Waiting for Aaron
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Waiting for Aaron

Waiting for Aaron
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Waiting for Aaron Novel Online. Kate Arnold and Aaron Woods were best friends since childhood and eventually fell in love with each other. Aaron went to New York for pursuing his higher studies while Kate found a job in a well reputed enterprises. After years, Aaron is back...but not alone! He brought a gorgeous woman who seemed to be his girlfriend. What would be her reaction? How would she move on? Was Aaron cheating on her? Is that woman really his girlfriend?

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hey author good job👍
earlier i liked shaun but now i hate him. its true that kate was using him but he showed his true feelings for her
at the moment he tried to slept with kate but another moment he kissed deeply his ex girlfriend and ready to breakup with kate. so i don't like him now. but kate is also doing wrong
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Now I knew your novel is going to be good, but I never expected it being this good! I like, how you retelling what is happening, it's short and sweet. This kind of storytelling is not leaving readers confused, yet gives just enough room for imagination. I just few chapters along, but already feel intrigued.
why so short episode author.
how much time you spend to write those lines.
please write more
Keira: sure I will! Thank you for your support! ❤️
total 1 replies
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