Knight Fantasy Night
Action / Romance / Fantasy / Adventure

Knight Fantasy Night

Knight Fantasy Night
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𝓢𝓽𝓾𝓹𝓲𝓭 𝘬ꪖ𝘳ꪑꪖ
Nu uuuh, you ain't gonna be the "Queen", even if you'll become the Queen, Ling Lin will still be the Queen on Authur heart UwU
"Anyway not you" Arthur you disappoint me in that line!! Im expecting you to say is "You" !! Btw Lucifer looks really handsome😍
yes,yes,yes,yes,yes they r in ❤
so what! ❤is not a crime😤
it can happen anytime, anywhere
Merlin they were already kissing and what did you think just flirting
Why do you need to mention it Merlin! Why just why?! I want to cry a month or a year because Anime is not real and now ugh this! I don't want Ling Lin to experience what we otakus are experiencing! Arghhhhhh! Cruel World.
Layla ❤ Shawn
Did He Just Pull Out His EYE !?!?!?!?
Nova Moonlight: Indeed!
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𝓢𝓽𝓾𝓹𝓲𝓭 𝘬ꪖ𝘳ꪑꪖ
Ouch, i think you should express your feeling to her much earlier so things won't go this way
i cant stop taking screen shottttssss damnnn ittt arthurrrr
WOOOOWS I always wait for the part of the stories where the Ml says "Don't you ever do that again!" I love the way how they cared for their Fls even though they always argue with everything.
Alice Lauren
after this ep every thing will be gonna change ...n the secrets will be revealed ...😏❤️
Tomorrow By Together
Its not easy to use chopsticks.... It took me a years and until now I still can't use it properly
I am giving her points because if I was in this I would be passing out so many handsome.people
Third child fr aruthor he put her infront of him to get her to have the egg on her to go back
well actually you can read this on
the title is Qishi Huanxiang Ye

your welcome😇
you are a good actress quinieva And Mrs. Morgan I hate you both but still you're not gonna succeed😤😤 thank u for the update author you almost make my heart break hehehe because of what I saw first thing in the morning😁😁 keep up the good work author❤❤❤
kim kim: hmppp
Flower123🌺: Sorry to bother you, but can you please read my chat story called Choices too Love! Its my first story so if you could stop by at my story and like it would really be appreciated! Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your day! ❤😊
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Tomorrow By Together
I think it's better to replay the game hahaha atleast you know what will going to happen
Tomorrow By Together
Finally she shows up.... Story is not complete without someone who will ruin the love story
김효나 🇵🇭/🇰🇷
Spoiler alert:This is a happy ending...King Arthur will go to our Fl's world..
I know that this day would sad...I'm gonna cry badly...
#EVA# #PHOENIX#: Hang on!!!
Don't come to the conclusion so early...
Let's wait and see what happens next....n don't cry so easily
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Lucienne Phyllis Cassanova
Okay, Am I the only one that finds it funny?
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