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This comic tells a series of stories started by the 12 Stars' Curse. The young lady Hui Yue who is obsessed with her dream of cooking disguises herself as a man for a weird part-time job. What awaited Yue Hui is an enigmatic mansion and 12 teenagers with 1000 years' curses. What would the girl encounter here? What tracks would the girl and the boys draw in the starry sky of fate…

Manga Toon got authorization from SaManHua to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. - xingkongclub,xkclub
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The one that knows
Ah now I see what’s going on!

They went into the forest right when the Total Lunar Eclipse was starting and them seeing all this stuff is normal

Zero is seeing his dead or still alive girlfriend, and the only way to leave is to do what Hui Yue did with her best friend. Ask about food

Now for the other dude with the mom dying, while the eclipse is taking place, i think it has another use. And that use is to have someone remember their past or their curse so when the boy remembers his mom, and meets her in the forest or wherever he’s going to have to do the same as Hui Yue, ask about food or a specific thing he only knows about

I can’t believe i can still understand the story until now cuz I always see comments going “what the hell’s going on?!” “I don’t understand!”
And the only way to understand is to watch SO much anime/manga/gatcha yes gatcha!
Read as many comics as you can and you’ll understand this complicated shit
Sorry for the long comment, see you guys on the next one bye 😊
Everyone is experiencing their past and the only way to escape is to find the way out of their loved one’s grasp.
well some are saying that zero died..well its true but not totally he die in the end but he die with someone..(i won't tell you who)and then he revive again name as alpha with white long hair but he revived together in one body with the one he died..
and another thing is that the fl is not some ordinary girl she is the most powerful witch u will knw soon..

well I'm not clear about one thing that where i have read it has been written completed but the ending was not complete so can any one tell that is it going to be season 2?
Mimi Rahayu Yusoff: o a ,
kamila vidal: is there anyone else that doesn't understand?:v
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obiviously...after all he(lishui) is the ML of the story...... in upcoming chapters( ie100+ ) lishui will be like a great fighter👍👍👍👍😆 andddd..
female lead and lishui will be the couple...since they were already destined to each other in their previous life.💕💕💕 u will come to know when u all reach there..😁😁😆 this story is going to be❤❤ and the first kiss scene between lishui and FL is sooo😍😍😍
and as for ZERO , he will just end up with his plz dont think him as male lead..
and one more , our FL is going to be a goddess with great powers who will remove all 12 curses😆😆


Bloom: plzzz...tell us....plzzzzzzzzzzzz...i really want to know
Aruim Nyx: (Manga)(røçk)
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