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Love in Four Seasons

Golden Orange
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Lin Ning has to transfer to a new school every time her parents change their jobs. This time she is transferred to Dongjiang Middle School, where her cousin Lin Bai is also in. Lin Ning's parents temporarily entrust Li Ning to the Lin Bai's family. Lin Ning, who is already numb to this so-called new life, is led by Lin Bai into the new school. She also met Xue Sen, a shining boy who makes Lin Ning extremely excited…

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School life
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Spoiler... alert!!

soon exam time... li Ning was accused of stealing answer paper and then she got zero for her test. Her father dropped her out of school (school transfer again). She doesn’t want to transfer due to her friends.. and of course due to xue sen too. Haha! But she doesn’t wanna trouble her parents as per always, hence she just let it be. Xue sen doesn’t want her to transfer school and so he helped her to prove to teacher that she indeed doesn’t need to steal answer paper prior exam in order to pass. So he is able to fight for a re-test for li Ning. He even told li Ning that from now on, he will be responsible for all her studies.. means he will become her personal tutor. Hahaha! Li Ning has a crush on Xue Sen and she doesn’t know xue sen has fallen for her too. 😍😍
Bai Liwei: @KantanRyouri then plzz spoil us😁😁
°kookie.jeon°: REALLY !!?! 😁😁😁
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Allyson Lim
A, cuz it's their fault for messing with me, if you didn't do that ,I wouldn't. abd if I don't fight back, they will continue and treat me like a push over. so it's better to end once and for all, cuz there's no need for me to bother them first cuz they are nothing but microorganisms and I'm not so free like them
TaeTae's Fangirl
When I read the word sunshine and hope, the first thing that came to my mind was-

J-Hoooooooooooooooooooppppppe ~~~~
HopeMoongi: HA SNAP!!! 💜💜💜💜
BTS & EXO FANGIRL: oh same with me too!!!!
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