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Knight Fantasy Night

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A mysterious game disc brings the timid senior high student Ling Lin into the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Alternating between reality and fantasy, the gorgeous castle, the brave young king, the knight born from the lake, the bastard son of the Pope, the wicked Black Duke and his Dark Knight, all these create a world she has never seen before…

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Hottest Comments
alex XXX nice
I think he is Arthur I hope he is
Dyanna Fathullaah: unfortunately, nope he is not arthur , at the 168 episode , which is the last episode . Arthur met LinLing at England with his current face just like in the game 👌🏻 i have read it until the end . so yah
semony3: No he is not Arthur
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Shadow myr
To anyone who is wondering No he is not Arthur he is a alien and Arthur is created by his brother Merlin.
Anubis The random person doing random things: What app buddy... tell meh
UI Kim: In what app did you read the story? please answer huhu thank you ahead
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Mio Natsumi
i already finished reading this manga .they fell in love with eachother and at the end arthur comes to the real world from the game world (happy ending)
Jada-_-: why would you spoil it!
always be happy everyone: I just download the comic
total 8 replies
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