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Star Club

Star Club
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Star Club Comics Online. This comic tells a series of stories started by the 12 Stars' Curse. The young lady Hui Yue who is obsessed with her dream of cooking disguises herself as a man for a weird part-time job. What awaited Yue Hui is an enigmatic mansion and 12 teenagers with 1000 years' curses. What would the girl encounter here? What tracks would the girl and the boys draw in the starry sky of fate…

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Sluka is being possessed by a demon, because she hates the MC in her past life. She didn't get reborn and stuff, and in the past she was the weakest witch among the four while MC was the strongest. There are 2 others..... one hasn't appeared and the second is Angelica. Then Baito and that his twin will are Gemini so he will decide to keep the bad twin even after all the bad things he did. MC will remember her past but that Sluka will change it to look like she was the one with Landy aka Lishui in the past. Angelica doesn't trust Sluka and even suspects she wasn't blind but MC is too nice. Sluka will make everyone think Lishiu is a traitor and he will leave without admitting or denying. It is interesting especially when MC gets her memory
LoveJKpop07: I think is hui yue
Ashwwyy: who's mc?
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Can't she just take her band off! Ahhh it's driving me crazy!! Sluka is probably keeping her bands on because she wants to keep Lishui by her side. But why?? Soon or later someone is going to find out her true colors anyway. I wonder what he or she will do when Sluka's true colors reveal. Will she use witch's power to seal that person or erase part of their memory away. What do you guys think?
🥀Fallen Angel from Moon🥀
*spoiler alert*

Hui yue was the eastern witch who is the most powerful witch ( the witches were used as a weapon to fight by the kings) one day after a sudden fight she finds herself in a place full of flowers that's where she finds Landy Gialos (present life li shui) after a while they fall in love with each other and then she returns to the kingdom Landy Gialos takes her back on pegasus when they reach Landy Gialos gives her a pair earrings she starts to say goodbye but he stops her and say to belive that they will meet again. after a while she comes back from a battle and takes a bath at they time landy gialos comes to meet her in the bathroom....{it's not yet finished }

Xi lu qi is also a witch ( the weakest of all the other )she was also a good witch but due to some negative things she turned like this and she misunderstands that Hui yue is the reason.

Angelica is also a witch (windy)

Crotty a witch ( not yet appeared )
An An: me too
Cheska Nieva: where?
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