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Prime Minister in Disguise

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A talented man entered the palace to win the favor of the emperor for his younger sister. How could he do that under the cover of a woman in the cruel and complex harem? And what story would he have with the Emperor and the Prime Minister? Not only does he have to fight for the position, but also fall in love for his sister. Will he achieve his goal? What will happen after the Emperor find out the truth?

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Boys’ Love
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This is one of my favourite manga. Everyday I look forward to read the next chapter. I just LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE ❤️ the artwork and it's really one of the beautifully created. Seriously~I fell in love with the MCs cause of the artwork and the storyline plot 😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕✨
MeoW: Same
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Daisy Chan
I confess; this comic is the reason I'm in Mangatoon 😂
ElizaIrine Atler: there more episode right
Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ: @daisy
I can't remember something similar to it right now but I will let you know when I can...

there's another recommendation Vampire Taboo.. it's ongoing and really nice plot, I hope you will enjoy it
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ignore my comments
I hate women. especially this new one that pops out of nowhere. 😤😤
Lovely🌸: I don't mind either😅
ignore my comments : nope. sorry. correction. should be anywhere at all even in the future.
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