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Stream Flow into Dream

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Stream Flow into Dream Comics Online. Legend has it that there are twelve zodiac cat guardians who guard twelve girls. Only they help their masters realize dream can they become real gods of constellation. One day, the cat guardian of Pisces came to the human world and came across its master, a girl named Yuxi Lin who dreamed to be an excellent designer. Can it help her realize dream smoothly and successfully?

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I never ever got to see both of my grandparents. Not from my mom's side nor my dad's. I'm always jealous when I hear or see others talk about their grandparents. Heck even more so when I see grandparents with their grandkids... i was told both of my dad's parents passed when he was just a baby and there are no pics. my mom's biological mother passed, her dad remarried, and there were also no pics. my parents came to America few years back because of war and everybody just went their ways. some stayed behind and some fled. and just 3yrs ago we were able to reconnect with my moms sister through FB and did lots of video chats. honestly my mom never talks about her side of the family so I never even knew that Grandpa was still alive. By the time I knew he was still alive news came that he's very ill and will not make it. Sadly, just last year he passed. aunty and uncle video chat and showed me and my mom Grandpa one last time before his last breathe.. just right before he left.. I couldn't even say a thing. He was gone just like that. There goes All four of loved ones that I've never got to see.. I truly hate the part that's missing in my life : Grandparents.
Anime Center: I KNOW RIGHT!!! You understand how I feel so well
Suki Yang: I bless you with fortune and luck to get through hardships, courage and bravery to face problems, and love and affection. It may not make up for seeing ur grandparents, but may the light guide you through every step of the way, with calmness, maturity, and happiness towards a bright future😌😌😇😇
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Byeol Xi
Oh, it seems the author of this comic is sick or something? So sorry to know that and hope he/she gets better soon. However, and on the other hand, as I mentioned before, I'm really tired of seeing this Xueqiong's story all the time, when she isn't even the FL. Well, it might be relevant to know how the ML and his friend will try to solve their issues from the past, but I'm honestly tired. Just saying it again for the 100th time, my own opinion.
Now, the positive thing I must say is that I'm thankful for the updates, and we know people here are trying their best to please fans, and the result is this amazing art (which is not easy to draw at all I know very well). Keep it going author!
♥️Fairy Tailer♥️
To all the people who are saying this does not have a storyline and there is no romance: The author is being really thoughtful, giving us the back stories and helping us to get to know the characters better. We just need to be patient, there is going to be romance, like duh, there was romance in the previous chapters right? Now the author is showing their back stories so that the story makes perfect sense. Some of us complain there is no explanation about certain things in other stories and there’s no back stories, the author here is trying to prevent that from happening.

We all appreciate you author.
emrana erina: it's the one in the cover...forgot his name...
Abdus Salam: Who is the ml can u tell me?
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