Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
Romance / CEO

Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess

Yoolook Culture
Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
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Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess Comics Online. Susan Shen’s father’s longlife work, Boya company was taken over by her uncle and other conspirators. In one night, Susan and her father lost everything they once owned in this world. To seek for her revenge and recapture the company, Susan sets up Chandler Chin, the president of Chin’s group, and becomes his wife. But, is the overbearing Chandler Chin going to help her with her cause?

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They’re both so freaking irritating and annoying! They’re both talking as if she’s some toy that they can take away from each other whenever they want! And I hate how Chandler always points his fingers at Susan all the time whenever a man flirts with her or approaches her. He gets mad and starts treating her like trash whenever a guy even TALKS to her! That’s how petty he is, yet he goes around and messes with other women to make her feel bad all the time! I think he honestly feels joy from seeing her sad all the time, he is always making her miserable and insecure by bringing other women along and not telling her anything even while she trusted him!

And I don’t understand why people are blaming Susan so much saying she hasn’t taken the initiative. LIKE WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE’S THE ONLY ONE TAKING THE INITIATIVE OVER HERE!? HELLO!?

And he humiliates her and treats her like trash even when she tries to communicate with him and trusts him! He’s the one that should be taking the initiative over here and he also OWES HER AN APOLOGY! He’s so disrespectful and selfish all the time! Susan has done more than enough charity work putting up with his behavior!
agel17💕: Can you please update on your other stories!!
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Y’all attacking SUSAN? Nuh uh let me change y’alls mind real quick, Chandler and glasses guy are treating Susan like an OBJECT wtf is wrong with them, they need to get it together and stop acting like children. And don’t even get me started on the child. I literally hate him. He’s cute yeah but he needs to SHUT his mouth. His aunt can find another boyfriend, he has to stop trying these tactics to split Susan and chandler apart. They’re obviously not working and chandler seems to have no interest in the aunt. Terry needs to stop acting like this. Also, if Susan didn’t take glasses man seriously when he confessed she obviously didn’t like him back. He has to give up. Edit: after reading a few comments, I change my mind about Susan. She has to fess up and tell chandler how she really feels and she doesn’t like how they’re acting. They don’t even act like adults. They’re acting like a love triangle highschool movie. So Immature, all of them. Smh
Rendeno Yanthan: very well said!!!!!
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Chandler is honestly so EFFING ANNOYING! I never liked him ever since he started using other women to make her jealous and went on a dinner date with her enemy to humiliate her! He has never respected Susan and always treated her like trash. I don’t understand why Susan keeps taking the initiative to try to fix his hurt little ego every single time when he BARELY shows her any affection in general. She’s done way too much charity work for someone that’s undeserving of it. He is the most insecure, hypocritical, and SELFISH man I’ve read about.

Like it’s perfectly fine for you to mess around with her ex-best friend but when a guy even approaches her, you think she’s automatically hoein around with them?? The HYPOCRISY! He’s actin more like a child than the kid himself! His ego is more important than Susan’s feelings, that’s why he keeps disrespecting and humiliating her.
Rosé - hime: Ikr I an hoping Jim can come back teach him how to treat a lady
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: I KNOW RIGHT!!! I miss season 1, it was way better
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