Ghost Office
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Ghost Office

Ghost Office
Mashfia Siddika
I don't know why I find Xi's eager to live ways funny and cute... and the emperor looks like a spoiled rich brat... kinda cute. Haha
Mashfia Siddika: I love her!!! You must have seen Aikatsu Stars then... I ship subaru yume so much!!!
*Firefox starlight *🔥✨🦄💮: wait! do you like nijiino yume? cause i like her a lot!!!!!
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Mashfia Siddika
I think it was a short but meaningful story... I like it...but... I wanted to see their love story...
Mashfia Siddika
I had this feeling from the very start that this guys is lying and he's the bad one...
Maureen Martha Aclo
Well i dont know yet the name of the boy... But his power is just the same as SAILOR MARS in SAILOR MOON SERIES .. Sailor Mars is a spirit hunter and her power is just like his power.... Damn!! I liked this manga!!!
if a boy betrayed his gf for you, won't he betray you for another girl? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kaizer Zales
Just like the Korean drama bring it on ghost. I wish the other guy wouldn't end up being the bad one.
Erosgaming 071706
Now I'm just confused; are they in a dream or something
aren't u a ghost too 😂😂🥰🥰 ghost scared of ghost 😂😂
That one anime kid: Pokémon in a nutshell
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Mashfia Siddika
Xiao You is cute.... so cute... KAWAII!!!!
Kaizer Zales
I guess the three of them are connected to each other.
Ceily Bochan
omg xiaoyou is cuuuute
Yoon Soo in
that white thing is so cute😆😆 I love it...
That one anime kid
Ah I see her love of pink
emoty time
he is a bad person 😠
Tia Miles
U took something more precious from her
Jiminie Hart Hart
wuwuwu T^T more more
Kaizer Zales
The journey is so good. But I want more T^T
Mari Mdzeluri
"I stole your phone what's the big deal?

ジョリーナ トゥパス: Hahahahahaha i laughed at that part lol
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No one
oh come on i need more...his and fl's life, marriage, kids
No one
you know nothing about it moron
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