You Belong to Me
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You Belong to Me

You Belong to Me
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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You Belong to Me Novel Online. Disha is a brave and simple girl who had left her country to chase her dreams but unfortunately her life gets changed after meeting Chris Taiga the famous young arrogant Ceo who is planning to make her life miserable.

Will she achieve her dreams?

Why Taiga wants to make her life miserable?

Find out, by reading the story...

Note: I am new to writing, so if there is any mistake please help me to correct myself.....

MangaToon got authorization from Daya to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Purva Charaya
dear author...... please make chapters long naaa... pleaseee....... your story is too interesting that i check it 10 times a day if there is any update..... I know this is really hard for you to manage but i couldn't stop myself to ask you for long chapters
Bianca Denise Abad: Hi! If you have time please read my first chat novel entitled "Alice the Hidden Princess" I hope you take a visit and will enjoy reading it^^
Saeng.guuu: ARMYYYYYYY💜💜💜
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Hemlata Sagar
wtf is wrong with this taiga.... its as simple as that if you love someone make them feel special and try not to hurt them.... his love is actually the opposite of normal feeling of a human
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Purva Charaya
dear author..... i know you are also busy with your stuff.. and i know that it is too hard for you to update frequently. .. but dear please try to understand us too😔... we , fans are so much interested in this novel. please try to update twice in week or please make chapters lengthy... I request 🙏.. I think this amazing story line needs to be updated fast and fast😉.. sorry if any of my words bothered you 😔😓.
Emily Pearl: So what if there are a few grammatical mistakes. There's a saying "Good grammar doesn't make for good stories."
Kajal Yadav: he can't have her heart that's why he hurt her.....he wants to be in her life , in her heart no matter what she gives him hate or love
total 5 replies
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