You Belong to Me
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You Belong to Me

You Belong to Me
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You Belong to Me Novel Online. Disha is a brave and simple girl who had left her country to chase her dreams but unfortunately her life gets changed after meeting Chris Taiga the famous young arrogant Ceo who is planning to make her life miserable.

Will she achieve her dreams?

Why Taiga wants to make her life miserable?

Find out, by reading the story...

Note: I am new to writing, so if there is any mistake please help me to correct myself.....

MangaToon got authorization from Daya to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Her Eyes. I have got to remember the words of that dangerous killer (one of Taiga's man) he mentioned to jonas I guess. he met her in the hospital and then when Jonas was saying Debe is more beautiful than Disha and why taiga likes her, he told him her eyes are so pure that would attract a man who had seen too much cruelty in the world(something like this he said)
thank u author ☺️ bt I did not get the point if taiga already have the evidence then why he always blame Disha for that incidence , nd why he kept it so secured , why can't he told her or his bother that he knows about her innocence .. keep updating dear author ❤️
Alexa: Hey 👋 all I'm writing my first novel "she is my lucky Charm" it's an romantic CEO love

please read it and support the book 🤗 Thank you
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Hemlata Sagar
since a lot happened and I too feel nobody let alone disha too would like to stay with a person like taiga, now that he asked her to go, just leave already disha don't get youself in any trouble pls🙏🙏
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