Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
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Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess

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Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
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Queen Elsa
Chandler is really egotistic and pride ML.. So annoying.. "You have to beg me"-What kind of dialogue and thought this is!!!!...😣🙄😑😐. If you truely love someone, then please express it with your gentle attitude. But " You have to beg me. You have to confess me.. Blah blah..".. It is nothing but arrogance attitude..Susan is right in her position.. Even if there were any other girl in place of susan, she would do the same..
This arrogance and pride attitude are not only a big crisis in manhua world but also a big problem in this modern world..Most of the people are really egotistic, arrogant and pride nowadays.. I mean why it is like this " You have to beg me.. You have to express while I will do nothing.. If I express, then i will loss my selt esteem. Blah blah blah.." They really seem to forget the differences between arrogance and self esteem....😑😑😑😑😑😑
Queen Elsa: I have again checked 164 no. chapter.. Nothing cruel incident happens to him so that he has to show his cold attitude toward susan.. This guy is indeed a cold arrogant person...😑😑. I dislike him...😑😑😑
Queen Elsa: I have already read season 1. The season 1 is the chandler's parents love story..For that reason, I have said, chandler's father is better than him..
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“Chandler if you really loved me, you wouldn’t have approached those women to make me sad.” -Susan

She is so right that I had to include what she said in my comment! Love that quote!

Chandler is the one in the wrong in my opinion. He’s been like this towards Susan ever since the beginning of the story.

What you put out there comes right back at you. If you treat her coldly and act like you don’t love her, she will treat you coldly back. What goes around comes around.

He needs to stop using Susan as an ego boost and actually take the initiative to show that he cares about her. It is childish and terrible of him to play with those girl’s feelings just to get back at her. I thought if you loved someone you would want to make them happy, not make them sad or cry. He is selfish and immature, marriage is not a child’s play.
Bloom Uchiha: you said the right thing
PUTTING DUMB BITCHES IN THEIR PLACE: Susan is more of a man than he is
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Chandler is REALLY starting to piss me off now. I would’ve dumped my boyfriend if I caught him pulling that shit with my ex best friend or anyone that backstabbed me for that matter. He is beyond childish it’s RIDICULOUS , not to mention VERY SELFISH. It’s always about him, never about her or her feelings. He only wants validation from her when he NEVER gave her any sense of security or validation in the first place. Their relationship is a prime example of the saying “what you put out there comes right back at you”. You treat her coldly, she will do so back at you. Remember when he said he didn’t love her? He never freaking learns, does he? Wasn’t her love confession to you enough validation that you needed to boost your ego!? God I’m starting to HATE this guy! The spoilers didn’t help much either. I hope she brings the divorce papers up to put an end to his childish, petty behavior! 🙄
BTS Kookie: ikr! Chandler is really freaking idiot!! he never express his luv nd always blame susan!! like what's her fault?!!! his ego really pisses me of!!
BTS Kookie: u don't have to wash ur hands for 20 mins in every hour......jus half min will do too if u r washing them properly. best advise is to stay at home if Nothin imp work is outside. coronavirus will spread from person to person so we can't help affected ppl much nd most of them r already under isolations. as for doctors im really grateful. take care of urself nd ur health
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Action 😜
I feel bad for the for the uncle of the Gu family. Susan and Mr.Gu could have been friends. He didn't do anything wrong. It's all because of the selfish little brat of the Gu family that made them lose everything, if Chandler decides to do anything to them. All I hoped is if Susan was okay, because that's our girl. The Gu family I don't care about, because of the selfish little brat(just let go of Chandler, because he's already taken). I just hope nothing happens to uncle Mr.Gu, because he didn't do anything wrong and because I want him to be friends with Susan. Since Susan is safe ... Chandler I want you to start going on ... DATES, with her, because she's the one for you!
Action 😜: I read the whole story, but I still think they can be friends🤗
Action 😜: I know he bad things to get Susan away from Chandler, but if you pit that all aside then I think they can be friends
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Am I evil for hoping that Susan does not help that annoying b*tch? I don’t feel ANY sympathy for her at all, she’s so freaking annoying, I highly doubt she’ll even blink an eye if she got the FL r*ped anyway so I don’t think Susan owes her any help at all. She’s just a waste of damn oxygen always projecting herself onto Susan meanwhile she is the real $lut and b!tch over here.

I think this is just karma serving her ass when her evil plan backfired. She shouldn’t have had evil intentions towards Susan to begin with. I mean how many more times does she have to attempt to hurt Susan for her to get the message that chandler does not belong to her?

I don’t even feel sorry for her, all I was thinking was KARMA KARMA KARMA at the last panels :/
Catherine Evangelio: oii1/iin jiiiii8xii in]ffffxi1i/iiiiii]ii]iin]i]i]ii1/1i/jix1iu1xun 1u/j6/i1ii1x81u/ii1xjjx1coolxii]1/n
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Funny how they remove all the nonsense they post as soon as they get called out for their bs 😂
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Chandler went into ladies to search for Susan and Susan told Chandler that she won’t butt into his dates with any other women except Cheng Yan Jin. What will Chandler say?

Click to expand (ep 125 and 126)
Lacy : chandler is gonna regret ... now it's his time to get jealous
SpoilerBean : I have already updated til 130
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Cheng Yan Jin threatened Tang Yin with her past dark secret and so Tang Yin was forced to leave Susan. Charity auction night is coming up.. what will happen next?

Click to expand (ep 130 and 131)
Hina A Horani G: awe you are so busy but still you write the spoiler for us, that's really means a lot to me, thank you spoiler bean 💜💖
SpoilerBean : Not yet as too busy with work today. Will read it when I reach home later
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Writing from the future

Previous episode, Chandler left Susan crying alone in the bathroom. What will happen next? How will their relationship go from here?

Click to expand (ep 127-129)
Hina A Horani G: ok thank you again!!
xXaliciabirthXx: thankyou againn
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until Chandler has successfully saved Susan from Yan Cheng Hao. So, how will Chandler deal with Gu Nan Xun and Gu Xiang Xiang regarding this matter?

Click to expand (ep 109)
SpoilerBean : Lol!! That’s the one! The comments. Don’t forget that my spoilers are written under the comment section. Once you click into any comment, you have to scroll all the way down for the spoilers. Scroll all the way down, then you will see part 1, part 2 and etc
keen bani: each time I click only comment detail is opening
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Writing from the future

Previously, I wrote until both Susan and Chandler will be having dinner at Crystal Restaurant, both with their own dinner partner. So, what will happen next when they see each other there?

Click to expand (ep 123 and 124)
Hina A Horani G: we wish that author don't repeat the circle but we still can't lose you 😥😭
SpoilerBean : Then please ask the author to stop the cycle
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악사 민 💑♥️
I think Susan is not showing him that she loves him if you love someone you should let them instead of rest of the world she is just keeping all her feelings and everything with herself which she should not and Chandler is also not showing that he loves her Chandler too have to let her know that he loves her in many way which he can. and if it's about that he left her alone when she was crying it was her fault too that she shouldn't say that you can date anyone you want but he was giving hi t to her that he loves her so... the problem is in both and I don't think that author is going to have the story so plain without any twist and turn so all this stuff is going to happen only 😐😐😐😐
U know what I'm done, all of this in the first place is Susan 's fault bc apparently she doesn't want to tell him that she is his woman?!? wtf - Okey?She said she loves him then what .I'm disturbed about all of the people who are saying it's his fault but when it will be Susan's ?huh?This game is neither funny or interesting so it just better stop ......I'm not hating I know the author is working a lot on this and I appreciate it but still this is lack of imagination in my opinion ....I'm sorry if it's insulting in any way ,again I'm not hating it's just my opinion.://
mjc: i totally get you.
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its getting boring how both of them is so dishonest. the scenario is always the same its just with different character but its always chandler trying to get her jealous by hooking up with different women and susan trying to be tough and ignore him. the story is good but this scenario is dragging for so many episodes. but honestly I think if chandler pursue the thing with the new b**$# in the story that will be the end of susan's patience with him and she may really go in all out war with chandler.
go to 3 then S then 4 then D then 4 and last 6 : I agree with you
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Did ya see my KOOKIE?!😂
i was actually pretty captivated while reading it in the very starting goven the amazing previous version of this manga. but now just tge same thing reoeats again n again. Chandler says he doesnt like her then waits for her to call him not taking the initiative himself. then he tries to make susan jealous so that she confesses but susan just ignores it and does rather dumb things. then they both meet up and toy around and get into a fight again and get back to being aloof and indifferent again AND THE SAGA CONTINUES....!
im suck of it now
All men out there, take note. Trying to make ur gf/woman jealous just to see if she’s jealous in an attempt to prove her love for you is BS!! It’s hurtful. When u love someone u already know & don’t need proving period. Always remember that the woman can do the exact same thing & you’ll b the one regretting... I don’t like how Chandler left her like that and turn his back on her. He’s showing that jerk-ish side of him and it’s getting on my nerves. He better b goin in back there with champagne 🥂 & food to comfort her. Damn you, Chandler.
candy bow
it's getting really annoying !!! he told her he would treat her nice he would be more respectful ...i don't get it why does he keep trying to play games, he begged her to stay when she got fed up with it and desided to leave before but now he is doing it all over again and she keeps getting hurt and confused by his rollercoaster of emotions one time he is nice and gentle and the other he is a pure piece of sh*t, i hope she leaves his a** for real this time and that will be a slap in his face (i hope she slaps him for real) 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Writing from the future

Merry Christmas everyone!! Chilling out at a cafe in this X’mas eve.. just finished meeting up with a friend and waiting for my mom and bro to join me for dinner. So, here I am decided to sit at a cafe, having a cup of chocolate peppermint and a puff as snack while waiting for time to pass.

Previous writing was until Yan Cheng Hao wanted to do something bad to Xiang Xiang while Susan is witnessing that, hiding inside a closet. So, will Susan save Xiang Xiang despite her asking Cheng Hao to abduct Susan? But before that, let me repost ep 107 in case some of you missed it last week because I posted it quite late.

Click to expand (ep 108 and a repost of 107)

(ep 107 - REPOST)
lucia👄: thank u for your work
Anonymous: Thanks for your work
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I swear if he now goes to date the pink/red hair girl that Susan hates I will beat him off!!! Just say Susan that u love her and that she’s not a toy for u. Chandler always thinks he’s in right but he’s so childish. And for Susan.. just say chandler what bothers u, talk to each other u could be such a perfect match!!! In this Comic there are always Episodes where I think omg don’t fight and than they are so cute in the next episode and it’s perfect and that they both destroy everything again.
White Lotus
those two has high ego and pride... Just that why Susan can't see through Chandler nature and attitude? It is obvious that Chandler love her but like to hide the feeling. can't express his love better except for teasing her in naughty way... hahaha...

chandler please be more honest, and Susan it's time to be brave and claim your man. What divorce? hasn't chandler say that the divorce paper hadn't been submitted to the civil office? I remember chandler said that they are still husband and wife.
Writing from the future

My previous writing was until Chandler again pinned down Susan on bed but what was he going to do this time? Is he going to tell her his real feelings? Or will there be another cycle or drama happen? Let’s find out!

Click to expand (ep 110)
Dizzy: oh I see. then propably I was done reading all of it! 😅😁😅
thanks Spoily! 🥰
#TsundereHunter: Oh! get well soon @SpoilerBean
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