The New Swordsman
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The New Swordsman

Ranzai Studio
The New Swordsman
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The New Swordsman Comics Online. When ten-year-old O Junxia woke up 100 years later in an ancient tomb, everything's changed, not only the scenery but people's heart. How could a man become a swordsman? How could a swordsman use his sword to protect others from danger and misery? He's too young to know but how young is too young? Would he really know it when he grows up? And what on earth that he should many questions need asking and so many people are waiting for their swordsman to appear!

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Austin Crump
The probable plot is that the MC isn't going to be strong yet. He's going to grow and that's a good thing, needlessly strong characters get boring quickly. As of right now the adults are fighting and he is getting saved like many of the early episodes of Naruto. If I had to guess, there will be an awakening of sorts or he will be trained by Ming, he is simply a rough diamond, yet to be carved to perfection.
DamjanPlayz: I mean I don't want to wait for another 100 episodes until the mc gets strong.
Austin Crump: This is especially likely due to the fact that he slept for 100 years as stated in the overview. Normies can do that lol.
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Huo Yi
I'm not saying this to hate but *ehem* the main char is not doing A SINGLE THING. I mean can't he train with the girl or something, why must he be captured to weakly. Its only the adults doing the fights yet the mc and girl are the face of this manga. Plz correct this (I ❤ this manga) still
Neri: i totally agree
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Lord Touch Me
How long is this flashback. Is it even a flashback can't remember because it has beeeeeeen tooooo long since I've seen the mc
Coco Loco: The flashback ended a few chapters ago
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