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Prime Minister in Disguise

This is one of my favourite manga. Everyday I look forward to read the next chapter. I just LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEE ❤️ the artwork and it's really one of the beautifully created. Seriously~I fell in love with the MCs cause of the artwork and the storyline plot 😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕✨
MeoW: Same
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Tabbycat 667
Gabrielle: I’ll even take a nose bump at this point 😭
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Daisy Chan
I confess; this comic is the reason I'm in Mangatoon 😂
ElizaIrine Atler: there more episode right
Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ: @daisy
I can't remember something similar to it right now but I will let you know when I can...

there's another recommendation Vampire Taboo.. it's ongoing and really nice plot, I hope you will enjoy it
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Zülal Gül Yıldız
Is drawing of chenfeng getting more beautiful day by day or I see him more beautiful? I am so confused 😂😂
arsbear: Yes he’s getting more beautiful! And Zhi Fan also getting more handsome here. XD
Misssoraaa🍑: He is beautiful from the start :)
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LOL... I tought the king falling in love with the assasin
Kim Yu Sun : Me too but it’s a BL story 😂
Chocolove: nope he gonna fall for other men hahahahahaha
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ignore my comments
I hate women. especially this new one that pops out of nowhere. 😤😤
Lovely🌸: I don't mind either😅
ignore my comments : nope. sorry. correction. should be anywhere at all even in the future.
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Xiao Qiao Chrone
T.T the wait is killing me 😭😭 just one kiss please.... or at least something gay? 😂😂 Firts tgcf and now this ??? I will die before they even kiss 😂😂😂
Chitlada Srina: Slow burn is sth just like that 😂
Tgcf is still amazing even doesn’t have kiss scene until 90+ chapters lol
Shinigami San: At least corner him in bed!! This is totally just a bromance so far. 6 days of torture, here we go
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Naledi Cele
6 days? That's it I'm going on a strike, we need to start a revolution to get back daily updates. who's with me?😂😂😂😂😂
Beth Rodry: count me in 💪🏻💪🏻😂
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i'm just here for the points 😂😅
Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ: it's one of the few best Manhuas in this app.. okay maybe you have different taste (or maybe you just don't like gayness or you're homophobic) but it's definitely mot boring cliche Rather interesting with it's really amazing artwork and storyline..
Sana More: Ya all need better tastes for this amazing author which you can’t appreciate. Also it’s quite rude to comment this kinda thing on someone’s hard work and efforts, so please.
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kim sooseok
PLEASE JUST KISS I AM DYING HERE !!!٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶٩(๑´0`๑)۶
Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ
So My Dear Fujoshis and Fudanshis, ❤️
Here you've finally got your long waited Episodes.. congratulations🥳🎉🎊

here's your SPOILER FELLA landed here for some Spoilers again, but before that wanna express my admiration for this Chapter...😇
As you can see Fan is the typical seme (at least we are confirmed now who's uke and who's seme) all protective and caring to his wifeu🥰 we see that concern in his eyes when he saw those wounds and we saw love in those very eyes when he hugged and bandaged him...awwww💞💗💕

I Bet After That At This Point All the Fujoshi Hearts Are Like Zhi Fan Kiss Your Hubby *chu* and Feng Kiss Kiss AnD FAll In Love 😘❤️ (yeah I can hear your internet screaming fellas)

Now The SPOILER PART : (2nd spoiler is in the comment of this post..this was way too long to post at once)

1. in the last panel Zhifan referring to 'him' is a new character coming > he looks like a wise scholar or sth like that living on a what seems like mountain/desolate place...
Wang Xian: ahh I see. i'm so glad
thank you O(≧∇≦)O
Ϝ☋♪⊙ⓢ♄♗ ♫⊙⊙♫ꍏ: nope he's not... it was indeed in only Feng's dream..
It'd a nightmare for us Fujoshis if he were a woman..
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I dnt mind accidental kiss 💋 🤗
did i see tommorrow?
Fong': at least it still update twice a week,,,if it's not,,,how do i survive?T^T
Beth Rodry: yessssssss
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She looks pretty damn disappointed 😂
Mereleen Figueroa: Agree.
Redlysah Putri45:
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Diamond Aries
Okay, I'm gonna be the bright side and accept the 6 days wait... Who am I kidding... My soul is aching for the love... The love...
Dew Drop
Author,I know you have already given us a lot of episodes. You gave us 1 ep per day.. that was kind of blessing. But do you know that you gave us a habit too? every day I log in to this just in time your new episodes arrive... This was the main reason...
So,how am I supposed to wait for 6 days,can you tell me... 😭😭
I know I sound greedy but I need it every day just like before.. Or just kill me instead! 😭😭
Oh my Feng! Oh my Cheng! Oh my Uncle! Oh my empress Dawger! 😭😭
Dew Drop: I can feel you Naledi Cele 😭
Naledi Cele: but still my fragile heart
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Perfect costumes! Perfect background scenes! What a waste can't be downloaded.
Koshka: just screenshot 🤷‍♀️😅😶🙃
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I want romance~ Romance ~ Romance~ 😭😭
shiki kyukitsuki
i did think tht i would be updated everyday after yesterday..but its back to 6 days..😢
shiki kyukitsuki: does..sigh
Flynn_master: yeah,and 6 days is a long time 😢
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Diamond Aries
To kiss or not to kiss... Boy! You better kiss that fella! I don't know why I have the feeling that Prince Su wants to do the same. I know Feng's girlfriend is around, but I just got this weird feeling everyone wants Feng, except from the obvious ones, duh.
No-man: Ya may b when feng start to have feeling for emperor? Or about to realise his feelings for Emporer?

Or On Emperors confession 🤦‍♀️

Either one among them..
Worst timing ever💆‍♀️

Then, we also get to see those heartwarming J(jealousy) and sneaky gance🤗😘
Diamond Aries: I know right! All this crazy tension have kicked her out of the story completely! But I'm sure she'll show back up when we least expect it. Betting it will be when ZhiFan is about to admit his feelings for Feng.
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