Teleported into legendary world
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Teleported into legendary world

Teleported into legendary world
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Teleported into legendary world Comics Online. When she dies , she travels into liaozhai world (A famous Chinese legendary book) by accident. Bad guys are unexpectedly handsome and cool while good guys are weak and half-witted! Couples were supposed to be together don't know each other while friends were expected to support each other become enemies! What happened? Everything is in a mess! Can our heroine retrieve the situation and win her own love?

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Teleported into legendary world:
Hottest Comments
Yuzuhira Harumi
is it over? If not, why hasn't this comic got a new chapter? or comics that the original version hasn't come out yet?
Yuzuhira Harumi: I see, that makes sense
Camii Rodriguez: Maybe the author or translator is having a vacation
total 2 replies
lucas the great
well it seem even black mountain's attitude transfered to that scholat
Camii Rodriguez: How about that all of them are their reincarnations, it can explain why they are similar
total 1 replies
Monsta X "Find U"
Wait til 2020 is come but still dont get the update
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