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Knight Fantasy Night

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A mysterious game disc brings the timid senior high student Ling Lin into the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Alternating between reality and fantasy, the gorgeous castle, the brave young king, the knight born from the lake, the bastard son of the Pope, the wicked Black Duke and his Dark Knight, all these create a world she has never seen before…

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I used to hate her because she's not confident and lots of other comments say she's a coward too.
But now I think it's pretty cool because she is more realistic than lots of other mcs.
Of course there are these super clever and confident girls who always stand up for other people. But seriously, most people in the world aren't like that.
I think, lots of readers here who pick on the mc saying she has to be stronger and more confident read these manga to look up to the mc. But exactly these people would probably act the same!

I used to think that she's not confident enough, but then I noticed that I also always question myself if what I do is right and that I sometimes not believe in myself enough. So it's actually very helpful to see her personality change because I (and lots of other readers here) could probably learn with her.
🇵🇭ღ✿BŁÜSKÎÆ✿ღ🇵🇭: you are right!! (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)
Rhianne Fombuena: qqQqqqqQqqQqQq
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then when they found the goblet (they need the goblet to be the ending) when they found it the game restarted then she was crying cuz she wont see artgur anymore and the blue haired guy was in real lufe (you will know why 😉) and he (okay hes the creator) said that he made changes for the game and the characters in king arthur will be im the real world and she was crying cuz shell meet arthur in the real world and about 3 years? idk i forgot they went to england for a school trip then the people was anouncing that the prince will marry someone and she went there to see if it was arthur but sadly not then she got pushed by a random guy and was almost punished when a guy and a horse came to her (and you already know who that boi is 😉😉😉) and arthur said "give her to me" then she was crying cuz she finally found arthur and arthur said "its time for me to be in your world" heheheh you guys thought that they woukd lose they're memories well NU UH and they where explorin and stuff and was married? idk threy lived happily ever after 😌 okay my fingers hurt so ill stop
ANI MONSTA😉: Yeah so where did u read it??
I read it on and
Teeda Lewis: hbvbbnnn8
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Pearl Porsha Cubillan
Spoiler alert

If you do not want any spoiler then don’t read this
So ling is actually a game character and the creator is prince San and marlin which is Lou Lin they come from a world so basically an alien the game is about a girl playing a game which is the legend of Arthur who is very dumb but found her courage by playing and trapped inside the game and fell in love with the characters especially our mc don’t worry our ship we’ll sail 👌 ok I know this is kind of a plot twist but trust me prince San we’ll tell her at the very end of this manga before saving Arthur but I want to see there kids plsssss
A random, poor girl here ;w;: Uhhh!
A random, poor girl here ;w;: Please what is the title please, I can't seem to find it! :(
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