Love in Four Seasons
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Love in Four Seasons

Golden Orange
Love in Four Seasons
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Love in Four Seasons Comics Online. Lin Ning has to transfer to a new school every time her parents change their jobs. This time she is transferred to Dongjiang Middle School, where her cousin Lin Bai is also in. Lin Ning's parents temporarily entrust Li Ning to the Lin Bai's family. Lin Ning, who is already numb to this so-called new life, is led by Lin Bai into the new school. She also met Xue Sen, a shining boy who makes Lin Ning extremely excited…

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School life
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Milk Dumpling
thats the same teacher that caused fl's misunderstanding that did not even do thorough investigation. she did the same again with the ml's. pretty dumb, dont you think??? i get that what bai did is really wrong and should have tried talking calmly but they are srudents and young of course its obvious he would explode especially he knows they were bullied first. should a teacher know about child psychology?

well if now that students know what happened to the two they should be able talk to the teachers what really happened because those two have fans in the school. its pretty annoying, how could teachers missed investigating first knowing that the two are really one of the best in the school and that teacher simply took what that student said despite that that student recently did something wrong in the school. and all school stuff should know about students with bad records, dont you think? its just getting out of hand just to make drama. its totally out of place🙄
Milk Dumpling: i think it took 3 mins the most. it took so long coz i keep tapping on the sides of letters and too much annoyance😉😉😉
Shagun Sharma: how much time you took to write this..😂😂
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Anime Otaku gacha
Well actually my instinct tell me that...
That other blonde is behind this...
I know I don't have proof to blame her but these are the reasons
1. If I recall the crime scene happend in the classroom so let's go back..... After er xi left the classroom then ning ning (the purple hair girl) (I'm having trouble memorizing their names, ok) lest with xue sen to go to the amusement park, right. So back to the classroom, after everyone lest, one, came back and took the papers to frame ning (the purple hair girl) then the next day (day of the exam) ning was found cheating during the exam only one seem to react suspiciously
2. The (blonde girl in her class) had hold a grudge against her when she pass the last exam successfully and the (blonde girl) epic fail and bomb the test. (On the last chapter) she said something insulting to ning (the purple hair, you already got the idea) then they left classroom leaving the blonde to starve for revenge
3. In er xi react to ning (the purple one) fail all her exam due to "cheating" (which she didn't actually do) seem normal like any other person or fangirls and obviously (in my opinion) like she didn't knew what was going on and she actually believe the actual news
4. During her last scene, if she the one who done it (er xi) she would tell the whole truth for xue sen will not hate her
Well that's all I observe so far....
I can't wait to know what happens next!
I belive its the option C because:
1. She is obviously innocent and even if she wasnt, do u actually believe even for a second that she would apologise? I mean come on she wouldnt even admit it
2. She doesnt have enough IQ to find enough evidence or any evidence at all to prove her innocence
3. She already tried the whole "Im-the-innocent-and-sad-victim-here" act and it didnt work out, so now that she knows that nobody will believe her she wants to take revenge
4. It could be so many other things not only those three options but its 1:07 p.m. right now and because I dont wanna think of any other theories as to what it could happen I'll just stick with option C.
Jade: (I forgot to ass this one in 3.)

3. Also she got roasted pretty bad by Lin bai so she'll want to take revenge even more
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