Knight Fantasy Night
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Knight Fantasy Night

Knight Fantasy Night
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Knight Fantasy Night Comics Online. A mysterious game disc brings the timid senior high student Ling Lin into the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Alternating between reality and fantasy, the gorgeous castle, the brave young king, the knight born from the lake, the bastard son of the Pope, the wicked Black Duke and his Dark Knight, all these create a world she has never seen before…

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Hot love💋💋❤~
It's a beautiful game but,
you can't believe In the end the female lead turn out to be a character by third prince.when female lead leave the game again due to bad injurie unless three months past she can't go back to the game. but she worried about aurthor .then she will enter in the game again but this time she will feel more pain because aurthor will lost some memories and will not remember her at all .and all people will forget her she try to make him remember but, he got injuried by aurther next, then Lucifer will take her with him and cured her.but later she realised that author got poisend. she will sacrifice her youth and cured aurther and aurther recall his all memories but the female lead was stay by Lucifer side because she doesn't want aurther to know that shesecrifice her youth for she leave with Lucifer and Lucifer keep her in a castle with him .Lucifer said the female lead that he want her to be his fiancé and marry her but FL refused then Lucifer cast a spell to forget her memory. and the female lead forget all about England and Rome. then aurther found that castle and go to find FL but he got socked after saw FL because her hair coloured change in to white but FL didn't know him because of the spell but FL breake Lucifer spell .for what Lucifer did you can't hate him because he is truly like her.
Surinder Singh: Stop spoiling! I hate spoilers because you ruin they story!Stop!I hate you guys!!!!
Bianca Villa Talon: wait but the end was she saw a blue haired man that's the last of the story that I have read
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Samantha Rune Tan
spoiler alert.......I warned you okay this is a spoiler so dont get mad at me if you read it cuz its not my fault on why you read it..

i saw the end of this story and it was amazing the fl was back to her world and then at her school merlyn was actually third childes bro. and then at their school there was a field trip to england so they went there then the fl heard that there was a toyal wedding so she tried to look but then she fell inside the line and the gaurds almost slap?punch? i forgot but yea something like that but the arthur came and stopped the gaurds and the gaurds told him but your majesty she....then arthur stopped the gaurds from talking and told the fl "silly girl we meet again" and they rode happily on arthurs horse the end they lived happily ever after thats all i can say but if you gise dont like spoilers then...why did you read this i already warned you thats all thanks for reading
Ksksksks Avandbs: Omggggggggggggggg
DoReMi: completed @ Huanxiang Ye Manhua
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#Nayeon 22
HAHahah every handsome characters in this manga have a funny side and he's so sensitive but he's so handsome and also i think arthur bite that handsome man cause he's annoyed or jealous....
leane😚😊😘💗💖: you're right hahahha
leane😚😊😘💗💖: you're right hahahha
total 27 replies
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