Prime Minister in Disguise
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Prime Minister in Disguise

Prime Minister in Disguise
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Ophelia Arcana
Everyone wants a piece of the protagonist.
hahaha.. the emperor is rescuing his lover Cheng.. 🤗
i't the opposite of the thing they are thinking. they think that the sister is disgised as his brother, but the brother is disgiseing him self as his sister. so they are spreading wrong rumors 🤣
Hey this comic is just being realistic fact, being in love have to take a long time.. BL is also love story, not always a porn story 😍😍😍
MP_3316: My guy, Bl is love story, yaoi is porn story. BL has a Plot, Yaoi not so much. Don’t go saying BL is sometimes porn cause it’s not😑
~BlackShine~: YES ! ÒwÓ
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YuNiKi Chan
why don't you two just kiss already
Sinful-eyes: The frustration is real
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Ella Corpuz
Im almost dry here!!!!! i need the update 🥺🥺
Anonymous P.
it has been 2 months. an update pls. pretty pls
Kurabu Kishidou
He loves the prime monster to hell and back
Palak Mudgal
They look really great when they laugh together
Ashlee The Princess Gacha gamer
dOnT wOrRy hE wIlL rEmAiN tHe eMpReSs
Palak Mudgal
Please update the comic
I'm going crazy
Palak Mudgal
Aaaaa the emperor arrived to save his empress
good idea, disguise the true man to be a man, hahah🤣😂
Liu chengfeng should’ve switched with his sister again and switch back😂
ArcticWolf: He can't because of all the guards
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Antara Ray
Woh... Its getting complicated with each passing chapters... So many new characters at once..
Ei Phyo
update plz
I can't wait.....
Azamarrah Door
😢😢😢😢 i miss emperor alreadyyyyyyy
Somebody just spilled the tea 🍵
i wish he was a girl nalang.....
Rumaisa Ghazanfar: exactly
San Lang -gege: don't worry beb, Yaoi Gods will find a way. chos! 😂😂
total 4 replies
This is going to get spicyy..
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