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God and Girl

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Jujube is a girl who always brings misfortune to others. She has to move into a temple named God of Mountains Temple where lives a real god of mountains. Jujube met the god when she was a young girl and it seems it’s the god who cursed her. But, later on, they fall in love with each other! And their love story began much earlier than they thought?

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - shanshenyuxiaozao,ssyxz
School life
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Gaby Esteban
So I think he’s not in love with her before because she was the one who saw the future or posible future with the warms so he take them but it was not the same he new that he has a fiancé so he didn’t wanted to brake the law so that’s he left her make her life, now I think that she was the one who call him that’s why he appeared(that’s why I understood) so now he’s coursed but how do you fix that and the one who ask for her help was his fiancé not him. Now that jujube doesn’t want anything with him he’s the one who has to show what he actually feel or win her love. Now what I’m afraid of what happen next he fell in love with her ? He can stay with her ? Or he has to get married with the other one. By the way I love this manga I got excited when I saw the update 💕💕💕👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 all my love and support to this manga
Since the month started I was waiting for this update 😍💞💞
Oh I don't think the way he is dealing the curse is good...I feel sorry about Jujube tho. She suffered so much and now she have the sure that he doesn't love her...
And at the same time it looks that he likes her, or at least is starting to.
Aaaa why is is this comic so good? hahaha
I can't wait for the next update!
Thank you author-sama, you're great ❤❤❤
Jafi Corn: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
mswonder: @Jafi Corn yes 😭😭
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Jafi Corn
hey hey hey !!!!! please help me !!!! tell me then the next episode is going to come out ???? is it even going to come out or not ???? I am asking because I can't see the days on which it will be released ............ so please help me with his I am really confused will be truly a huge favor ........please help me
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