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Energy Hunters

Why is mangatoon staring is the end when there already a season 2 and the total of mahwa so far is 157
Hyder Muzammil: pls tell me the website
Dharmar Rajhya: which website did u see it
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|<¦+(|-| ^¬^
Nooo that's Lu Yang!!!
Who is behind of all this..
For me.. I suspect Mr. Tang behind of all this.. And for capturing Lu Yang... I don't know what, or how I suspect him, but his actions are weird.......
Razor Gwapo
Elsa wannabe said she constricted is, but now , why is she having to recieve a gigantic fist on her face roght now?!
what??? it's been 1 week since I read this chapter and now I'm opening it only to find that it's completed
Someone: I feel you😭😦😦😭😩
Chea Panhavotey: LOL! me too! I was waiting for so long that I came back to read this episode only to find it completed! Just like you!😂😭😂
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Pooja Singha
please make it faster... the reader have to wait for so long... this is really getting on to the nerves ... checking some many times everyday... if there is a new update for not
I think the director is the intelligence of the sun dusk org. that is why he doesn't want to talk about it
Sofi Lover
I forgot his name but he reminds me of that white haired guy from Tokyo Ghoul 🤔♥️😏♥️😉
C0o1 Ki11A: his name is kaneki
Dark Controls: that white hair😲..noo noo u didn't just say that
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Lee Vorg
Oh, I think there is some manhua story like this, that if they intake more pills they will be bloated if they don't circulate and absob it properly in their body and blow up. maybe something like that, in this situation maybe her energy is not yet absob by the body that's why she became fat, not because of the food but because of the energy around her being absorb and not being digested.
Lelouch Lamperouge
so it was like that huh? Gonna end in teamwork.... hey mc why dont you just use that blackwhatsome
Sweetyy yee
god I thought it'll continue the story after the end of tht art. omg "it so interesting" 😂😂
death wish
they literally finished it! I mean killing MC's beloved forever isn't going to work....
author-san, you better find a way to wake up her again or else you'll lose good readers.... ;(
Leviathan: Actually yes.... but I do not know if Long Youxi is the ML -_-
Leviathan: then*
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Bts V
i think its his test.Well the girl said the dragonfly's queen must be returned and he was mistooked to be the queen i think the queens blood is the reason why they are following him.Now i think its probably the red wine
Zhea Susana Mae Estrada: wooow🙈
Zhea Susana Mae Estrada: wooow🙈
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Choi Luna
*sigh* i don't like ppl who act nice only to beautiful/handsome person. they treat fat/ugly ppl like trash and yet their attitude changed drastically when they realize that she/he becomes slim and beautiful/handsome. 😒

appearance is most important, huh? 😠💢
Loege Vargas: uhuh like an yuxin and bai xi of HEY DONT TOUCH MY CHESSEE ummm correct me if im wronged...from fat to handsome
Kachii Shi: But he still took her as a partner even when she was fat didn’t he? And he’s also a tsundere is be not?
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G-Jhon Licanto
so stupid. what was that stone throwing for? thought he was up to something. pfft
Lee Vorg
seriously, after entering the church you just stood by at the main door and conversely shouting? you didn't even think that the enemy knows the direction that you go through. if it's a church you should have gone to the bell floor and ring it, I'm pretty sure if your academy hears and if they are smart they would think that it's odd rush over there.
Mai❤ manga: u r smart
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well, better thank the people who donates to the author bcos the only way to get a crazy update is when the donation reaches the amount of 1000. when crazy update comes, then another 1000 has to be donated. didnt expect to get another crazy update in a short amount of time tho. what to expect anyways? this manga is lit asf in many ways.
Expresso~: Litterally No one asked but sure buster
Jahkuan Moore: I have 1910 coins
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Markjhon Cuaton
please complete this season i would lime to know what happen theam
C0o1 Ki11A
they out here fightin he out here haveing wet dreams SMH
Razor Gwapo: Tge mc just escaped sudden death by smashing her dead crush like boss
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Jackson Byrd
what the hell dude this was number one just a few weeks ago you i am sure are getting tipped a lot to why are you stopping this i love it
I feel like gu xing he is able to control those three powers because the rubix cube has seen those types and absorbed those powers so he can use them now.. thas my thoughts, what are other ppl thinking?
最好的猫: oOo that sounds awesome
Midorigami: I think he is reincatnation of some God and in this cube is saled this dragon eye or something like that, no one know his whereabouts some strange guy is talking to him, he has silver hair and he is a child of river 😀
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