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Sluka is being possessed by a demon, because she hates the MC in her past life. She didn't get reborn and stuff, and in the past she was the weakest witch among the four while MC was the strongest. There are 2 others..... one hasn't appeared and the second is Angelica. Then Baito and that his twin will are Gemini so he will decide to keep the bad twin even after all the bad things he did. MC will remember her past but that Sluka will change it to look like she was the one with Landy aka Lishui in the past. Angelica doesn't trust Sluka and even suspects she wasn't blind but MC is too nice. Sluka will make everyone think Lishiu is a traitor and he will leave without admitting or denying. It is interesting especially when MC gets her memory
LoveJKpop07: Also baito accept his bad twin is because of hui yue words so that the curse or their power can be opened again. Hui yue told both baito and his bad twin they need each other. That is how baitao accept his bad twin
LoveJKpop07: Hmm story is halfway right Angelica is not the second witch or the witch of north. The witch of north asked her people to get lishui so she can tell him the whole truth the “curse” or rather witches vs moon goddess. Sulka is possessed by the demon or rather being the hade gods’ slave because she angered by the witches who left her alone and suffered the hates of the human being. Yes Sulka will make everyone think lishui is a traitor but hui yue don’t believe she know there is something. Again lishui is just trying to protect hui yue by working with the north witch who will then be killed by sulka and will pass her power to Angelica. Angelica has nothing to do with the past or former life of hui yue/the 12 boys and sulka
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🥀Fallen Angel from Moon🥀
*spoiler alert*

Hui yue was the eastern witch who is the most powerful witch ( the witches were used as a weapon to fight by the kings) one day after a sudden fight she finds herself in a place full of flowers that's where she finds Landy Gialos (present life li shui) after a while they fall in love with each other and then she returns to the kingdom Landy Gialos takes her back on pegasus when they reach Landy Gialos gives her a pair earrings she starts to say goodbye but he stops her and say to belive that they will meet again. after a while she comes back from a battle and takes a bath at they time landy gialos comes to meet her in the bathroom....{it's not yet finished }

Xi lu qi is also a witch ( the weakest of all the other )she was also a good witch but due to some negative things she turned like this and she misunderstands that Hui yue is the reason.

Angelica is also a witch (windy)

Crotty a witch ( not yet appeared )
Cheska Nieva: where?
Missin: me too. I'm so not satisfied with the ending
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Poushi Izayoi
I have a news for everyone.

This comic was dropped by the author. And the ending (last episode)....IS. THE. WORST. CLIFFHANGER ending ever. You'll die seeing what a major point the story was left at. Be prepared so you don't have a heart attack.
Poushi Izayoi: same here. i can relate. 😥
ūwū: nuuuuu I may need a doctor to be with me at the time I read the last chapter 😭😭😭😭
c'mon why did the author do that 😭😭😭
this is my most favorite manga 😭😭😭
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when I read this comic again I just shake my head at how Sluka deceived all of them, even tampered with the MC's memory. That Lishui and the MC are the ones that are actually old life lovers and all. And that she wasn't even really blind. The MC in her full form is so cool
the otaku: more spoilers please
umi sora: lol I guessed right
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I don't blame him if he is jealous and has feelings for our girl. I mean in the early episodes, if I remember it right, when Hui Yue was still pretending to be a boy, this Black haired guy said that he'll court her is she was a girl. Now that he knows she is a girl, I want to ship them together but my heart is already been captured by Lishui.
I am in love with this manga yet I have read the whole mange previous year in English translation ..... and for me I guess the ending was half, I really want the story to be a little bit more long so that the ending could be great .... I have been requesting manga toon for season 2 bt it seems like we all have to end our wishes here....😑😑
J-hoooooooooope!!: yup it is also my concern
LoveJKpop07: Ohh I see. Yes I read the last Chap hoping to see more moments of the ml & fl. Also wonder will they win.
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👑 Yuzuki Oda 👑
~Nezuko-chaaan~😜: *his...cause he's a trappp proof on episode 79 😊
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Gaby Picard Rios
i really wanna know who she really is, and also her story with them !
LoveJKpop07: Sure no problem 😊
Gaby Picard Rios: woow this is getting complicated, but not less interesting! hope we know the actual answer soon, thank you for four help! ❤😊
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Huh wait a minute, why is our FL not doing anything and just blanking off? Isnt she the heroin of the story? And why does black gurly have the spotlight? It pisses me off! But maybe the author want to change the FL!?


Author is saving her for last and maybe someone very special to FL will be wounded and she'll be hurt and burst out unconciously?
🎶"I don't care I luv it"🎶
who is elezibeth and I thought that only curse were boys but why they are saying "her curse"???
LoveJKpop07: He (Elizabeth) is not gay. He used to love a girl who died. He is trapped about his love who died. Hui yue will break his “curse” and he will dress as a guy
ARMY: so basically he's (Elizabeth) curse is that he sees as a girls while staying in the body of a boi
idk that's what I understood
so I'm guessing that he's transgender....
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uuuuuuuughhh why you guys forcing Lishiu to be with her can't you see that he already love someone and that they love each other. why you guys getting in their way when you already see that one of them is getting hurt bec. of that
He loves angelica that much
Look at that cutie drinking starbucks: ik right rising your life for the girl u like sooooo sweet
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I thought 🤔 she is a boy. bcoz in previous chapters she is naked and only wear towel. but now he tell that he is girl😵
Dennys Ortega: he can identify himself as a girl
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Òümâïmã (sweet Tunisian girl 🇹🇳💓🇹🇳)
how she reacted when she saw her beloved one getting hurt, I like it and I am sure that she is the former wife of liushe or whatever his name 💓💓
Òümâïmã (sweet Tunisian girl 🇹🇳💓🇹🇳): girl, you are the best , and I like you ..
thank you, thank you, thank you ❤❤❤❤😘😘
LoveJKpop07: Oops I spoil a lot of contents🤭
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Smith Silverio
I think yuntian has fallen for hui yue
sluka cheat them..her eyes still could see..n yuntian likes hui yue..errgh so annoying slut
RedRoseʕ•ﻌ•ʔ: yes! she is trying to ruin the ship
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Tera BAAP!🔥🔥
her eyes must be thrown in the pot of boiling oil💩💩💩💩
Samantha Rune Tan
i feel like the jealosy is every where....i feel like yuntian is jealos and i alo feel like huiyue is jealo hmmmm there is somethin fesheeyyy
wht a bigggggg clown
anime fan girl
*pulls out knife* I always hated those who ruins ships. now it's time to stab that extra
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