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Love in Four Seasons

Golden Orange
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Lin Ning has to transfer to a new school every time her parents change their jobs. This time she is transferred to Dongjiang Middle School, where her cousin Lin Bai is also in. Lin Ning's parents temporarily entrust Li Ning to the Lin Bai's family. Lin Ning, who is already numb to this so-called new life, is led by Lin Bai into the new school. She also met Xue Sen, a shining boy who makes Lin Ning extremely excited…

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School life
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Anime Otaku gacha
Well actually my instinct tell me that...
That other blonde is behind this...
I know I don't have proof to blame her but these are the reasons
1. If I recall the crime scene happend in the classroom so let's go back..... After er xi left the classroom then ning ning (the purple hair girl) (I'm having trouble memorizing their names, ok) lest with xue sen to go to the amusement park, right. So back to the classroom, after everyone lest, one, came back and took the papers to frame ning (the purple hair girl) then the next day (day of the exam) ning was found cheating during the exam only one seem to react suspiciously
2. The (blonde girl in her class) had hold a grudge against her when she pass the last exam successfully and the (blonde girl) epic fail and bomb the test. (On the last chapter) she said something insulting to ning (the purple hair, you already got the idea) then they left classroom leaving the blonde to starve for revenge
3. In er xi react to ning (the purple one) fail all her exam due to "cheating" (which she didn't actually do) seem normal like any other person or fangirls and obviously (in my opinion) like she didn't knew what was going on and she actually believe the actual news
4. During her last scene, if she the one who done it (er xi) she would tell the whole truth for xue sen will not hate her
Well that's all I observe so far....
I can't wait to know what happens next!
anime lover
In episode 83-84 ling ning,xue sen,lin bai and the girl in yellow hair that have a crush on lin bai will come to haouse of xue sen and then lin bai see a rat there so he was scared and hug the yellow hair girl then got scared to then xue sem dicided to clean there house so all of them is going to clean the house when they finnished it they are all tired but the yellow hair girl got an idea i think she said that there are only two bedroom so she and lin bai are together and ling ning and xue sen together. END OF EPISODE 83

In the way xue sen give ling ning pajama and said to take a shower first before sleep so ling ning was shy and tremble she take it and run and then ling ning was in the tab and take a nap so xue sen was drinking a water when he eemember his past and crying and then he heard a loud in the way to bathroom and run there and ask ling ning if she is ok almost xue sen get into the bathroom lol.. and then ling ning said no im ok then i think xue sen ask her if he can go inside but ling ning was naked ahahaaa lol.... and then xue sen get blush when ling ning told it ...END OF EPISODE 84
anime lover: back read
ammu: can u share the link
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I still suspect they're vampires since the day MC transfers 😂😂 *cough*
Based on the clues:
*if current mission is accomplished, they can go back to their normal lives then
*the Mother can quit and take care of MC while the father can accomplish the mission alone
*afraid they will be discovered
*changed address due to mission or secret identities
I think that MC's parents are not gangsters or "personal" detectives (or else they didn't need to change address) or with the special forces (or else they can just quit, right?)...🤔
They have normal lives before.. so I think they have accepted such "work" to exchange something...maybe money to save their child's life or... some *no spoiler* drama 😅 and that they have a mission to spy on the gangsters (the father gives off some weird aura when angry)... or a mission from the special forces to be a personal detective to spy on the gangsters or....wait, it's getting complicated now 😶 I choose D just to comment all of the above 😂😂
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