Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
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Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess

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Trouble with the President: Return of the Princess
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Yuki 🌹
i just don't understand why women talk about equality when they can't even take the initiative for their loved ones .. !! why people are saying chandler is man he should take the first step , oh come on ?? he tried so many times but in the end what happened ? did susan ever tried to understand him? all she do sometimes is just overthinking !! 😐 well in the end they both are at fault 😏
Miriam Vl: you keep saying chandler has taken initiative many times but those arent initiative thats just him teasing susan..he hasnt even admitted his feelings but instead find many ways to make her jealous and saying bad things about susan ..So i dont know how you see that as taking initiative ?🤷‍♀
Rhoslaine Asa: When did he try? The last time si remember Susan ask him if he fell in love with her, but he denied it. He always deny it. So who is not taking initiative here? You can’t blame Susan if she thinks that. Coz he always shows it in his actions. Let alone saying that he is a scheming woman. He only started to care so much about her when she got kidnap but that was just for a short while.
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Riddhi Singh
Are u crazy Chandler you want her to beg - what for, this Chandler is getting on my nerves, a person with self respect never begs someone this is seriously too much, I seriously want susan to end up with someone who respects her and shows his love and put aside his ego and author seriously show us that how Chandler will suffer, I seriously want this Chandler to suffer too much and I also wanted Susan to be more cool and stop caring this bastard Chandler.
just say what you feel chandler by the way what dialogue is "beg me" who will beg you to do those things think twice before what you do if you love her just say it no matter what situation it is and don't jump into conclusions without analyzing the situation you can't just tell yourself she doesn't love you and by your actions rather than keeping her nearby you. you are making her stay away from you. think about how you would feel if you were in her shoes
Yasmin Abdelhedi
wtffff ?? why is evryone against chandler ?? iss not only his fault she could have admitted that she was jealous I mean iss normal to feel jealous if ya love someone but noooo her ego forbids her .. lol she doesn't have the right to cry she did that to herself
p.s: I'm not saying that what he has done is right but she still can fix it if she was noraml but I swear to god both of them have some serious problems and they started to get on my nerves c'mon be tog fr
no offense for almost half of year i didn't read this manga and i don't even open this apps anymore because i have to study for my exams. but bruhh and after half of year later I'm here right here right now and it's still didn't finish yet? and they're still complicated about their own feelings bruh imma outta here cuz it's taking so long and became so boring. (sorry english is not my first language)
You are Beautiful❤: Yeah you're right, Those chasing and hiding and not admitting their feelings with each other, its just getting boring, no offense to the author but its just my opinion.
A'z: I also stopped reading this manga because it was boring but I think I should start reading from here because I'm on vacations and don't have any other comic to read sigh !what to do
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yechiliensfriend 😆
then hes a jerk leaving a gurl in the bathroom after forcing and making her naked and go to the bathroom like a fudge? respecttt please not all the womans are toys and they needed to respect it's hurts for the womans but this is just an fanfic so it's okay and BTWWW I LIKE THIS STOREYYYYY LMAOOO I JUST GET MAD AT CHANDLERRR BECUZ HE LEFT HER ALONE CRYING IN THE BATHROOM AND THAT'S SO RUDE :c
Ship ship ship!! *///*
I understand what Susan mean :) even though she jealous, but she don't want to admit it and make an excuse....and also her excuse is reasonable bcz she make it looks like she doesn't want Chandler to be used by her so called "friend" since Chandler helped her to get her father company, boya >~< your so brilliant, Susan!! XD at least you could keep your pride and not make it looks like you chase after Chandler ;) I can't wait to see what's Chandler reaction ~ he must force Susan to do that "thing" with him
🌺Śçärłēt Ìvÿ Røśê🌺(Angel Sect Eldest Elder)
Kyaa~ why can’t you guys just be together peacefully for once in your life? You can’t fight all the time and as for Chandler, he needs to learn that us, girls, are not always brave when it comes to the man we love, also we, girls are shy sometimes too okay? So don’t force her.
As for Susan, even tho I know that you are shy to admit that you like Chandler but you gotta admit one day or else you will regret it one day.

Who’s with me?
Mea Gheera
It depends on the person I care about perspective and feelings. They would be the consideration, not me. However, if I thought they were neutral on both of us, or if they were only slightly into the other person with no serious attachment to my foe, I wouldn't stand idly by. I would pursue them and make my feelings known. I also would make more of an attempt to be indifferent to my foe, and let their bad behavior trip them up. Show them for who they are.
Indri Gunaevy
I HATE HIM!!!!!!





박 릴리
Dear Chandler
First, you say you love susan, but you have a date with a woman who betray Susan. Not only betray her, but also try to destroy her.
Second, After you say you love susan, you do all kind of stuff to make her jealous.
Third, now you say you are "free to date other women"

I have a question for you, Are you a playboy or just an AssHole ?
Frozen : right
Kim Nana: Asshole -_- he acts like a jealous kid 💢
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shirayuki Hanjabam
Boy by doing this you really gonna lose her
why is our manlead so stupid I mean don't you know her personality she's not the kind of person who meddled in someone relationship I know you're doing this just to provoc her so that she'll take the bet and announce you marriage to the media .... But don't you think this is a risky decision your father almost did the same thing no not your father your great grandfather kinda announce the engagement of you father to the public when your mother read of that news she's disappeared from your father side your father went through heven and hell to find her do you want to know the same felling if no...... THEN LEARN TO CHARISH YOUR GIRL

Alisha : yeah correct...
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Joserie Fabroa
As for me... No no and no. Its about time he takes the initiative. He must. Atleast that's what a man must do, but chandelier acts like a stupid teenage boy. Susan needs to feel and see his sincerity. He must make the move not her
J: But you’re talking about initiation, though. I don’t believe Chandler “must” be the one to start it. Susan and Chandler both lack communication and understanding. Chandler initiated the first confrontation over and over again. Susan just needed to admit it, but nope, she went in circles and wanted to “wait” for an answer—which I find it pretty silly.

You are right. Girls need to be doted on and pampered. But you know, I missed my chance precisely because of that mentality back then. That’s why I honestly hate seeing girls thinking it’s a guy’s job to do what a guy should do. Sometimes, it goes both ways. It depends on your personality. The moment you think your gender plays a part, you aren’t treating your partner equally anyways.
I applause your 26years of marriage. He’s certainly a keeper if he could withstand your dos and don’ts.
“Love is not something to beg for. It must be freely given.” Well said. However, Chandler isn’t “begging” for Susan’s love. He just wants her to admit she likes/loves him on a mutual level and not just as a shield or guardian.
Joserie Fabroa: I agree with you dear, but how if the other party,'s methodd would bring about more confusion. Chandelier is in many ways aware of how Susan feels by now but he chooses to push her in the edge just to satisfy his manly ego. He was the one that disturbed their companionship which has started to be better the. He should be the one to take that leap
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I think he is being a dickhead and is actually jeopardizing his relationship and the progress he has made with her so far, not to mention it's childish and it hurts her pride as a woman. Chandler needs to learn from Gu Beichen, cause a BOY makes their woman jealous of other women but a MAN makes other women jealous of his woman.
Korean_noodles: Preach sis👏👏👏👏
Couldn't have said it better myself
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Agree
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this jerk really has a lot of loose screw in his head. he wants susan to beg him over and over again. he's a freaking male chauvanist and a narcissist to boot. their relationship is turning ok, but he had just to mess everything up over and over again. what an immature jerk. can we change the ml please ??? this guy has no future to be a good husband.
iAmEimyahj1: right? I've been telling myself everytime he messed up that he will change and things will be better only to be disappointed everytime. i think the author is playing with me, i was smiling the last few chapters then i ended up so mad. this comic is turning me into a bipolar. lol
Nidhi K: totally agreed
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Summershine c
stop the nonsense both of you love each other and both of you do not accept it!!! pride and ego why dont you both drop it? so both of you will be happy just like your parents chandler. also im so excited to met your parents im also there fan you know. and your twin sister and brother including your youngest brother. how happy family you have. and your uncle and auntie...yiiii😍😍😍
Dear Chandler, when are you going to be true to your own feelings? When are you going to be vocal and at the same time expressive? Youre confusing Susan to extent that she’s feeling so insecure and sad. Geez ! Please grow up ! Be a real man and take full responsibility ! For sure, your Mom is Not happy on How you treat a girl. Kyaaaaaaa
anyway it is Chandler's faultttt
cause he is the one who wanted a divorce second he even don't know what is he doing
other than that he forced her to have bathe and he told nasty things
he even don't know how to flirt with Susan
i feel so stupied
anyway i love Susan
she is brave and smart
and i am soooo gratefulll to her secretary
U stupid a$$, dumb a$$ ceo🥺🥺🥺I don’t like you, no wait I don’t like you but your hurting my feelings 😭😭don’t do that to Susan why can’t you just be honest and tell her you love her 🥺😖don’t hurt her no more cuz their is others that want her but she chooses you so be a man and like my Hispanic mom says to my brother (agárrate los huevos cabron)🥺🤕😣💀💯🥺
Joserie Fabroa: He is so arrogant. That he wants Susan to yield. I mean our fl has already suffered and yielded to him, even embarrassed her self a few. Times for him. And now he still won't stoop down from his pedestal to atleast atleast this time around be the one to yield.
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Paulette Frances Cristi Dacudao
sometimes i wish jim and tina would show up just so they could knock some sense into their son's brain. i sometimes imgaine jim giving chandler advice on how to woo a woman and then he share about how he got tina and then chandler would be embarassed to hear stories about his parents lovlife 😉
Paulette Frances Cristi Dacudao: yes it would. and chandler would be even more embarassed because susan is there listening. 😂
Manga lover: it will be great 😊
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