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God of Mountains and Jujube

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Jujube is a girl who always brings misfortune to others. She has to move into a temple named God of Mountains Temple where lives a real god of mountains. Jujube met the god when she was a young girl and it seems it’s the god who cursed her. But, later on, they fall in love with each other! And their love story began much earlier than they thought?

MangaToon got authorization from Dazhou to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
School life
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Hii spoiler ixim here!! Since I got 30 likes on my last comment, here ya go! So uhhh, spoilers below!!
So basically the girl and they guy are happily reunited and they live together until they get old. But as an old lady she realizes that she’s actually in a hallucination. The mountain god finds her as an old lady only to discover that she’d been infected by some kind of demon/curse that sucks her life away (it was from the cat scratch). He tries to save her but isn’t powerful enough and starts coughing blood. So the black cat steps in and sacrifices himself to save her but it’s still not enough. Mountain god uses forbidden power and turns from green god to blue god (his eye colour and clothes change) and basically gets a huge power up, saves the girl and the cat!! You’re welcome.
Ixim: I read the raws.. the alternate title is God and Girl
Nami saaan: finally i can read it...
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DarkNinja189 *
She:"do you want divorce 😭?"
it's supoused to be sad, but i laughed ..
It's do funny when I think about his reaction ...
He:We weren't maried😑you were just bitten by magical worms and had hallucinations
spill the tea: Haha count me in for that one 2🤣
Becky the manga freak: lmao I thought the Same 😂😂😂
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I'm wondering if the order got mixed up. this does not seem to belong here. It makes no sense after the previous pages and there's nothing to indicate that it's a dream or a memory....
JA Shiro Bautista: yup so true
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