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Energy Hunters

Lol I don’t think this whole “ship” with the mc and his best friend was ever gonna work out anyways. It happened way too soon at the beginning of the story and readers barely have much of a connection with the ship (they just ship anything or the first thing they were given). Even if the author somehow does make sure the relationship between the mc and his best friend become love, it’s just gonna be dragged the whole story with mushy lovey dovey stuff as extra fan service. Plus another thing I think adds to they might not get together/stay together is the fact that the plot summary says the keywords: “his beloved friend” Friendzoned. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (sorry for the rant, just getting annoyed at how readers are shipping nothing but the cliche friend romance,,it reminds me of high school of the dead romance (now that was dumb,,hated that childhood friend))
Wulfric Chia: whoa I thought u were going to write an essay about this😂😂😂
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Choi Luna
WHAT IF they found a big swimming pool in someone else yard.

Gu Xing He : There's a lot water there! Let's go!

House's Owner : ... *calls 911*

911 : This is 911, what's your emergency?

House's Owner : Hello. I found two strangers swimming in my pool. They are violating my property and I think I need fire fighter here. I see a lot of fire here.

911 : Is your house in fire?

House's Owner : It's not my house, but I see fire on my yard.

911 : Alright, the officers will arrive for x minutes.

After several minutes, the firefighter take care of the bugs.

Police : You're under arrest for barging into someone's else property and I just receive a report of stolen motorcycle.

Gu Xing He : ...Are you kidding me?
Kitkat :3
the artstyle is good. i get to pity the young xinghe when he cries to grandma 😭😭 well i hate those uncle's. just letting him stay because of the inheritance. i am guessing what will happen when xinghe and d girl bumped into each other.. not gonna spoil though. lets all enjoy this one! 😊
Long chapters, a story with great pathos, characters you can care about, WOW. Please don't be setting us up for short chapters or blank pages. Not after stunning work of this length and quality. Not after raising our hopes with this story and it's plucky main character. Some of us can't take that. That sudden turn some stories take into short chapters, blank pages, repetitive motions...makes some of us nuttier than a box of CrackerJacks. Because some of us have issues. Some of us have the kind of issues you only read about in horror comics or police reports. So have a little compassion and maintain this quality of work, and we in turn will try to maintain our sanity. Is it a deal?
copper redd
Ah.... She's alive!!!! Thank goodness.... 😢😢😢😢

I dunno about anyone else but I think I'd quit school if I was him... Everybody is such an ass... Especially that shitty guy next to him. I think he's jealous of the mc
Wulfric Chia: haha the guy next to him isn't jealous he just like to annoy him 😂😂😂
J-hopppppeeeeeeeeee/ I_Hate_Snakeu!!💜💜💜: If he quits the school ppl with think that he is guilty
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god. too much panels in one episode. it's a blessing!! and the art working. i felt like i was watching some hd anime. so damn good! the story is catchy too. 1st episode and I'm in loove😍😍
Anastasia Sandu
I think that the aunt was right to yell at him for getting money from the bank account without telling her, but still why be such a b**** and mention his parents?
I was under the impression she couldn't care less about his existence and only does thing that relates to her goals, but here she is saving him
John Guerin: maybe it's one of her goals...
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why is it that in almost every manga the characters don't know how to swim?
sleepy: who would try to swim when they see explosions on the water surface
Wulfric Chia: @Kurtis LeFever it depend on how u jump in if you jump in like a plank the that person is stupid if you jump in like a needle falling straight down then nothing much will happen
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Kagu Tsuchi
he didn't drink wine he got a water the author didn't stick to the story that well on this episode to be completely honest overall though a good comic
Wulfric Chia: @JaeJ El Wow good eye
JaeJ El: the man gave it to him at the last if you realise
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Choi Luna
You encountered a new enemies : BUGS

Action > Attack
Select your weapon > phone

How the h*ck my phone in weapon options?!
Whatever, better than nothing.

You equipped phone.

You killed 3 bugs.
Your weapon has been destroyed.

*Look at the rest of bugs

Sh*t, I'm out.
KiritoNimeID YT: Hahahha
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When a noob in squads tells you what to do when your a 12k kill player and not afraid to team kill
Aziz Ayam: oh everybody needs to take order or else dieeeee
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actually this is good , but a little bit confused cuz less explanation . its just like the story flow but what we see is a person fooling around . maybe there s a truth chapter someday

this supposed to be slow paced there going to be a hundred chapter but maybe it ll be dropped .
Antonio Rodriguez
damn showing some back bone when your back is in a corner f**k some things up man. lol
I ship her and him don’t really like the other girl ~
Aminahxx: Samee~~
sajt kecske: same...i hope they get together❤️
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copper redd
I wish she didn't get off the bus... 😭😭😭😭 I wish harpy third aunt had had a heart attack before calling him.... 😭😭😭😭

I don't want this...!!!!
Wulfric Chia: for some reason that sounds cruel the fact that u wanted his third aunt to have an heart attack before calling him ahahahahahaha but I wished it too
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TJ Walker
I knew she was going to get clapped, it still sucks that it still happened
copper redd
Shitty third aunt...!!! Wasn't that money his pocket money for food anyway?..... Ugh... What a terrible person... 😐😐😐
TJ Walker
I bet she feel like she carrying the whole team and just want to get the mission over with
sajt kecske
i like her...but the sad thing is that they wont be together, all my love is a fail..🥺🥺😞💔

sleepawake: how did you know?
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