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Prime Minister in Disguise

why don't liu chengfeng be the king instead? seems like he have the power and intelligence to be the king 😅🤦‍♀️✌

also i'm still waiting for the romance between cheng feng and the king . u relationship? 😩💔
Maisha Tasnim
I miss the old days when it used to update everyday... also I'm having doubts about the progress of their relationship...if it goes on.. they would not even kiss and before we know it will come to an end
maybe bcz they have sth you dont know about.. just like personal or group agenda which is you are not a member. i have the same thought as you general. we are at the same status bcz we are not member of their group maybe
is there going to be more updates? cause this is my favorite and my very first one to read this I like it all from the start to here.😇😇😇😇😇 p.s. when are they going to kiss or something like that??
wen villan
I really don’t understand from where all those thousands of people came every battle there is a number of thousands die already and the next near battle another thousands die and in the end there are still people in the city?!!
I mean those soldiers are from the country and it’s impossible that the country have ability to create man from nothing right?!🌚
ninni reisaeter: Maybe they have superpowers like marvel’s the next thing to come may be ( a really common plot ) he dies but didn’t die. Like healing super power.
Alex The Demon: I just thought of that.
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The shifts between high drama and broad comedy are giving me mood swings. I like it, very unique. There's also a very welcome freedom from BL tropes since these are both strong, capable men. So refreshing! I am curious as to how this turnns out to be BL (regarless of the intentionally obvious foreshadowing of him capturing the emperor's interest. I mean, both of them seem very interested in women, so....yeah. Very curious about the plot development.
Du Gu Xing really is the best, I’m telling u!! 😂😂 🤞🏻🤞🏻 he ends with the emperor’s uncle. They’re such a lovely pair.
onee-sama: thought they ended up together as you read it on MangaToon itself, but you next sentence confused me as you're now hoping. which one is true? 🤣🤣🤣
K£LL$: On MangaToon itself. Lol I’m hoping they DO end up together.
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Oh its the power of love lol ufufufu Im just so happy there were some hints in the beginning but it was so subtle. So i started thinking tht maybe somewhere in the later chapters it would be revealed that LiuZhiFan knew from the very beginning that its was Feng. Anyways, the vibe in this chapter kinda reminds me of MDZ😍
IIX®: INDEED >\\\\<)/
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I know their moments and glances are few but I'm living for it , the way they care abt each other .. even the whole story plots is way too good awwww~
An Dy
hope this crown prince wannabe would be the real villain till the end.

Or maybe there will be some real villain here that his motives will be pure evil and selfishness so he/she can be someone I can fire my hate and anger for every mischief on the story. And also for the sake of my heart for hating someone who has a pure good intentions.
Omg omg!!!!!
His Majesty Waiting for ChengFeng in the rain
It is just so beautiful and breathtaking
I even shouted in joyyyyyyy 😭😭💕
The Art is incredibly beautiful, thank you creator 😭💕

Btw , that old man general Wen , I knew that he was a traitor 😒😑
Atlantic Wayler
the first time when I read I read it I though it's not bl but then I feel like it's actually bl not normal romance so I check... turns out... it's bl... AH SUCH A PITY ITS NOT A NORMAL ROMANCE STORY 😭😭😭
Atlantic Wayler: yeah... I guess.... I'm not aware of it...
dearDREAM: It’s specifically categorised as boy’s love...
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Kin Kan
for the new readers, I just finished what we have of the story, and let me tell something, this is the best story I've ever read, the plot, the characters, and the art that improved a lot is amazing it never gets boring. it is not focused on romance though so not juicy stuff happened yet but I advise you to read it, it's truly amazing
Yokubō: thanks I already loving the start up
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I noticed this because it's under boys love but I came to love this series without the romantic scenes, their concern for each other makes my heart melt already 😍
Liu army is really general Du Gu is. how do they even understand him ? that's their rapport from being together and working together for so long...
Piggy wei and Cabbage lan
I’m here feeling bad for General Deng. 😂

Du Gu Xin is a man with one word. You just have to get use to it.
Kin Kan
this is incredible, I love the plot, the characters, the story, the art... everything! I still care about the BL though but I'm fine with how the story is going, and I can imagine their relationship into a beautiful romantic one
Egyptian Chabine: Totally agree
Egyptian Chabine: Totally agree
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Want some?
Lαυɾҽɳ ➹
omg if they are just gonna update 1 epsode after 2 months why cant they make that episode a bit longer This manga is the only manga i wait 2 months to update 😂
Canisavich Scovace
Just wait until Du Gu Xing and Tian Zhao get together. I wonder if he will be able know his boyfriend or husband's thoughts
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