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The World of Canglan

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One is the immortal of the heaven, while the other is a good-for-nothing cultivator rookie. When playing an online game encounters cultivation, everything is possible.
How could a little rookie climb to the peak of the cultivation world with one step at a time? Cute beast or beautiful man? Celestial or divine abilities? Pills or magic treasures? Even if the Great Way was ruthless and filled with dangers, the cute rookie will still break through the heavens!

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Spoiler alert .....................................................................................................
In further episodes Sangran will betray our wanwan together with wanwan's one pet which is the girl ghost from the pearl.We will know that there is no Sangran. She is a made up character. Wan will be locked. Senior Baili will be blackmailed. Lin will help wan to escape but sangran will destroy his cultivation. Sangran will kill wan for a tool. Baili will take wan to rescue her but wan will think he betrayed her and will jumpvin a valley. She will be about to die but her ghost pet which can transform will give his soul to her. Then the wenzhui ren the emperor of Langya will use his feather to save her but will suffer memory loss. Her peacock pet will go with him because he wants to cultivate and help wan. She will lose connection with her in game system. She will be left only with her mask. But Gemo will come out of the mask.
Charisse Grace Ochia: Is that an app?
Riya: Thunder roots.
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I will admit, the way I got into this story in the first place was because I came to get points. but, I read thu for the first 10 mins.. and kept on reading. I had fallen in love with the storytelling + artwork of this manga. so although I did come here for points, I actually ended up really enjoying the story. however, I find it infuriating when I come across comments that say they're only reading a story for points, because it's incredibly rude and belittling to the author who worked so hard to create these mangas. although I came for points in the first place, I kept it to myself.but I suppose the reason as to why you have an option to gain points from reading other mangas in the first place, is 1. to get points, but also 2. so that you might actually get attached to the story and begin to read another manga. in this case, it happened to me. so I think everybody who reads this manga and others, shouldn't just scroll thru the story, but actually READ it. it's seriously not that hard. I mean you have to stay on the mangas page for 10 minutes anyway, so why not just see what the story is about. it won't hurt anybody. as long as you be respectful to others who actually read and enjoy the story, because by saying you're only there for points is really disrespectful. I hope people see this comment and actually take this advise so that everyone can be more open minded and optimistic. thank you author for this great manga ;)
🐰♡Bubble♡K🐰: Hey!!!
I'm writing two novels on this app.
One is "Hide and seek" and other is "The beauty and the beast." If you are interested give both a try and leave your opinions there, si that i can improve and if you are not interested just ignore me and don't bad mouth me. Have a good day😋❤️
🖤DjFx_Astonisher🖤: The same as I. I got here for points but now I can't wait untill the next upload
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Nom nom OTW nilai 100
the girl with blue hair is very not nice , she is a fake friend , she only want something inside nina body , because of her nina teacher will die , she even tried to kill nina when she didn't need her any more , she will make a fake news that nina is dead and she will be the leader of the medicine camp ( I forgot the name of the place ) , but don't be sad cause nina will be moro student ( I see nina and moro as couple not as a teacher and student) , then nina will be so powerful , and nina will have a sweet revenge to blue haired girl , nina will take a half of moro soul that still in hell ( I forgot the name of the place again ) .
once again sorry
PLEASE FORGIVE ME !!!!!😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Matilda Daniels: aww no problem
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