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Knight Fantasy Night

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A mysterious game disc brings the timid senior high student Ling Lin into the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Alternating between reality and fantasy, the gorgeous castle, the brave young king, the knight born from the lake, the bastard son of the Pope, the wicked Black Duke and his Dark Knight, all these create a world she has never seen before…

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I’ve read this whole story on another site, it’s absolutely wonderful! The chapters are beautifully written and designed, with a lengthy (which we all love 💗 a lot) story, but with timely progression of the different plot points according to how the characters developed over time. I am an English Lit major, so the drawl of a King Arthur story line was appealing and i truly related to Lin Ling. This is one of the best comics I’ve ever read and the ending is very enduring. I hope you lovelies enjoy as much as I did! I will probably read it again since it’s up here now 😍
What?!: Tbh I which the manga continued on instead of ending how it did, I was crying, I was like is that it.😞
Flor Gallego: The real name is Qishi Huanxiang Ye
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Angelica Nichole
I just finished this story on another app and I’m glad to say you all are in for a lot of emotions and soooo much cuteness. The end is great and I’m sad that the story ended. It’s by far one of my favorite story. And you all are far from the end. A lot happens. And you will ship a lot but there is one person for her
Shay Allen: dudeeee at least tell us where you read it else
Amora salvatore-knight: knight fantastic night
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I love this story so much. THUMBS UP to the author, this story is one of a kind and had a big impact on me.
That you would think to be there in the story too. The LOVE and AFFECTION of the knights to Lin Ling is so pure and real. How I wish there was a guy like them.

anyway, I love LANCELOT here. His LOVE is the best for me, MOST in KING ARTHUR love.
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