The World of Canglan
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The World of Canglan

The World of Canglan
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The World of Canglan Comics Online. One is the immortal of the heaven, while the other is a good-for-nothing cultivator rookie. When playing an online game encounters cultivation, everything is possible.
How could a little rookie climb to the peak of the cultivation world with one step at a time? Cute beast or beautiful man? Celestial or divine abilities? Pills or magic treasures? Even if the Great Way was ruthless and filled with dangers, the cute rookie will still break through the heavens!

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I got a little conclusion and analysis for the future episodes...... -DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO COZ IT MAY CONTAIN SOMETHING THAT CAN SPOIL YOU - When Wan fell in the valley not far from this episode, Yan Moge came out of the assassination mask, after fixing Wan's broken meridians and train her, after a match, he pretends to be angry..... HE MENTIONED A FAMILY! Let's jump to the day that Wan dreamed about Yingzhong, when Gemo visited him for the sake of Wan, he said the word "FAMILY" again, Gemo gave him protection, Sang ran is the one who made the spell to him.... Okay let's move to another scene again, when Gemo and Wan sitting together, when Wan asked him something and it went flashback, as I see in the flashback, Gemo used to have a person who is following him because the guy thinks that Gemo saved him blah blah, when that guy's soul was trapped he went to a place which is full of blue haired and yellow dressed people, he got pissed coz the leader somehow threatenned or blackamailed him so he killed the leader and destroyed the place the others went to an elder at the back of that place as I remember and it seems that they want revenge ....Now let's get to the point, so the evidences I got from my investigation in the events, it shows that.... Sang Ran is from the family that Yan Moge is mentioning, given the blue hair and yellow dress, author gave too many clues that she belongs to them....... There's more but it will be so long.....
xxblack rosexx: I love it
Wendy Cai: Ummm I hate to say this but this story is getting DARK!!!!
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she will be saved by her friend who betrayed her(i wont who it is😜)after she found out she was betrayed she will jump (its a cliff i think,i dont remember😂)then she was dying so her pet will give up its life and give it to her😥😭 then some demonic (animals i think)will try to eat her...but the emperor of heaven along with the green bird will save her but the emperor will lost his memory but even after it even if he doesn't remember who she is he will tell the animals to protect her...then...the most awaited part will happen🤗🤗the male lead will appear and help her get revenge....then after many chapter she will figth with so many will know who that blue hair bit*h is...i only told you what will happen in the next or next,next chapter😂because im reading it in timeless leaf im already reading it advance far from the chapter here in mangatoon...if you wanna read it just type feng qi cang lan capter 100 then if its still not there then click the chapter 100 then find the word next chapter until you find the latest chapter🤗
Spoiler alert .....................................................................................................
In further episodes Sangran will betray our wanwan together with wanwan's one pet which is the girl ghost from the pearl.We will know that there is no Sangran. She is a made up character. Wan will be locked. Senior Baili will be blackmailed. Lin will help wan to escape but sangran will destroy his cultivation. Sangran will kill wan for a tool. Baili will take wan to rescue her but wan will think he betrayed her and will jumpvin a valley. She will be about to die but her ghost pet which can transform will give his soul to her. Then the wenzhui ren the emperor of Langya will use his feather to save her but will suffer memory loss. Her peacock pet will go with him because he wants to cultivate and help wan. She will lose connection with her in game system. She will be left only with her mask. But Gemo will come out of the mask.
Luna The Blue Moon Mage: The author is too hoo......I'm gonna miss the game system
GATCHA LIFE: read it from
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