Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
Romance / CEO / Completed / Drama / Tragic / Possessive / Moder
Author Name: Yoolook Culture

Susan Shen’s father’s longlife work, Boya company was taken over by her uncle and other conspirators. In one night, Susan and her father lost everything they once owned in this world. To seek for her revenge and recapture the company, Susan sets up Chandler Chin, the president of Chin’s group, and becomes his wife. But, is the overbearing Chandler Chin going to help her with her cause? MangaToon got authorization from Yoolook Culture to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

Positive Reverse
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 Updated to Chapter 0 
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(Sese & Ivy)(Shawn & Layla)(Ginny & Anna)
The drivers have to always suffer in manga
Twinkle Yadav: yes...........
tagatsu- mu: .........🤭
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Sonali Biswas
this is my last time reading my favourite comics ,because I am going to hostel for preparing for medical entrance examination. wish me luck 🙇and I will get automatic upspree of every comic after 1 year 😉
Yuki Poon: i got the heiress vs young ruffian.
Anyone can borrow me this book to read🥺
𝕷𝖎𝖑𝖞𝕽𝖔𝖘𝖊🖤CutiePie🖤💕: sis or bro good luck for Ur every badluck because it had been 2years
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La luna
Susan EX: Susan
Me: Boy shut the hell up.
I really don't get it with boys, they've broken up with you and when you were asking to not leave you they didn't want u anymore. But once you have someone better and don't need them that's when they wanna be with you and start developing more feeling for you.
Huang bai wai🥀: I don't know why but I hated boys (except my dad and my elder brother) since childhood I have water and fire type relation with them

but still pretending to be good because everyone can't be same and boy's are good also (for friendship) they are best still they are worst😵😵😵
Renzyx 10: I give respect

tho I only had 1 ex but still, i got dumped🤣
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I made my own song:

Joe Joe go away, come another day.
On second thought get your ass out of here and NEVER SHOW YOUR FACE AGAIN!!!

Thank you for listening
Animegirl ♐: Niceeeeeeeeeee
sayali: l like it nice song
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Guys get a room. Poor driver. 😅
XcrystalwolfX: What a poor driver😅THE BOTH OF YOU GO GET A ROOM!!!!!
結愛: ya I do feel bad for driver
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Aysagirl /Jungkookbais
Usually it's the guy that blackmails the girl but it's the girl blackmailing the guy...I think I like it the other way around🤨🙄😑😐😶
Twinkle Yadav: lollll
∆phåñťøm°: thats wht they call bad girl
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Single pringle
girl I feel ya I'm on my period too man it hurts
Animegirl ♐: I just finish my period a month ago
sayali: me too
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what the hell😒?is he blind?now saying to her like this is he her husband?just go away.why do u care?ugh seriously this Joe just want to slap him😤😤.she is our Mr chin girl😎.boy u better keep ur distance or else consequences will be. u can't even think😈.
муѕтєяισυѕ_gυяℓ: well no one knows she is married cause that's a secret between both of them
aռօռʏʍօʊs [left]: I love the way they commented and reached 333 likes but there are not reading anymore
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Acc 02
Wait she has a ds in her pocket? I swear to god if she has Pokémon and she’s not letting me play ima go on my own hunger strike
Cerindiputy: 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Chetna Pandey: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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taetae's gf 😍
Eid Mubarak to all Muslims 🤗🤗
dark😈angel😇: what about sisters
I'm Your Karma~: Aww this comment made my day❤️
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oh boy slowly slowly he is showing cute personality like his father😍😍😍😍.poor Susan shen hang in there be strong my lead.don't let anyone hurt you.Her mother looks pretty I specially love Susan hair colour it looks so good on great art well-done job👏👏👏👏👏👏.
RhiaMae Tiatco: my face be like
XcrystalwolfX: yeah her hair is like chandelier chins mother(tina)
total 11 replies
Chen Liyue
Chandler is really egotistic and pride ML.. So annoying.. "You have to beg me"-What kind of dialogue and thought this is!!!!...😣🙄😑😐. If you truely love someone, then please express it with your gentle attitude. But " You have to beg me. You have to confess me.. Blah blah..".. It is nothing but arrogance attitude..Susan is right in her position.. Even if there were any other girl in place of susan, she would do the same..
This arrogance and pride attitude are not only a big crisis in manhua world but also a big problem in this modern world..Most of the people are really egotistic, arrogant and pride nowadays.. I mean why it is like this " You have to beg me.. You have to express while I will do nothing.. If I express, then i will loss my selt esteem. Blah blah blah.." They really seem to forget the differences between arrogance and self esteem....😑😑😑😑😑😑
AsunaTwi04: you say about Chandler saying it "in his own way" that he loves Susan? Then I can say the same thing for Susan. There have been so many instances in which she has "shown" her love for him, "asked him do you love me" while showing her vulnerability of how much she cares for him. Telling him how he us jealous bc he cares for her and again showing her vulnerability. And all these times all she gets is shut down and mocked with contempt.
Ramisa: I want his dad to smack him and tell him the story how he courted Tina.
total 93 replies
lol it turned out he tricked you. you just happened to step into his sweet trap. well that was fair & square tho. both of you used each other then in love with each other eventually.
✧✿♡kãt♡✿✧: sorry to disturb but can u please read my stories "the miracles" and "only looks kind". and if u have time then please read my other books too. bye and thanks.
iris: yeah right.. 😂😂
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Elegant bitch
I already like this story because it is different from those other mangas because the girls mc is always innocent
Rose_dania✨: yeah absolutely
Angel Gamer Girl Anime💕🥵: ahhahaha you right but this girl is not innocent that what you mean sorry ahhahahaha🤣😂🤣
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Star Horse
Why do they always do this stuff in the car and also the poor driver has to hear this
Ms. Ackerman ✨: oi stop it!!!the poor driver cant focus 😂
Megan#Karma My senpai: feel so bad for the drivers awkward drive
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Abie's Rose
I know that feeling. No one would trust or listen to me, I was so distraught that I ate enough only to get by for a month. Even when I was pale and hollow looking with the firm refusal to talk anymore, no one believed me. So I stopped trying.
Chetna Pandey: this is the reason why I was in depression when I was 13 . but I am alright now . and it's because not only some people it's because everyone including my family and my loved once as well .
Mihika Gangrade: i understand... go through the same... just feel like a piece of trash... i often stay up nights and cry up out.. no one to comfort no one knows... not even parents
total 21 replies
You’re spreading rumors about her? At least you’re spreading something other than your legs.
Chetna Pandey: ahem ........... wait what .... pfffhahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 . oh my what the hell
Dahlia Rosevette 💜: Oh my... So true! hahahaha
total 13 replies
Bruh, I'm pretty sure you could hear her words up on that balcony. It wasn't that far
Tanu Rathore: anyone can hear from that close
Bhavya: Exactly 😂
total 8 replies
mιsz shυυ ツ
no dude , chandler is really serious with her , thats why he make her be his wife.. and more important he always help her when she is in trouble 😘 .. she is in love with chandler too but she just cannot said it because she thinks chandler did not like her.. 😘😘 ..just go away okay ? don't try to take her from chandler 🤗🤗🤗🤗..
Gianna Arboiz: i like toxic relationship 😊
「Semi」: Like he can bang her anywhere the car the bathroom the 7 eleven WHERE EVER SHIT HE WANTS
total 5 replies
mιsz shυυ ツ
wow chandler has becomes a gentleman now .. just like his father after meet his mum 😍😍😍😍 ..omg i really miss both of them 😔😔😔 .. when will she meet her parent's in-law ? 😌😌
Tindochan: Me too 💀 I didn’t get why everyone was talking about his father … now I know hahahaha
smush5: uh I just found out it's the second season we are reading and the first season is trouble with the president
total 17 replies
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