Ghost Office
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Ghost Office

Ghost Office
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Ghost Office Comics Online. While executing a ghost expelling task, Li Lingdao, a wizard living on ghost expelling meets the female ghost Yu Xi at the last gasp, who is keeping off killing from the departed souls. Unexpectedly, Li Lingdao does not release her soul, but brings her back to his apartment, heals her and lets her live at his home. At ordinary times, Li Lingdao goes out to execute various haunting tasks. At the same time, different ghosts attack Yu Xi, expecting to get the soul jade. A series of stories happen between Yu Xi and Li Lingdao when he protects her. Yu Xi’s life secret is revealed little by little…

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Robyn _08
An archaeologist? Seriously? Doesn't look like so... 😂😂😂
I am an Archaeologist here and I've seen such supernatural things that MOST of the people had NEVER seen before. (And no, I'm not joking. I'm serious and I've witnessed such things with my own eyes.) If you're thinking I'm talking about ghosts, So nah. There are other beings that actually exits.
As for being an Archaeologist, I've never seen any archaeologist who's afraid of ghosts or anything like that since they're about already dead people from past, but hey, don't take seriously 😅 it's just a comic and I found it funny whenever I see a character of archaeologist in mangas or anime. 😂😂
Well I'm not saying Archaeologists aren't afraid but I've seen most of them take risks just for their research and studies. (While survey/excavation especially.)
chimmyyy: Just wondering...have you ever seen a vampire or a werewolf?? Ik it's foolish but I really need to know :)
Robyn _08: Archaeologists aren't celebrities anyway 😅 Lol 😂
total 3 replies
just look at the face of emperor... I hate him, liar 😡😡 and i think our ML was trying to protect our FL that's why the emperor hate him...this is only my assumption 😅😅
Niharika Perumalla
guys can I ask some of your valuable time to
check out my "twisted love novel " ..
I will be very glad if you give your likes and comments ☺️
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