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Love in Four Seasons

Golden Orange
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Lin Ning has to transfer to a new school every time her parents change their jobs. This time she is transferred to Dongjiang Middle School, where her cousin Lin Bai is also in. Lin Ning's parents temporarily entrust Li Ning to the Lin Bai's family. Lin Ning, who is already numb to this so-called new life, is led by Lin Bai into the new school. She also met Xue Sen, a shining boy who makes Lin Ning extremely excited…

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School life
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Spoiler bean is here yet again!!

The next day, Xue Sen goes to the rooftop to see li Ning. At a gust of wind, when Xue Sen looks at li Ning and li Ning looks at him, suddenly Xue Sen blushed. So, li Ning asked if he is having fever. Lol!! Then they talk about tomorrow’s mid term test. He asked if she is nervous about it. She said she is afraid... Xue Sen asked her not to be afraid, if she didn’t get result, there is always next time. Them she said there is no more next time because after the test, she will transfer school again. Xue Sen was shocked to,hear that.

After that a senior, who likes Xue Sen goes to see li Ning. She has the test paper answer with her and offered to give it to her. Her intention is for Li Ning to leave the school and to leave Xue Sen. But at surface, she told li Ning that she just wanted to help her to pass the test but li Ning rejected her offer at last and threw the papers away. However, a mysterious person later took the papers and put them in li Ning’s desk. The next day during exam, li Ning didn’t realize the papers are in her desk and was caught by the teacher and so she is being accused of cheating and gets a 0 right away. Announcement being made. No one trusted her and at last, li Ning’s father goes to the school and cause some commotions as he believes li Ning will not do such a thing. After that, her father applies for a school transfer. End of spoiler...
jennifer: come on tell us were did u read it.Its not good to hide spoiler bean bro😁😁
SpoilerBean: Who??
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Writing from the future.

I will cover a bit part of this picnic since I didn’t cover in my previous writing. Li Ning was worry about the incident and so she wanted to be alone.. she cried. Suddenly, Xue Sen came and sat next to her. She said “Didn’t I say I want to be alone...” Xue Sen said “I am worry about you... therefore, I followed you here at the end. I am sorry...” Then Li Ning cried and said “What the heck... Actually I do not want to let you see this.” Then he pats her head and said “If you wish to cry, then cry all you want but don’t hide here all alone. Silly girl.” Then she cried loudly and said “Senior Xue Sen, why?! It’s all your fault! I can’t stop my tears now!” Xue Sen continued “Go on crying, that’s right, this is how you should do it, cry louder a bit.” Li Ning stopped crying instantly and said “Senior Xue Sen, you are so bad. No one will encourage others to cry like you did.”

He replied “You can’t suppress your emotions all the time, understand? We do need to vent. If we suppressed our emotions for too long is not good for our heart. We will fall sick.” Li Ning was shocked and said fall sick?

SpoilerBean: Haha! I was quite puzzled when I received message when some people are asking me to change the drawing and such. I am not the author. Hahaha!
°kookie.jeon°: lol😁😁😁 ur gonna be an author now😂
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Spoiler bean is late for the party~~ but better late than never. Haha! I had written what happened next but that was long time ago. So, I think I shall recap... in summary.

Once Li Ning reaches home, even before she can explain to her aunt what happened, due to immense anxiousness, her aunt slapped Li Ning and yelled at her for coming back so late without informing her in advance. Then when she came back to her senses, she hugged Li Ning and apologized saying that she is too worried about her. The next day, Xue Sen went to rooftop to see Li Ning and the next day will be mid term. Xue Sen asked if she is afraid, in which she replied, “Yes, I am”. Then Xue Sen smiled and said “what is there to be afraid? Even if you don’t get good result, there is always next time. Don’t give yourself too much pressure.” Then with a sad expression, Li Ning said “what if I say there won’t be next time?” Xue Sen was shocked and asked her what does she mean by that. She replied that after this exam, she will have to transfer school again.

Gonna skip the part where Li Ning will be accused of stealing answer paper in advance and her father goes to school to apply for school transfer. My previous spoiler was about Xue Sen helped Li Ning to fight for a chance to re-test to prove her innocence. So, I will continue from there...

Continue part 2 under the reply section in this post.
I will disappear (-_-) : Dude... Plz tell me how you know
Hi_it’s_me_01: Where did u read it ?
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