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The Belandria Tarot

Alexander McGilvery
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Not all devils come from Hell.
Marriette wants to escape her father, accepting an arranged marriage to a cripple, never expecting to find someone she could love.
Zeb is trapped in a weak human body forced to do the will of the mage who summoned him. The cost of his defiance is pain and destruction to all around him.
She sets out to change the Kingdom. If the mage gets his way, Zeb will destroy it. 

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Reading novels can be really tough at first. I started reading when I was about 11 and remember having a thesaurus or dictionary at hand every time. It would take me a long time to read a book because I kept having to stop and look stuff up. Books had to be really good or I'd lose interest easily. After so long I'd know most words or be able to use context clues to figure them out in no time. Now I can read a 400 page chapter book in less than 5 or 6 hours. Reading is very rewarding and it has taught me so many important life lessons and given me grammar skills that classmates envied in hs. Basically the moral of my story is that reading isn't for everyone but I wouldn't discard it as boring, pointless or impossible either. If you stick to it and find the right books then even you could become a reader as well. Good luck!
-a proud book nerd
Tiwi safitry: di luar sih che
lyssa.dawn: Haha thank you! That's actually pretty funny since I was a student teacher for a while in college 😜
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honestly I'm liking the story so far :DD

personally, I'd change a few things but I'm really liking the storyline

I hope I can make it to the end and read some more of the author's stories

I love the sophistication and the overall tone

the tone and language gives it a unique vibe overall

to those who don't really understand, try and care enough to look up what things mean because the more words you know the higher up you can climb when it comes to reading books that have different vocabulary words

my suggestion: try and research what things mean before giving up

and to the author: keep it up!!! I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories and don't be discouraged!!!!!
Best Wishes
Hy I am here for points, but that doesn't mean that I don't like the story, keep it up dude. I am also can write and I am a writer though. but I write poetries. even I don't publish them. so I solute the author for at atleast he/she dare to do that. sooooo please, if you are here for points writer a thamkyou to auther tooo.
Best Wishes: Hello, you are right, I don't know too much English. but it is enough for me to read. I am a college student. about the poetries, yeah! I am write them in an other language.
Best Wishes: Greg luck, thanks for you advise, bro. But I think its better to keep your precious words for you self.
If you can't say something good then please "for God's sake" don't say something bad too.
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