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The Hero

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The reckless "summoning" by the girl links up two completely different worlds! The Ghost Immortal Qin Fengqin who was attacked during the trial unexpectedly breaks through to another Realm! The clash of the two civilizations ignites a brilliant spark, igniting the girl's path to become stronger.

Manga Toon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Fun time life
Flip those people who say it's bad. If you dislike the manga then te the author ideas, tips, and helpers if you don't like it. Be a bit kinder in your words too. Like seriously don't you have a soul, you can only say that this is a sh**y manga if you can make a better one. And btw author your is very good and keep us readers who read your manga updated!! And tbh I do wait for the next episode wondering what will happen next because this is a good story. In my opinion atleast. So yeah... That's all I got say (mind *omg!! Wtf am I doing!! This is so awkward... Oml)
it's amazing how he can shield himself against all those supposed to be powerful spells yet somehow can't defend against some weak punches that seem to have nothing special about them other than being done by the (supposed to be) MC I guess? >.>
Mirine: Err, he sucks at physical fights maybe? Since most of the time he just keeps a long range and attack, something like a difference between mage and fighter
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Perwaiz Patrick
need more please...
btw i think you are making this to slow..
i waited for too long and you end up giving me one chapter only. (-_-)
sorry to being rude.
good news cause my rudenest because of this story are good..!!!
( >.<)
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