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Nirvana in Fire

Cat Comics
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Nirvana in Fire is a series of comics based on Hai Yan's novel with the same name. The series tells the story of Lin Shu, who, under the alias Mei Changsu, enters the capital of Liang to seek justice for a conspiracy that labeled his family as traitors 12 years before.

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Hottest Comments
Raplez Sy Danoril
the plot didnt focuse only with the two main leads but the purpose might be how to understand each of the character's situations... problem is that it didnt bring a good storyline....the thing is, this is not a tv drama but a manhua/comics to which the reads should read happily but why is it feel so boring 'cause theres no after romance in the panel or actions to bring back the interest of the reader 😢😣😣 #tho i really love the drawing but theres also a problem( wheres the facial expression of the male lead or each of the char)....😑😣
Faiz Abd Wahab
I read this story. Though I seldom comment but this is one of the top stories I frequently check out everyday to see if there's a new chapter for it, apart from Apotheosis (or is it called Forge Success something in this app).

Please keep on translating this story.
Raplez Sy Danoril
this shu is the male lead and maybe this princess is the FL..the problem is the plot arent focusing on them thats why its so confusing 😢😯 plus there is no action pact and it makes you feel bored to the highest degree. 😣😣😣😧😩😒😔
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