Stream Flow into Dream
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Stream Flow into Dream

Stream Flow into Dream
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Stream Flow into Dream Comics Online. Legend has it that there are twelve zodiac cat guardians who guard twelve girls. Only they help their masters realize dream can they become real gods of constellation. One day, the cat guardian of Pisces came to the human world and came across its master, a girl named Yuxi Lin who dreamed to be an excellent designer. Can it help her realize dream smoothly and successfully?

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Stream Flow into Dream:
School life
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Just A Shipper101
Guys I'm going to warn you now. This comic is labeled as a "completed" one but it ain't complete yet!! Don't waste your time, likes and points here!! If you don't believe me read the very end. Yes, I skipped some episodes, it ain't completed yet, the so called ending is actually a cliffhanger like it's already ended. Meaning there is no such thing as a second season. Hope I helped saving your time. Bye peeps.
emrana erina: ik.....I too wanna see that but I don't think there will be another season tho
Just A Shipper101: But that Baby ain't born yet TwT.
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shirayuki Hanjabam
what it's completed are you kidding me
i didn't wait 7days to found out that it's completed
No no no this can't be the end I am not satisfied at all Besides how can you end a story like that there's so many plot kuki has yet to found out that her blind date was none other than senior and what about their relationship status development
The ML have yet to give marriage proposal to the FL and what about that famous pop star idol (forgot his name) are we just gonna forgot him like that as if he was a passerby.

PLEASE AUTHOR have mercy on us and kindly make season 2 .
Vkook 4ever(reki thongam): how none of them r together or know how everyone is or it doesn't look like an ending
emrana erina: in the raw they did say they will be making second season
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I think author's hands were paining drawing this ☹️, or may be the author could relate the plot with himself or herself 🙄😒 or may be the plots were similar to any rich man so he asked the author to stop this without any proper end 😤😡 it's so much annoying whatever the reason is , I started reading this bc I thought that It's short and its ended 😒 but now I can realise that it was my grave mitake to read this comic.
Author , we just want a proper ending , is this is hard too fulfill??? why can't you finish it properly then😡😠
Azka Tehreem: really is it the end
Azka Tehreem: really is it the end
total 2 replies
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