Knight Fantasy Night
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Knight Fantasy Night

Knight Fantasy Night
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Knight Fantasy Night Comics Online. A mysterious game disc brings the timid senior high student Ling Lin into the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Alternating between reality and fantasy, the gorgeous castle, the brave young king, the knight born from the lake, the bastard son of the Pope, the wicked Black Duke and his Dark Knight, all these create a world she has never seen before…

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Lulu munchy
oh! so this manga isn't completed,I've already finish reading this manga😌. Sigh😔 too bad I can't give u guys some spoilers, but all u have to know is that on the path of completing this manga,there will be a lot of heart breaks and I guess happiness towards the end of the manga.
Luci and Ling Lin or is it Lin ling will have some romantic moments,well not really that romantic 😅,ling Lin gets turned into a fairy or is it elf and also a frog,there will be a lot of kissing from Arthur and Ling Lin,Arthur's father died,ling Lin's hair turned white,u guys are gonna see Arthur's sis and her son,it turns out that that dude with brown hair that always picks on ling Lin in the real world is actually an alien and he created the game and ling Lin's world, so u can say that ling Lin is a character that he created and that ling Lin's world is kind of game that he created,when all the knights especially Arthur fought against Arthur's sis they died,oops ive said too much
Alexis Laoyan: Tell me more! Tell me more! please
Amykyut. haruhi: I relly so happy becaus of your spoilers....becuz I relly love this comic thank u
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im gonna give you a spoiler.... merlin and wenyu qi are siblings they're the one who create the game... in the end arthur dies and all knight but lin ling saves them using the holy grail but in one condition lin ling will disappear from that game so when lin ling came to his world merlin showed up and tell lin ling that all of the characters will transfer in modern in-game world in short in linling world after 1 year later linling hair grow long and she graduate and merlin said to celebrate a success graduation they decide to arrange the trip so that mean they're going to england where arthur and the knights my godddd! 😱 when they finale arrived in this day arthur and lin ling finaly meet and arthur remember her and even call her stupid girl😭 my gosh why am i crying? this story is deserved to have a part 2 i like this💖
Ryzza Yvonne Saclauso Medalle: what application did u use?
Asta: :') sad but happy haha
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follow my insta.kawaii._.anime._.jessica
🚨 Spoiler alert 🚨

After that, lin ling went back to school the next morning only to find that the school was on holiday. 😂 so she decided to go back to that disc shop with but that disc but the owner say that it was sold to a young master. So lin ling went to his house to get it back. So the young master said that she must be his maid for a week coz his parent went abroad in return she will get the disc. But after a week, the young master cook for lin ling and she say it was very delicious but in return she had to work for him again then she somehow got into some trouble and the young master help her out and gave her the disc. And then, I’m not gonna spoil it anymore 😇😂🥴
Ryzza Yvonne Saclauso Medalle: thank u for the info! it's quite a bit late to notice it tho.
👑💛🖤king arthur🖤💛👑: thanks
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