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The Hero

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The reckless "summoning" by the girl links up two completely different worlds! The Ghost Immortal Qin Fengqin who was attacked during the trial unexpectedly breaks through to another Realm! The clash of the two civilizations ignites a brilliant spark, igniting the girl's path to become stronger.

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Ahmad Mannan
haish 3 chapter n finaly mc gona join this game and it ends woth a cliff hanger..i mean its pretty obvious she gona join but author just have to delay it with 3 xhapter..i rather it is use to fill with proper info of the story
why's she shining?

cause it's the lighting, son👍👍
Jonathan Dave: yup cause the lightning
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Imbel xox
Poor guy, I hope he can return to the immortal world soon...
I hope this is not going to be a story where the girl is naive lightheade girl who then finds out about this secret and doesn't care much. Then the guy will fall in love because of her personality. And they both fall in love but then they find out she's a princess! So they both return to the immortal world and have a happily ever after...
AH! I ALMOST FORGOT, since this guy is handsome and there are lots of snobby students ans the girl has a crush on someone, there are going to be drama!! *sarcasm yay*
Lolitka Lol: How do you know?
Magna reader: dont forget she will suddenly become master of magic
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