Action / Romance

Nirvana in Fire

Cat Century Comics
cute Xiao 😜
ohh what are you saying prince don't accuse him you had no evidence drugging princess nihuang is not he's did,,don't ever hurt my dream man 😐😐 btw love the art so much 😍😍 this is my no.1
yeah too deep to understand... they're rules and culture i guess or the way they lived.... it takes a lot off efforts and knowledge.. in ancient have to be clever and smart and at the same careful... in every step of the everything you do...hayyyysssstttt....😔😒😧😢
Somebody get that man to a warm room. He's just about ready to huck up both lungs up!
Lydia Mgbechi
only other art I have liked this much is prime minister in disguise...hope the storyline is just as good
Karen Rebecca
I don't know about y'all but I wouldn't kick Bai Li Qi out of bed on Sunday morning
great chapter -^-
Robina Aracani
OMG he is damn beautuful. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lydia Mgbechi
love the art....
This comic had novel and drama series cast by Huge.
Erva Asena Bozkurt
This punishment for consort and her son is not cruel enough.
Egjotic Hania
i hope the king will dismiss the crown prince to prince jing
cute Xiao 😜
so complicated and many question 😣😣 ancient people so questionable 😞
I hope prince jing able to deal with it ....
Erva Asena Bozkurt
I think the crown prince and the consort will get punished.
If you want to read the novel, just search it in novelplanet, its great to read it there.
Lun Tonsing
i think the king would not punish the crown prince ...
both of them deserves mother like son....😼so ambitious.... they'd already got everything but still hungry that makes them greedy even more...😾😾😾
Both should be punish the mother and son... prince jing have to do that to survive
both of them has to punished
エン エン
I hope so crown prince will punished together with noble consort 🙃🙃🙃🙃
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