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Edlen Grace Lopez
why is the queen of snakes still alive?
yo prince find your brain it seems that you have lost it and also your eyes please wear some glasses or contacts cause you cant see that girl over there is only using you and an impostor...
by tge way nice decision fl dont let him go😉😉
im rooting for you guys😍😍😍 and when you came back please knock some senses to that idiot prince thank you...
Alexandra Lavelle Jim: I cried as well im such a weaklink it was just soo sad but im kinda happy he is there with her omg ☺
BlueBerry: Yeah I knew it for a long time
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cookie _ kai
wow i wish i am smart
can anyone please tell me what the hell is going on 😵😵😵 the story is confusing day by day it's so irritating you know 😢😢
Marwa Lamia
are you stupid or what!?
so not me: The bad thing is even change it to battery.....
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i will be dead in 3011AD lol
Fathimath Evaa: take the robot's head replace it with your head
ꁴꌩꋪꍏꀍ𝚋𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚔&𝚊𝚛𝚖𝚢🖤💗💜: HOW can you put your own brain in a robots body?🤔
just asking🤣🤣
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Moonson my dear child stay alive...
Atiqah Ezzaty: yeah, true 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 let's pray together....
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Just an ordinary person
I want fl to recover, so that monsoon will flirt with fl and ml will be jealous
MANHUA CULTURE😍😘: holy sh*t this is so my thinking😱😱
total 4 replies
Did you really think that she is the only reason for the boost of morale? what the heck do you take the family or people that air force love for? LIKE DUDE she wasn't the only one praying.... you're already pissing me off prince and if you use your status and power just attain green hair girl... you're not suit to be a prince!
nèi hā
if they make it to short I will eventually forget the ml and fl name
Dear lianmei

u r very cruel person and we don't like u
so that means u should not exist in this story
plus u r a crazy women. it is better u die and have fun in hell

thanks but, no thanks

who should I write the next one too?
Flower123🌺: Hey there! Can you please support my chat story "My Midnight Singer"! I hope it'll be to your liking and you'll support it all the way to the end! Thank you and have a wonderful day 😊
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ᴄ ʜ ʀ ᴏ ᴍ ᴇ
that white-haired guy is a guy??? bish, he's prettier than me.
Fathimath Evaa: I know right
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Meidou 🌺
There's alway a Dr Li iin every era.
Btw, Sky in uniform is so handsome...

"don't be alarmed, Eisen city's disappearance is the result of a space time disorder" as if the space time disorders were something normal...

"I'm afraid he would fall in to the conspiracy od Mars instead" Monsoon I missed you so much. . So, even you wanna get a trip in past?

It seems the translator has changed. Now Monsoon is Yin. Please, at least keep the coherence.
Cursed princess: Go and read "SHE WAS DIFFERENT", a story of a female CEO. I need your support guys❤
Ӿ ₴₮ØⱤ₥ Ӿ: I know that in the end sky and fl get married...and the real dr. Li saves the day and exposes his other forms
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taena sinayang ko pa talaga oras ko kung ganyan lang pala ugali ng tanginang lalaking toh pasalamat ka itutuloy ko to kong hindi ko lang sinayang oras ko, gago lokoloko mamatay ka na lang talaga pag ako naiyak dahil sayo sinayang ko pa talaga oras ko akin na nga lang si bbi girl 😒
Food is logical
Am I the only one who was literally smiling like a psychopath when she got shot? I perhaps also took a few screenshots. I just want to shoot her and rip of that skin on her face so badly!
.Hikaru.: We all did, but the worst was when she framed yaoyao 😔
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why do I feel the ml is jealous
Fathimath Evaa: same bro
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Dindin Minh
probably Dr. Li knows Lianmei is upto no good
she is so fake🙄that bish is making fl life become terrible
I wish I can be like her in among us when I am the imposter. I always get caught.
i cheated on kamen wi hagemaru: welp tryna make them a fool of themselves that's quiet easy vesy babe
Choco chip Cookies: When I am the Imposter I can actually trick people
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Food is logical
Lianmei this, Lianmei that.
Wtf?! Fl literally risked her life for war and here they are saying that her “prayer” worked.
.Hikaru.: I hate this exaggeration they’re making, she’s not some god, get it you idiots
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