Prime Minister in Disguise
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Prime Minister in Disguise

Prime Minister in Disguise
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
is not your fault empre,,,i mean chengfeng...
from the start all of this is cause by her parents,,,u lied to her cause u care about her...

#somehow i wish qing would never wake up but then it would be very painful to our empress
iammemyself: i do agree with u...
Seriousproblem: Qing deserves a happy ending too! Not with our empress, but a happy ending nonetheless
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Jadyn Jadyn
i feel sad but a little bit warm seeing Li Zhifan hug him.... this comic is so damn good since it can make me cry like i know how's chengfeng feel right now...
Qing is dead!!!
no? she is not?
really, she needs to be alive after everything?
guess next time we get lucky
as long as she is alive or single feng will keep pushing away zhifan's advances.
Scream Queen
u already have one leg in the coffin⚰ why trouble others? just spend ur life remaining time🕒 in peace 🕊 n also others 🤷‍♀️
CHEESE: I mean he is doing it for his people bc his people don't farm land which is causing them a lot of problems I actual wish that it gets out that he is sick or somthing and is able to partner up with the king and split the land or something
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It’s really serious now. I really feel sorry for almost every character even the villain one. Actually villains can’t be called villains because each and everyone has his or her own reasons for their bad deeds. Now I pity myself. TwT
User00: agreed!!i actually feel bad for that sick yet hot villain.he has to do this for his people and he got no other choice.its really breaks my heart😢
Unknown : Even if they have a reason that doesn't justify them.
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Eventhough i really love seeing LZF's love and concern to LCF, I wish there would be a time where Cheng Feng would show interest to LZF in a romantic way like hmmm perhaps being jealous to someone. waaaaa can't wait!!!!
My heart beats are accelerating
He hugged him and said “no matter what happens, you always have me” 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
I think I will dream about them tonight🤩🤩🤩
He really cares about him
Li Zhifan came to the rescue💕.......he will be there where Chengfeng is,and it is forever💞
Murong are going to be defeated.......both ML will make you pay for all wrong doing😏
Ms Nana
*maniac the enemy said*
but when the woman bites him.. she becomes... SAVAGE !!!
Sakura Haruno: mlbb player
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Em Pascuā
after reading it for the nth time, I realized that since first her sister plan to make chengfeng to pretend to be her, maybe it Zhifan and chengfong's plan, since chengfong's chamber already have a tunnel into Liu's palace. Great.
SLA: that's good if its really happen
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Qing i really like you but i don't ship you with feng as he is already committed to zhifan. my decision is final
Claret (/^▽^)/: hahaha same
Hezutsumonijino: same here too
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Anonymous P.
THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! AHHH! I can't contain my feelings. i feel so happy even if I don't have to because cheng feng is sad but heyyyyyy, yiu can't blame me, they have their moment.
Rhonna Mae Guevarra: ssshhhh!!! me too!!! who blame ya dude!? hahhahaha
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man the ending to this episode was DAEBAK!!!!!! It was a touching moment you could feel the chemistry between them. it would be funny if quing er woke up to see that she be mad maybe but funny to me
CHEESE: no to the episode not the whole manga lol sorry
Manjungan Tenar: ending? where you read?
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Lee ❤ Yaoi ❤ BL
omg being a fujoshi is SO HARD;!!!!

Lee they are LITERALLY having a sad moment. someone is in come beside them

Kevann Brown
this manga is already my favorite i just can't wait to read all of them i wonder how many people and episode are there so you guys know what the stupid part is when they were playing a game she finished she said please give her some comments then he woke up he said he only heard the beginning and the end but not the middle That's stupid how he only hear the beginning and the end. well hope you guys will love this manga its an awesome manga read it some time when you get the time to hope you love this coment.
dis is turning out so so so sweet 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 heart is definitely summersaulting i feel like am gonna blow up ...LZF's love is getting stronger and LCF will soon see de effect 😎😎😎, i can smell a kiss scene coming dis way👀👀
Xanie Zhan Kim
After I finished the 3th time the chinese drama "the untamed" i finally see Cheng Feng's similarity with Wuxian. Means they both are strong and beautiful men. Wish this story to become a really great success and Xiao Zhan to play in as Cheng Feng. ayyah god make this become true heheh ♡♡♡XOXO I adore this story alot!!
寒光君: wow!!! thats why your profile is Xiao Zhan (Wei Wuxian) !!!! ME TOO 2X!!!!!!!
Mxtx's Hoe: Suibiannn 😍😍😍😍 hallooo
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When someone just came saw two hot gay couple doing sexual stuff then tell them another hot guy come here and one of them just rush like sonic to go with hot guy lol
IF0unDMyTaRget°•°: LOL...He just drop a trash
Wolfychan: Like what if you imagine that?
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Nefetherie Beete
your majesty is too sweet for his own good. but I'm glad he's so caring towards Liu. their interactions are so subtle but still beautiful to look at. And im glad Qin-er didn't die at least. 😔🙏💕❤️💕
Frances Tamuno: somewhere in my mind I wish she died ,it would make things easy
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Olivia Plyler
Is it just me or did everyone forget that men have really hairy legs and his legs are showing completely but no one is bothered about this or is it just me
Cashmoneygirl Thekid: Lol they did say he looks better then his sister 🤣😂
Momo Yaoyorozu: Maybe he has fine legs
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