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Prime Minister in Disguise

chiba chiba
I wish to change my thoughts for the second best anime after this chapter, this anime is at the same level as that mou do zhoushi, according to me( no offence)
this anime does not have any negative role or any signe of showing hatred over small matters , here all kings of different areas are just fighting for the benefit of their own citizen, one can't say that their way of expanding their region is evil , according to them as long as their civilians are able to have a better life.
it could be possible for each of the rulers out there to support each other but the possibility of getting reasonable favour and support is not always the same and as ruler themselves they know what other rulers may think of so it becomes quite mandatory for them to come out as upper hand when they still have the resources and power.
Rahmadani: There's the manhua too.
Blue Daisy: mo dao zu shi is donghua (chinese animation)
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It's Anna
Why do I love love love and am loving this manga sooo damn much with every chapter advancing!!!??? Aaaa! I just simply love it! It's so long that I have read a manga with such an awesome art style, strategic and magnificent storyline. Ah! This one definitely has everything! Not even unnecessary adulthood to attract readers. It memories readers itself! I was so damn bored with the same mighty president having sex with a virgin, simple girl that ruins her life or she gets pregnant and after some years, they get together. Huh! THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL A MANGA! HATS OFF TO THE AUTHOR. LOVE IT!! ❤️❤️❤️
It's Anna: Never ever can I get enough of this one ❤️
you're welcome😏: true story sis 👏👏👏
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chiba chiba
at first I thought it would be a great problem if the yellow hair come in between the leads but then our blue hair guy came and make a deal to protect our feng so I was like the harem of bl 😍😍😍 but in the last panel why does it feel like the blue one like the girl , Qing and only wanted to help him becoz of some ulterior motives or he just want her to submit to him by showing that the guy whom she planning to t revenge for is still alive.
WHY IS IT THAT I ALWAYS THOUGHT OF GAY COUPLES IN EVERY BL MANGA, I CANT STAND TO SEE A NORMAL( girl boy ), so I wish that blue hair guy is not in love with the girl.
OG's Pyae Lay: me too... I also thought that blue guy was fond of Fengfeng 😢
Bea Lorraine Cabiltes Almayda: I feel you
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The shifts between high drama and broad comedy are giving me mood swings. I like it, very unique. There's also a very welcome freedom from BL tropes since these are both strong, capable men. So refreshing! I am curious as to how this turnns out to be BL (regarless of the intentionally obvious foreshadowing of him capturing the emperor's interest. I mean, both of them seem very interested in women, so....yeah. Very curious about the plot development.
Ayumik Sakurato
only now I have time to sit down and write my comment, so I use it. first To the author: thank you for the beautiful story, which I loved with all my heart, which contains beautiful drawings and sometimes it squeeze my heart with emotion. thank you for that you still create and even though I would like to get all the chapters at once, I think that my heart would not survive it. thank you thank you thank you.
and now a question for other readers: is it only me who is missing mother queen a bit? :) hahaha and do you also think that the minister has no idea about the feelings of the king (I suspect that the king himself also does not understand them)? :)
Sorry for my bad English, it isn’t my national language:)
you're welcome😏: yeah a great queen like her should be shown and l think the king nowadays is so forward which i love it 😍😍😊😊
🐰Bubble🐰: Hey! um..sorry to bother but I just wanna tell u guys that I'm writing two novels. "Hide and Seek" and "The beauty and the beast" so if you are interested give both a try and leave your opinion there so that i can improve more and if you're not interested just ignore my comment and also don't bad mouth me...Have a good day🤗❤️
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It's Anna
Why doesn't Liu ChengFeng say that the last ruler imprisoned their family members and forced them to commit those crimes in front of them now!! It's too heartbreaking hearing these negative thoughts about them!! Also, I was so astonished when a minister came up saying his brother was killed by Du Gu Xing, yet he's willing to join them. I really hope he never turns out to be a traitor...
It's Anna: I know! But it's too heartbreaking to tolerate! 😔
Hania: well you know its the nature of people they don't believe other easily even if they tell the truth so its obvious that lieu chenfeng didn't say a word about it
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Maisha Tasnim
where is the story of my beautiful cross dresser prime minister!? 😢... before I just wanted his actual indentity to be that it missing those moments so much
Ahmed Shahima Hossain: same here 😭😭😭😭😭
Asuka Sawamura: I couldn't agree with you more! 😭😭😭
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It's Anna
What is this 😑 If Li Zhi Fan and Wen Ruo was engaged, then the problem with Zhi Fan happened and the emperor just ordered to behead his daughter's future father-in-law? 😑😑 And also, Zhi Fan killed his future father-in-law, and the situation like a begger Wen Ruo is showing right now is also because of him. So in no way, she can be so good and happy to Zhi Fan. Please, Zhi Fan!! Get suspicious!!!!
one thing I don't understand, especially in the last chapter is how sweet Zhifan is to Chengfeng.

I mean it pretty obvs that Zhifan likes him, but why does Chengfeng just accept it? wouldn't he be a bit weirded out or at least curious as to why Zhifan is so protective of him?

I wonder if smth else happened in the past...
NýX: that hes a idiot its true 😂
Jeni Gotit: This is exactly what I was thinking for the last few chapters. Either Chengfeng is oblivious or simply an idiot not to notice his feelings. And then again when the subject of liking zhifan will be brought up then maybe Chengfeng might think about it a bit. for now I am just thinking Chengfeng is a big oblivious idiot😂
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124 episodes and I'm still waiting on his Majesty to put the moves on our boy! when will i get to a lil taste of BL??? Author I lost count on how many tickets I used up in the name of BL to see a lil something, cause lords knows the story is interesting. Give me something to work with here cause I'm dying 😂😂
Pj Ayate: I'm also looking forward to that scene. LoL
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Bam Haneul
So...For him the best way in his mind to solve his problems was make war and send his soldiers to the death and played a lot of dirty tricks...Interesting, very interesting...🤔🤔 I would mind to know, why he didn't ask for help?...That's way the diplomacy exists...If the request dosen't work then you can try other way...The war it has to be the last option...I can't wait for the next update! 😫😫
Daniela Nováková: same thing troubling me 😟 if he doesn't want to be a 'big ruler' (and we now know he doesn't), why should he make a war? Why not try to solve it easier way? 🤔
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It's Anna
With Liu ChengFeng's ability, he should be able to not just defend but also win against the enemy in not time. Wasn't it made clear in the previous chapters how special his warrior mode is?! Why hesitating now! The emperor is dieing 😭😭

And by the way. How on earth did Liu family feed and hid an army of thousands for so long!!??
It's Anna: Yeah, I get it what you want to mean :3
Jung Goo: Liu Cheng Feng is as smart and strategic as you say and I guess that answers your last question
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why do you make them so hard to keep hating them when it's close to their end? and he want about this the wrong way. if it was food for his people that he wanted all along, then all he should of done was just ask for help and all that blood shed could have been avoided. But now I can't hate him fully anymore.
Jung Goo
Whelp...everybody dies because of Love😂 but seriously, they keep sacrificing themselves and finally confess when they now know they are about to die...I dunno if my love life would even end like that lolol
copper redd
Also.... Does it mean that the murong zhi in custody is really the REAL him and the murong zhi conspiring in the north is the false one.... 😱😱😱😱

What a twist!!!!
Marshmallow ~jelly belly : The evil murong zhi is actually the real prince and the one in the prison is a substitute who didn’t realize he was not a prince until he was remove , kind of like ancient time where kings will find a substitute to protect there sons from being assassinated so this chapter is telling us that the one in the prison isn’t really the prince and that his name, wife, child, siblings and title of crown prince was never his 😱
Imane K: I think it's more like the other one is the real Murong Zhi but they were perhaps switched at birth. So I think the one with Liu Chengfeng is the false one switched at birth and who lived as a prince for the first half of his life.
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I have come to a conclusion...
there is no ugly man or woman in this story. they are all beautiful.
Also, almost all the "villains" in this book have their reason for doing "bad" things but do they ALWAYS have to come after Liu Chengfeng?😕😕😢
Raluca Neacsu: agreed. theres no hero and villain. just.. humans.
Diane : agreed
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honestly, imagine disguising as your sister then needing to disguise as your sister pretending to be you. idk why, but that whole concept is just funny
copper redd
I see no reason why he can't have both the brother and sister.... I fear she would be dishonored if she was put out in favor of her brother... Plus the brother cant have babies, which r important for the throne, so I say keep the sister for the public eye and the brother for the sheets.... 😈😈😈😈 hehehe....
giugi: i'm not the only one ?
~ ~
- u -
sassy_shakes: stepping in to join the evil ones... what if they all had a big lovely indoorsy party together... everyone would be warm.
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Emma Kim
is this bromance or boy's love? 😂 been waiting for romantic scene from both main lead.. but this comics has the great plot ever..
Loom Mi Mi: me too
Lag Seeing: same here
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Omfggg!! The master is so smartttttt

And another Murong? Is that the title or surname? If it is surname,so what about Prime minister’s former lover, Murong Qing? Are they two share the same blood? Omg it is getting complicated
I think there is a long way to end!
Cus that Murong Qing still does not appear and when she does, the King and her would be love rivals kekekeeeee
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