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Anecdotes about Spirits and Immortals

Marshmallow Creamy
┏━━━━━ --┓
┃I ship blondie ┃
┃and red head ┃
┃   F the fairy  ┃
┃(•ᴗ•)❤❤❤ ┃

(^_-)≡★ Y⃠a⃠o⃠ Y⃠a⃠o⃠(^O^☆♪ : Yo Stephen just gtfo if you “don’t like shows about the gay”
Marshmallow Creamy: Ok, what the hell is up with you males hating when a female ships a male with a male? I mean seriously we all are different we all have our ways, so if you don't like what i comment then don't read and reply cause its getting on my damn nerves.
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Jackson Odey
I forget to give a comment for all your chapter before but I will it's worth to read and I really enjoy your stories. thank you!! hope you can upload a next chapter
Liesl Van Gool
He could've used one of his pills even if it was a stupid idea to use them up he could've thought about it 😅
Liesl Van Gool: I meant after the fairy stopt helping him I guess
Atorx Uvakou: He got the fairy's help why waste a good pill ?
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(^_-)≡★ Y⃠a⃠o⃠ Y⃠a⃠o⃠(^O^☆♪
😱 what does he mean by that?! “You were... the same as me... any comments? If you have any good ideas or guesses please let me know them ASAP
Madison Kennedy: He probably was a slave before 😔😣😢
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(^_-)≡★ Y⃠a⃠o⃠ Y⃠a⃠o⃠(^O^☆♪
Such a handsome young man 🥰 😍 🥰 im in love! I really love this comic I hope they both accomplish their dreams! 👍🏻
Drago Vermon
it's not going to end well for him
never expected swear words °~°
(^_-)≡★ Y⃠a⃠o⃠ Y⃠a⃠o⃠(^O^☆♪ : Ashley.... if you want censorship you should probably go to another site or something...
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oh no censorship

T-T Geminis T-T
0_0 I call hacks
T-T Geminis T-T
*Inhales Deeply*.......,.......... *Exhales*
Sasuke Hakouru
i hope it become BL comic😅
Genistela Requiem: um no not in a million chapters
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Omar Alban
XD good storyy
"sorry, didn't mean to kill you" ಠ_ಠ
sinetrum emendatrix
its start to looks like nanatsu no taiza =.=
sinetrum emendatrix: lol, correct 😂😂
T-T Geminis T-T: *Uses Last Brain Cells to Translate* It's Seven deadly sins right!?
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sinetrum emendatrix
is that kirin??
Mariah Grubb
Is this a BL comic?
little snowy angel
go for it, boy >0<
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