Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
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Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess

Yoolook Culture
Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
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Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess Comics Online. Susan Shen’s father’s longlife work, Boya company was taken over by her uncle and other conspirators. In one night, Susan and her father lost everything they once owned in this world. To seek for her revenge and recapture the company, Susan sets up Chandler Chin, the president of Chin’s group, and becomes his wife. But, is the overbearing Chandler Chin going to help her with her cause?

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Queen Hinata
Chandler is really egotistic and pride ML.. So annoying.. "You have to beg me"-What kind of dialogue and thought this is!!!!...😣🙄😑😐. If you truely love someone, then please express it with your gentle attitude. But " You have to beg me. You have to confess me.. Blah blah..".. It is nothing but arrogance attitude..Susan is right in her position.. Even if there were any other girl in place of susan, she would do the same..
This arrogance and pride attitude are not only a big crisis in manhua world but also a big problem in this modern world..Most of the people are really egotistic, arrogant and pride nowadays.. I mean why it is like this " You have to beg me.. You have to express while I will do nothing.. If I express, then i will loss my selt esteem. Blah blah blah.." They really seem to forget the differences between arrogance and self esteem....😑😑😑😑😑😑
Queen Hinata: Yes, I have already read it.. You are right.. Chandler's parents love story is better than chandler's love story.. His father is better than him...
Charly Dampulay: well if you read the story of chandlers parents Jim and Tina then you would like it better than this story

(the Comic name is "Trouble with the president"as well the male and female leads are Chandlers parents Jim and Tina)
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“Chandler if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have approached those women to make me sad.” -Susan

She is so right that I had to include what she said in my comment! Love that quote!

Chandler is the one in the wrong in my opinion. He’s been like this towards Susan ever since the beginning of the story.

What you put out there comes right back at you. If you treat her coldly and act like you don’t love her, she will treat you coldly back. What goes around comes around.

He needs to stop using Susan as an ego boost and actually take the initiative to show that he cares about her. It is childish and terrible of him to play with those girl’s feelings just to get back at her. I thought if you loved someone you would want to make them happy, not make them sad or cry. He is selfish and immature, marriage is not a child’s play.
Bruh Bruh: Isn’t this a continuation of trouble with the president? Isn’t chandler their kid? How the hell did they raise someone like that? When are we going to see them, like what happened to them?
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Right? Like how is this Susan’s fault? Why is it only her that has to take the initiative. She’s already confessed her love to him and gave him enough validation about their relationship but when has he given her any in return? He annoys me :(
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Chandler is REALLY starting to piss me off now. I would’ve dumped my boyfriend if I caught him pulling that shit with my ex best friend or anyone that backstabbed me for that matter. He is beyond childish it’s RIDICULOUS , not to mention VERY SELFISH. It’s always about him, never about her or her feelings. He only wants validation from her when he NEVER gave her any sense of security or validation in the first place. Their relationship is a prime example of the saying “what you put out there comes right back at you”. You treat her coldly, she will do so back at you. Remember when he said he didn’t love her? He never freaking learns, does he? Wasn’t her love confession to you enough validation that you needed to boost your ego!? God I’m starting to HATE this guy! The spoilers didn’t help much either. I hope she brings the divorce papers up to put an end to his childish, petty behavior! 🙄
BTS Kookie: ikr! Chandler is really freaking idiot!! he never express his luv nd always blame susan!! like what's her fault?!!! his ego really pisses me of!!
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