerk off with phone sure... but to make it pregnant and give birth is entirely something else...
Tyrone Lexus Oliva: Haha well said man
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i am PikaGroute [Shadow Sovereign]
well I guess 9pm was 9 months later and his phone made a baby for him.... lol
I mean MC knows the shit he’s doing is bound to make him enemies so he should have bodyguards for the ppl the love. He also has he’s phone so he should know what’s going to happen
Mert Dünver: Well his mother may not be using wechat have we ever seen her use a phone at least dunno we'll see in the next episode
Otaku 993: That's True
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Greg Luck
Why crab tho?
also, it's very weird for some restaurant to buy a supply from a 1-time seller who randomly came to their door begging
How could you be so stupid as to hand that USB drive to a guy you were suspicious of? I hope he switched what was inside when he was handed the evidence.
i hate it when stupid family members of MC are so fcking useless and all they do is give trouble to the MC
•♫•Senzai•♫•: its the first one I'm reading since coming here lll
Random Dude: If you guys dont like this the dont read it.
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Kawaii Hime (Cute Princess)
Now he is targeting Fang Lin's family. Hope he can save them. He only put protection on himself but not on his family. What if he comes too late.
Kawaii Hime (Cute Princess): Good thing his cp gives future notifications and helps him everytime.
Me: no worries he has future teller :3
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Wolfie 577
lol just wait until Fang becomes 500 times richer than u and ur side gold digging hoe will be begging at his feet to marry him (and if he doesn't Thot her when that happens, then im pretty sure us peoples in the comment section can handle that little issue)
Adam Yusri
so thats what happen when you did it with your phone
is this chapter not organized correctly or is it just me?
Odel Bebstarzy: Yeah..
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Lucifer, Satan, Hades, Yama, Shiva, Beelzebub
My android phone got dip in a bucket of water yesterday but I didn't get the app, is it only applicable on smartphones😭.
Lucifer, Satan, Hades, Yama, Shiva, Beelzebub: Hahahahjaaa
Draculagamer 99: No, you should drop it in a toilet full of pee or shit or maybe toilet water is good IDK
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Bhabi Thounaojam
isn't it easy just buy a new phone and just drop it in your toilet seat then just wait for the miracle
i am PikaGroute [Shadow Sovereign]
even the new iPhone 11 can't do that
i am PikaGroute [Shadow Sovereign]: version 6.0 Android LOLIpop
marvin tindog: forget the iPhone 11 we want this kind of phone🤣🤣🤣
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I hope it's not like mirai nikki or dice
Prakash Jackson: me too
Wat Sit Tooya: Wise choice, the story begin to be boring and doesnt make sense anymore. i started to hate the mc for being so stuborn asf
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swieun Tokisaki
i just realized that this is a knock off version of the other wechat manga with the immortals and the nine headed worm
swieun Tokisaki: yeah same here
divyanshu bhadoriya: but i like this one more,
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its okay thats hes using his phone when he was pooping, but the fact that he took the ohone out from his poop in the toilet
Lee Vorg: there was no poop there, but still it's dirty😆
H3v3an: you cant just leave the phone there either, it's gonna block the pipe and all shit water would come up 🤮🤮🤮

I never take my phone to the toilet, cause 6our also touching it after wiping with all the germs, yucckk
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sunset auria
😂😂😂hahaha I've never dropped a phone in a toilet but I have on the wet floor 😂😂and for some reason most of my family have dropped their phones into the toilet
sunset auria: damn :/
Eric Heng: Hehe then I advise you and your home to quit the habit of playing phone while in the bathroom or toilet dohhgh.
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Taike Koudo
Too many mc are really dumb this day why don't you just kill your opponent so there won't be nuisance.
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