Energy Hunters
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Energy Hunters

Energy Hunters
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Energy Hunters Comics Online. Gu Xinghe is a high school student with few words. After a mysterious bloody red rain, he suddenly found he became the target of a group of monstrous creatures, "the Death Disciples." Whatsmore, his beloved friend Lu Yang fell into a coma on his birthday from the monsters' attack, while Xinghe was saved by a girl with tremendous power. To save his friend, Xinghe joined the "Energy Hunters" academy that the girl attends, and start training to fight the "Death Disciples" and other dark powers.

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Energy Hunters:
Hottest Comments
oh no, remember that scary spider-looking
S-class monster that was locked in some sort of a sealed glass. The one that possessed Yu chuan and that spider combined each other and formed even a stronger power, which nobody can't resist. I bet our MC will totally kill it, considering he has all the 6 mirages (powers), but hasn't figured out how to use it, and maybe his grandma has to do something with this, because she gave the Rubik's cube (which holds some sort of a strong power inside) to our MC, and I bet he is gifted and has some sort of a special power which nobody knows that it exists. I'm really looking forward to it, I really want to help the author to translate, but I'm too bad at using my grammar in English.
Darshan Sonimindia: Is there any continuations for this series? If yes, then when is it going to be published....?
Tang Sect Leader ,Tang San: plot amor: mc became like kaneki from tokyo ghoul
and suddenly released all his powers and



his New Girl friend
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मुंजा पवार
That four eyes bastard is playing with fire .when MC will know that his girlfriend is being kept in that tanker and steel alive and treated like an experimental tool i am damn sure we will see that MC's demon form with additional rage and lots of features.
Jc Bernadas: Naol
Nezuko Kamado: hahaha naol
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Main Hoon Firmino
U ungrateful MC. at long-last u show ur true strength ...

but why the hell did the reason why u chose to become energy hunter had to die..😭😭 . my god isnt she supposed to stay with u. arent both of u sopposed to get married in future ....why did she have to die ..
our xinghes sole purpose why he became energy hunter is gone ...😱😱
whats gonna happen now ...😖😖

this is too much icant read anymore😭😭

but still am gonna read ... i wanna see how our xinghe develops from here on ....🙁🙁
Main Hoon Firmino: Gwapo tabornal ..oh.. Okay.
Gwapo tabornal: shes not dead...okay
total 4 replies
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