You Belong to Me
Romance / Comedy / CEO

You Belong to Me

You Belong to Me
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
even if there was no blood didn't he feel any resistance or barrier or did he not pay attention... or is tiga lying to himself out of guilty conscience ...I just wish that this misunderstanding between them gets cleared ..for once disha had a little good feeling about tiga when she was stuck in the car this had to happen..seriously tiga been sleeping with lots of woman before disha can't believe he could see for himself she was virgin ...
AV🌼: I totally agree with you
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Wow! I never expected this! Author you are great, seriously!! How can u write a story like this! It's not boring, creepy at times but so interesting!!!! I'm in love with this story!!!♥♥♥♥Haish, I think I fall in love with books easier than finding a boyfriend😢
belle♥: exactly
lets share V with da wrld ಥ_ಥ: yeahs sometimes I find books more romantic than seeing couples outdoors 😂
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i wonder if something good going to happen in the end why is tiga so impatient couldn't he wait for disha feeling to change toward him can you hurt someone you love so much's intriguing and infuriating at same time .....will he ever be sincere to disha for once in his life and confess his true feeling instead of playing cat mouse game with her it's tiring over time
lets share V with da wrld ಥ_ಥ
at some point this may be romantic but .to have a life like her in real life where you can't decide anything especially your life partner
I'm doomed.... Disha is really a strong woman now
Sharon_Joa James
I really really hope that Taiga understand Disha feeling more and try to trust her and give her some space and freedom....
same goes to Disha...she should open her heart to love Taiga even a little bit...yes i know how painful Disha feel because of what Taiga do to her life😌😌 Taiga need some love to shine his life...hope Disha can be the sunlight to bring Taiga out from the darkness😌😊
Mrs. Min ho
after messing up so much and ra*ing her he thinks she'll still be the one to bring light to his life.... like what a joke, what is she some charity women to help you leaving her damn life behind to be with you and what you did almost took everything that could give her a reason to live....
Mrs. Min ho
Although I am in love with the story, but I need revenge for disha who suffered from the beginning...
I believe in karma so I hope there is at least some point where taiga could pay for what he did
Purva Charaya
you always prove all the assumptions of mine wrong dear and The special thing of this novel is that no one can guess what will happen in the next chapter. Author, you have got a really great mind🤗.
Author please don't stop updating everyday. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I'm doing is checking the update. Please Please Please continue giving updates daily, if possible crazy updates also because I'm very greedy for your novel.
every chapter by chapter this story end up me sad, excited nd extremely curious... I must feeling fl so much.. plz author give fl some happiness nd love .. she don't deserves this all..
my curiosity is on peak ,. update every day plz🙏😫👍💜
I know I know here taiga is scheming and he made Jonas believe him so that he can easily marry disha I think taiga is lying and here Jonas will do mistake by giving her to him and he will marry her
Baarish: hi I am also writing chat stories" marrying the CEO" and " college love" please give it a try...
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my guess was right he was scheming I knew it I knew it he is crazy
lets share V with da wrld ಥ_ಥ
sorry if it's rude
I'm just sharing my piece of mind
out of all beautiful girls out there in the world
I feel proud to be an Indian girl it's like we share the same thoughts
Indian teenage girls here are so cheering .... especially armies
lets share V with da wrld ಥ_ಥ
I swear if my future husband or boyfriend Don't search for me like TaigArghh!!!!
I won't marry him
but girls I request you all don't cheat on your love
please....ok let's enjoy next....omg this is so exciting 🤧😌
I don’t understand she is a virgin so why did he not see any blood. Author can you please clarify this....
Author please please please give us a crazy update🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
lets share V with da wrld ಥ_ಥ
omg I love how Taiga's mind works
so extremely smart mastermind player
I love his character soo much
but I wish I never meet someone like him in my whole life
please God I pray,,Amen
I want him to regret after seeing that she is still a virgin and didn’t cheat on him

And I think she loved him but he destroyed erverthing after rapping him

Thank you for the update 💕
Could we see his (POV) perspective please..and by the way I think he is extremely happy
Tai is such a player if he is lying..^_^
keep updating dear 💜
spashi💜: I mean ,.,if Tai is lying to jo about her virginity just to convince jo to let him have her.. then he is such a chic #_#
Anonymous: I don’t understand what you mean 😅
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