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The Journey

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The story about a special service agency that deals with people’s previous lives. Whoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will reap generously. No one knows. In this line of trade of ours, we offer you a chance to return back to your past life. discover the origin of your troubles,seek redemption, and reshape the course of your current life. For such a service, we do not ask for money. Instead we desire. a single drop of your tear.

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Kurenai Mamiya
This Vampire will truly Love our heroine ❤
But they can't be together as the time and space will not allow it 💔
Also The heroines will not only be kissed by the vampire, she will be also kissed by the Rameses II in her next mission ❤ But unfortunately he wii die soon 💔 For which she will be greatly devastated 💔
And won't want to go to her next mission. So Fei Niao will go in her place but it will be a great mistake as in this mission, the lead will be the past reincarnation of Fri Niao 💔 And Fei Niao will be in love with this lead sister, who exactly looks like The Heroine 💔 And it will cost Fei Niao heavily 💔 So to save Fei Niao , the Heroine will go there and will try to save Fei Niao. But She won't be able to save Fei Niao and Fei Niao will go in Coma. And in this arc, the Vampire and the Heroine will meet again as The heroine will be in danger and she will remember the vampire in her unconscious mind and will call for her. And then the vampire will appear and she will be saved. But soon the vampire and the heroine have to separate their parts 💔 But the vampire promise her that, he will definitely meet with her in the present world ❤
But Fei Niao is still unconscious and to save him , the heroine and her master will have to go to the underworld, but for this, the bottle of tears will have to be filled first. So to save Fei Niao the heroine will go on a mission again and this time she's again in Japan in the Heian period and there she met with the Bishonen Abe no Seimei 😍❤💘
Anonymous: why do you assholes have to post spoilers above the fold?
Anonymous: that website is not free the said that I've buy it..could you please tell me again the website name?
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When Xiao Yin and Thanatos are in the garden there would be vampire hubters that would try to kill Thanatos but they will not succeed becaus Xiao Yin will help Thanatos.

Then in more chapters to come Fei Niao will come to save Xiao Yin then Fei Niao will fight Thanatos then Xiao Yin will beg for Fei Niao not to kill Thanatos then Fei Niao will not Thanatos

But Thanatos refused then Xiao Yin will tell Thanatos that she cane from thousands of year in the future then she will explain why she can't stay then ................

If you want more spoils I am willing to tell you just reply to my comment And I will gladly help you
Ana Wana: I want more
Otaku6275: Where did u get these spoilers from??? Please tell me.
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Hey guys im back!


So this time the vampire will kiss her and she's imaginings she will be bitten by the vampire😍soon after that she will run cause she cant use her powers because thers a boundary so she can't do something😏the good news blondy will come and the vampire will notice it and will leave after the blondy show up and after a little talk the blondy will notice the blood on her dress he pull her as quick as possible to not notice someone else then the blondy will say is "Take off your clothes"😆🤩😍ok of course she will freak out so after blondy explained she will take off her clothes and when there talking blondy turns around and saw somthing 🤐😮😯well probably she will be angry then after that the blondy said to her that "your the first one who leave that place alive" said the blomdy and then she said "im not the first one your highness i think you know something" sorry if i got the sentence wrong but its similar to that😁☺ then after another day thats the day she"s going to rescue the maids yes she rescue them of course but the one she's supposed to rescue was caught by the vampire he said come to my castle yes of course she comes then...... tomorrow ok😎

and i give a bonus the vampire will kiss her 3.4 or 5 times😚
Kurenai Mamiya: Yup Mi-chan 😅
Mi_chan: kurenai thats right but kurenai are you a girl?
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