Love in Four Seasons
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Love in Four Seasons

Golden Orange
Love in Four Seasons
I think A because i were Xue Sen i have to take it because that's my grandfather last wish but it's kinda sad that Xue Sen have to leave but i hope that's not gonna happen feel sad for Xue Sen he have a miserable life and past hope his friends and Lin Ning can help him out from his problems and support him so that Xue Sen can have a inspiration from them right 😉 co army's
and Happy Birthday Kim Taehyung army's can relate right love yah all armysss
Songwol-ah: sorry for late reply,it's donee
pářķ jímîń #mîńí ßtš # love yourself : just follow me and i will then we both can be friends
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Milk Dumpling
thats the same teacher that caused fl's misunderstanding that did not even do thorough investigation. she did the same again with the ml's. pretty dumb, dont you think??? i get that what bai did is really wrong and should have tried talking calmly but they are srudents and young of course its obvious he would explode especially he knows they were bullied first. should a teacher know about child psychology?

well if now that students know what happened to the two they should be able talk to the teachers what really happened because those two have fans in the school. its pretty annoying, how could teachers missed investigating first knowing that the two are really one of the best in the school and that teacher simply took what that student said despite that that student recently did something wrong in the school. and all school stuff should know about students with bad records, dont you think? its just getting out of hand just to make drama. its totally out of place🙄
Nguyễn Thu Thuỷ: Truyện này hay lắm. Có ai là người Việt bị lạc trôi qua đây ko . mình lạc
Amethyst Tindoy: always
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Yona × Hak × Happy Hungry Bunch
A. That would be an obvious answer. BUT if his grandpa learned that Xue Sen needs to have freedom. He will give Xue Sen a consideration to let him choose what he wanted to be as long as it will make Xue Sen happy. I think it is already predictable. It happens in movies, you know.
LoveJKpop07: No problem 😊
Yona × Hak × Happy Hungry Bunch: Thank you so much! 😍😍 But it's now clear why the update is really slow. So sad to hear. Please, comment here as soon as the new episode is up. Thanks a lot. 😚
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my inheritance is interested in you lol
Zlata Skrabalova: granpa is savage 😁😁
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i want our ml to become a spy like her parents she would be badass 🥺
wait... it seems like all if the students in the school is all girls and I have noticed when the FL walk inti the class while the yellow haired girl staring the other three students looked exactly the same so I thought their triplets.
shïn seikatsu
B because it's caused much trouble and I'm sure my mom kill me so be afraid and don't fight back even the word is too bad pretend to be cool is the best even I'm not cool 😂
worldwide handsome 😎😎
him: I'm not interested in your inheritance
grandpa: but my inheritance is interested in you...
lol😂😂😂😂 Grandpa has good sense of humor 😂
Light Gacha
yeah I had an experience like that once........ I got scolded and when it was finally proven that I didnt do it, my parents still didnt believe it.
so you're saying that just because someone liked you, they would ignore the wrong doings you've done and kept on liking you?
Geraldine Cajes
I think they are talking about xue sen's grandpa and might be xue sen will be put in danger.
Sensei 🥀
I think he just said that 'cause it's just no use if he says he's her friend when senior Xue Sen's parents won't allow him to have friend, or he's just protecting him from his parents.

Lin ning, I hope you will help senior Xue Sen too as a payback for what he have done to you 💕
Inaya Ansari
dear author
please change the costume of xue sen
he only wears his school uniform from 1 chapter..
Emi YiN: 😂😂😂ryt
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please just tell what's Lin nings parent really work...?? and WHY IS IT ALWAYS THAT SENIOR WEARING A SCHOOL UNIFORM???!!
Pretend to be sick 😶 Grandpa knows. 👏👏
Isn't ML or FL do this kind of thing.
ha ha 😅
Heyya There Haha
What a handsome man, He looks like Prince Zen from Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Sensei 🥀
His heart is been occupied by Lin Ning 💙 There's nothing left for anyone else 🥀💙
💜BtsBillieTaylor 💜
happy New year to everybody reading this hope you have a great and wonderful next year and hope you have blissful days ahead of you😁🎉😊
Jayati Chakraborty
my heart beats very fast when he put his hand on her head......that's the most cutest moment in the whole comic....💞💞💞
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