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Ghost Office

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While executing a ghost expelling task, Li Lingdao, a wizard living on ghost expelling meets the female ghost Yu Xi at the last gasp, who is keeping off killing from the departed souls. Unexpectedly, Li Lingdao does not release her soul, but brings her back to his apartment, heals her and lets her live at his home. At ordinary times, Li Lingdao goes out to execute various haunting tasks. At the same time, different ghosts attack Yu Xi, expecting to get the soul jade. A series of stories happen between Yu Xi and Li Lingdao when he protects her. Yu Xi’s life secret is revealed little by little…

Manga Toon got authorization from SaManHua to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - lingdaoshiwusuo,ldsws
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Rohit Bachim
Loved this story.. But could have been more better with 1 or 2 more episodes about happy ending like both MC and FC living happily after that.. even though it seemed like MC was just helping her so that FC can live and do what she likes in 2000 years later but he actually liked her thats why he did it. So happy ending was needed I think. It was happy but needed more actually. Anyway Thanks to Author for such Nice Story. Hope so other season to it could be possible But sadly its end i think. Hope so any other manga you will like this one.. it was really good.
I find it hilarious when he said that intervening in a spirit's karma is a serious violation, but, no huge punishment, just a slight possibility of losing your job, and it's so, so, so funny when he pointed out that salary deduction was more important than any if the above.
Sana Awan
Uhmm even if it was a solar power tablet it can't have internet how do you research then.? and her room has alot of things that's just not possible to make at that time i think the author just brought in this part to cover up the previous mistakes
Crystal C: Who knows? Maybe dad is a time traveler??
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