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Prime Minister in Disguise

chiba chiba
I wish to change my thoughts for the second best anime after this chapter, this anime is at the same level as that mou do zhoushi, according to me( no offence)
this anime does not have any negative role or any signe of showing hatred over small matters , here all kings of different areas are just fighting for the benefit of their own citizen, one can't say that their way of expanding their region is evil , according to them as long as their civilians are able to have a better life.
it could be possible for each of the rulers out there to support each other but the possibility of getting reasonable favour and support is not always the same and as ruler themselves they know what other rulers may think of so it becomes quite mandatory for them to come out as upper hand when they still have the resources and power.
Lhyndzyl Diez: YASSS MDZS❤❤❤
Mr Fluffy Icecream: ABUSOLUTELY Agree, love Mo Dao Zu Shi and love this too.❤️❤️❤️❤️
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It’s just one hug but I am so happy that I can’t believe myself. Just one hug can made me go crazy. Cheng Feng please notice that Zhi Fan Ge is madly deeply in love with you. You’re are a freaking genius person. Please don’t care about rules and regulations, just care about Zhi Fan Ge who values you more than you could value yourself.😭♥️
Mr Fluffy Icecream: Yeah saaaaaammmmmmeeeeeee......
Egyptian Chabine: O-M-G saaaaame
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Isn’t it sweet how much the emperor trusts the prime minister? And yeah I feel this is more shonen-ai than BL. But I think this plot and the art are amazing. Because it’s written so well the slow-burn is amazing, though I also feel impatient if they got together now it would feel so rushed and disappointing!
Also the prime minister doesn’t have to still be in love with Qing’er. I feel like he hasn’t thought of her as much recently, but he can and should still care about her. She is a victim of her circumstances, especially since she is in a bl novel, we should pity her T_T
Mitsuko Mitsuko: i agree with you
Shirayuki: hey,have the emperor confess his love to him?And which episode?
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Naz Can
This is not love...peope, why is it so hard for you to distinguish stuff? Liu is doing this because of his loyalty towards the empire and the dead father of the emperor....he hated the emperor at first, but saw how capable he is and how much the empire will flurish under the rain of someone like this after the late emperor did shit to it....and he cannot let zenfen die as a person because he is the son of the old minister he made a promise to.....where do you find love here? There is no love yet....may be the emperor feels love for liu in secret, but he did all that too because he needs liu as a minister cause he is the most capable for that is all business and in order to sage the empire not out of love...those two are very wise characters not lovesixk fools who misuse their power and their citizens trust for their own selfish gain like cen ming and rou did....that is the difference...urgh
errantknight: It can be all these things. It's a touching romantic story about a straight man and a gay one, and their affection for each other, as well as their sense of duty, bravery and self sacrifice.

Yes, there is deep love and devotion here. That makes it Bl whether the relationship goes any further or not..

There is also rare respect for sexual orientation. Orientation doesn't change simply because of opportunity or because someone wishes it. It's part of who someone is and how they are born,rather than how it's presented in virtually all Bl other than this. If you don't want to see straight people telling gay ones that they can stop being gay if they try, you should welcome this.

Does that mean the Prime minister won't discover that he's bisexual over time? Not at all. That happens and it can yake years. That wouldn't negate his previous male-female relationships though. He could love both Qing and the emperor. That's also perfectly valid.

So long story short, he could end up with either or neither of them and this would still be really romantic Bl. The only thing that the author has ruled out simply by excellent writing and respect for the characters,is a sudden 'conversion' for the sake of meeting yaoi convenstions whivh are, frankly, problematic.
AruNozu Naruse: jangan jadi toxic
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Mr Fluffy Icecream
I really like that Zhi Fan is taller than him. And that hug I like... my heart. I took screenshots of that hug like ♾. And that hand over the mouth also made me scream like creasy. So that hug and hand over mouth is just 👌. I can’t believe that actually happend. Thank you author for making that sweet scene. I just hope that Chen Feng sees it and falls in live with Zhi Fan.

And weeeeee neeeeeed a KISSING SCENE.
Lynn: ahhh tbh I hate the exaggerated height differences in yaoi, LZF's mom is even taller than him so I'm ok with it here xD
Jona Luzano: oh.. author dont make your beloved readers to to wait for a long time please..kindly make the apdate as fast as u can
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Omg finally
He hugged his love
Arhhhhh my heart is asdfghjkklllalkaa 😭❤️

LCF wanna go there to save another women , yet all LZF wants is his safety
Goshhhh , he is so deeply,madly in love with LCF :’) ❤️
LZF dont want to give any stress to LCF , even for a little 😭💕
He knew that there was something important in the letter , yet he just let it go when LCF wasn’t willing to speak out
Omg this is so smooth, it really touches me how LZF values LCF TwT 💕

Now I am worried about Murong Qing , what kind of decision would she choose?
And If one must choose between Li ZhiFan and Murong Qing , whom will Liu ChengFeng choose? ><
Halwa Ishlaha A: What you described is literally what a bisexual is.

There are gay people who only dated women until they’re adult and come out. Will you say they’re not gay then? Even some gay people also marry a person of their opposite sex.

Heck he can date only women all his life and still be identified as bi if he wants. Who you date doesn’t define your sexuality. And sometimes there are people who won’t realize about their sexuality until they experience things that made them realize.

I know you mean no harm but what you said is bi erasure.
Anonymous: I think he’ll choose Murong Qing at first because meeting her again will be overwhelming for him and all of his feelings will come back at once. He probably doesn’t realize his feelings towards the emporer yet. But ultimately this is a slow burn BL and the author wouldn’t have focused on the relationship between Li Zhifan & Liu Chengfeng for so long if he wasn’t gonna choose the emperor. Either that or Qing will die and she won’t be an option anymore.
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Everything went south.. I mean I never felt so sad reading a BL story, come on! Its suppose to be fluffy not like this so much of feels its too good not to continue. Im willing to buy coins just to buy all chapters. Truly brilliant. Kudos to the author and the artist.
Malyki Zerathustra
I keep getting asked why once a day I go hide in the server room at work. The women in my office are starting to suspect. I must not let them discover my man feels secret. But.... I also cant wait to read more and wish I had an emperor that liked me....
Kin Kan
I wonder what are Master's true intentions, and if he knows about the sui's emperor illness, why does he wish to kill him? is it because of his family's death and he was seeking revenge after after all? I don't think someone so sage and intelligent would do that but who knows. I actually think that sui's emperor motives are valid but wouldn't it be easier for them to give up their lands to da liang empire and become stronger and better ( I know that it would cause a problem for a lot of important figures in sui but I'm sure that someone as wise as sui's emperor would think of something )together and since he does not have much time left... and why did he choose to support someone like the guy that plans to be the emperor, he does not seem so wise and loyal, and when he does who would insure safety of the taken lands?
vivialyn tuardon: I agree.
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Rose Ann Joy Jalbay
wait! it so confusing... is this a bromance or what?... im hopeing that the dream of prime minister b4 that the emperor is really a girl and just pretending to b a boy for the trone....and what's w/ that sweety do'y thing?? 🤔😅,....who s true lovers here???
An Dy
This book kinda reminds me of Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (not the plot) but the sequence of things like the 1st comedy, 2nd the adventure/cases, 3rd to the nearest end is about thrill/action/case solve, then the end would be the "what we all waiting for" then after the whole story you'll be stoned... cause the BL part is only 5% of the whole story, tho you enjoy everything. this is the type of BL story that you'll only read the whole story once, but read the BL scenes multiple time until you'll get satisfied. That's GODC experience tho hope it's not like that. Btw GODC is on 2nd folder list of my favourite, I have 4 folder list of favourite stories hahaha just sharing.
mi: wow im so dumb🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ i though it was a new anime 🤣🤣🤣#thanks for telling me
mi: wow im so dumb🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ i though it was a new anime 🤣🤣🤣#thanks for telling me
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Lex U Jul
I'm a really that too obvious, of wanting a scene like right now, your majesty hugging our prime minister and making sure he promised to be back safety.. I'm so waiting for this. it's just a hug but its flip my entire mode today.
Maa San
Dear author,it's been quit long since ur last update. You had updated two recent episode and ur art work is splendid as always but the story is quit in slow progress. It is a good story anyway. Im waiting for the next episode and hopefully you did not delay it for too long. Please don't disappoint your reader. Thank you for ur hard work and good luck.
Bruh....I love this story and everything including the art.....but dear author.... WHY DID YIU MISLEAD ME SAYING THIS IS A BL.....the first thing that made me read this was because it was supposed to be a BL....I mean if I wanted to read a political manga I could read something else....why you misleading me like I can't stop reading the manga cuz its interesting and I wanna see if I'm ever gonna get any juice between these two.....
•Master Oogway•
Yup..after all of that all he care about is the sleeve are so dumb..why can't they just take the damn hint..and he blushed for a nothing human-like object..gosh..bless his heart..😒😒😂😂
I think that Li Zhi Fan really fall in love with Liu Cheng Feng😭💓💓
author please let them be a romantic sense more than a hug😭🙄
Thanks author for the hug and translator-san too. I know how strict it can be for chinese work to be really explicit and have to rely more on bromance. But stil hoping for this to turn to true bl. Waiting for Chengfeng to reciprocate the affection as he is too oblivious....
Want some?
where is all the BL gone??
Unconditional_Love ♥ : It's all because of that damn report!!
somebody is happy : l wait every chapter and say to myself
(don't rush there will be a bl love moments soon there will be bl love moments soon😐😐😐😐) and nothing HAPPEN !! DO YOU KNOW HOW HURTS THAT!?
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Malyki Zerathustra
still sneaking to the server room to look for an update every day. the gossip girls are starting to lurk in the office..... They suspect.......
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