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Stream Flow into Dream

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Legend has it that there are twelve zodiac cat guardians who guard twelve girls. Only they help their masters realize dream can they become real gods of constellation. One day, the cat guardian of Pisces came to the human world and came across its master, a girl named Yuxi Lin who dreamed to be an excellent designer. Can it help her realize dream smoothly and successfully?

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - shiershaonvxingchuanxirumeng,sesnxcxrm
School life
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Zay Sh Aa ( অজ্ঞ চারুশিল্পী )
awww you look so cute when you are blushing and that shy smile of your face is soooo attractive... what a confidence you have!!!
you have to wait for her cz she didn’t realise her feelings yet soooooo be careful... you may have misunderstanding in the future... good luck both of you 😉😉✌✌
Jara Falmin: @sofia

heyaaaa nice to meet you too
sofia😉😘: hey hiiii I am sofia, nice to meet u
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Himawari Ai
eh? Did i miss something?? How come to this... Is it still flashback though.. You know, that's why this story needs crazy update and make it longer for each one of 'em alright. Coz we always forgot some stories if it takes another long time to update and when it did update, the chapter always too short. Not to mention we read another mangas as well... so as for me sometimes i always forgot the line story of this one or another that took a long time to update.
Hannah Loyl
Gosh I'm so mad!!! It's not her freaking fault and why she has to quit??? That Xinqong or whatever that woman name is the one in fault! Like althought she's their leader, she never show up at work, didn't tell them what to do or assign proper work to her and suddenly make her take all the responsibility when she literally know nothing and can't freaking reach her when she's in need... All about this works and jobs are freaking relatable that I'm pissed af!! Geez...
💖BTS💖^•^: very annoying
Mirai🌸: I'll fire her myself if how dare she blame our girl... That biiiiissshhhhh😠😠😠😤
total 3 replies
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