One Astonishing Fine Day

One Astonishing Fine Day

One Astonishing Fine Day
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One Astonishing Fine Day Comics Online. Do you believe in destiny? He Xiaoqing, a freshman-to-be would rather believe in destiny than fate. on a fine day that stubborn guy who dragged her to do CPR to a fainted grandma which makes her miss the most important event in her life--the university entrance examination. Born in a broke family, Xiaoqing developed a hobby which is "making money". So when she met her "destined" guy again on another fine day, she decided to take revenge on him as well as making a lot of money from him...

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I'm totally in love with this! I'm into comedy, romance and school life so this is perfect for me. I really love the storyline too, even though this only just the first episode, I can see it has an awesome storyline!! I said that especially cuz this is so different from the other stories: it doesn't start with a sex scene between the ML & FL , instead they are gonna grow love and know each other slowly through the story. Plus, he's not a bossy/aggressive CEO or a boss of some famous company. I don't know how to explain this, neither how to form what I have in mind into words cuz I have so much to say about it.
That's not all: I also like the art style. Since I'm a beginner, her art style is very inspiring to me. And it helps me a lot.

All I'm trying to say is that the author did a great job on this. It all looks flawless. Plus, SUBSCRIBED
|\/| | |\| | : Oh, I forgot to mention that this story doesn't have a dark vibe to it. It has this really nice vibe that helps readers enjoy ❤️ I really admire your work author, hope I can be like u one day!
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Can you blame him for thinking about you that way? You are money-obsessed after all...
No one: yeah but in case of love it's probably the other way around
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hey hey thats because al you can think is money!!
I dont blame him !
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