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Ghost Office

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Ghost Office Comics Online. While executing a ghost expelling task, Li Lingdao, a wizard living on ghost expelling meets the female ghost Yu Xi at the last gasp, who is keeping off killing from the departed souls. Unexpectedly, Li Lingdao does not release her soul, but brings her back to his apartment, heals her and lets her live at his home. At ordinary times, Li Lingdao goes out to execute various haunting tasks. At the same time, different ghosts attack Yu Xi, expecting to get the soul jade. A series of stories happen between Yu Xi and Li Lingdao when he protects her. Yu Xi’s life secret is revealed little by little…

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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
I feel bad for Lingdao, looks like he is going to drink his sadness away
Lingdao u fell in love with her n now that she is gone n that the thought of u hurting her in the past will continue eating u apart.

So far as I can see that guy is nice to her in her past as well as now but I still can't trust him.
I prefer her to go will lingdao.

So far as I know lingdao he is nice guy I don't believe he would her her or do anything to harm her with a good reason.

Lingdao just hold on there.
Violet Spirit
the story makes zero sense. but it was a different and unique idea I guess.
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