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The Hero

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The reckless "summoning" by the girl links up two completely different worlds! The Ghost Immortal Qin Fengqin who was attacked during the trial unexpectedly breaks through to another Realm! The clash of the two civilizations ignites a brilliant spark, igniting the girl's path to become stronger.

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - youshiwushuang,ysws
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wow he really cared about nyrian...........his words are opposite to his actions.....
but words are really important in life.......... saying words opposite to the feeling in our herat hurts others..........and make it difficult for others to guess about and understand our true feelings.....
in my life I have come across 2 such persons..........who care about me but their words are totally different from their mother and sister...........they hurt me every day with their words but take care of me behind my back and always support me indirectly..........
what's the logic of making life so complicated..........I can never understand......... Bcoz I am very straight what I feel I say on face of every person.........some can think me as a nave bcoz this habit puts me into many troubles.......huh so tough and complicated life.......
but I love them my mother and sister........
lalala lalalal: well simple comment : dont read if you don't like mc girl .. thought I really love that boy with strong figure and killing the weakest.. well
Maria : profavor puts the translation and Portuguese
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will there be a second season i wanna continue reading this manga it warms my heart so much that at the ending i cried becaise it was the ending heh im actully emotional when it comes to mangas like these i always wait for the next chapter and when i finished reading i get mad cause there is no other chapters so i have to wait for days or even weeks , but still loooooooooooooooove this manga thank you author for making this manga and hope you make other ones that we will love to read thank you again and sorry if this is reallyyyyu long
TANZILA KHAN: is it incomplete....??
Cristina Juliana Malnegro: Reminds me of my feeling when I watched the ending of assasination classroom. Although the difference is I didnt cry when this manga ended
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Mickayla Manansala
why is everyone so thirsty with romance? the whole story was good enough without romance. you'll survive without it, besides if they fell in love with each other that would just ruin all the hard works they did for troy. besides, not just because you met some handsome guy You'll madly fall in love in an instant, it takes time. with all the thing nyrian had to go through i dont think she still has time for romance, and besides their relationship is a slow pace why do you think he would bring her to his world if he didn't feel anything about her? although i think it's not on the romantic level yet
Cristina Juliana Malnegro: friendzoned
Elle Han: like a friend
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