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Anecdotes about Spirits and Immortals

myPPisVery H A R D
stop insulting the characters that the author worked so hard to develop, if you are displeased with the characters, then leave dont insults ones hard work
where y’all ppl saying the mc is an idiot now?
Àĥméð ÑàŝŝéŘ: Yup he still dump . Do u really think that evil man care about his son ?
Tsu Young: hahahahah 😆 your right
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The title is basically tales of demons and Gods. Tales = Stories = Anecdotes. Demons = somewhat dead = spirit and Immortal = Chinese god cultivators = Gods
hypnotage gt
damn its a great development on the mc im loving this su much and can the mc be a less naive she told him its self defense but but why is mah ship slowly drowning noooo.....
Shubham Singharora
so sad for the girl but Mc is right she should not have killed them ...if she just knocked them then its fine right
Yannie Luciffer: she can also consider the mc's feelings and avoid interacting and killing the mc's friends
John Guerin: They've tried to kill her. She tried to tell them, they tried to kill her, so they've died while killing. Self-defense.
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Goodbye evil little blonde haired moron your father is going to kill you for being caught now.
yea, she was defending her self and also offered them a choice, but both could have handled the situation better
myPPisVery H A R D
his power is kind of like the avatar when you think about it being able to utilize all of the elements
Servant of El Shaddai13
why is killing the female rhino noteworthy? does it have some power that other guy rhinos don't have like mouth laser or magical horn like unicorn or does it pop out baby rhino at a ridiculously fast rate like one every week? I just see no reason to kill it other than it was a girl rhino
Touya: Bro improve UR English
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Anonymous Customs
COIRRE YOU have to do is to be able to do is to be able to do is to be able to do is to be able to do is
Enzo Nixon
lol a stupid a man cuts a mountain open but still our fckig mc is stronger what the fck with this story
Anonymous Customs
You are the only thing I have to do is to be able to do is to be
yearafter year
I swear, if he ever love that girl, I will stop reading this
jersen lee: me too!!!!
*TheAnimeGuy*//A.K.A.//ThePsychoThinker,AccidentalGenius//: uhhhh 😓 dont get to worked up heheheh......
it will be bad for yur health....
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I hate waiting so long just for one episode😏
ZyËā SēnSeï
boring manga ang idiot author.. too boring
ZyËā SēnSeï: yeah i stop because it nonsense
myPPisVery H A R D: dont like it? easy solution STOP READING IT!!
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Bad Girl
Well... i guess you just got pushed of a cliff...
Olexander Huber
Any1 else notice he got his hand around the girl without notice?
King Dark
wtf , this mc is very idiot
ALL YOURS: your just saying that because you favor the female one. lol a one sided POV person hahaha. think if you are touba and your friends who help you and celebrates with you been wiped out by the family of that girl. would you still spare her? even all of those people die because of them? and to talked frankly the girl is just so selfish in that act. If he loves that person, even though in the first place she knows that will happen he just stood and wait. for what? for her to do that act of selfishness? if you love someone. Act asap or you'll regret it one day. Maybe the weather is good now but tomorrow may not. If you seek happiness do it with yourself so that you can love someone as you love yourself. gets? you can't die for someone you love. Cause if he/she thinks the same all will perish
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Dark sniper
sounds like it's magical music
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