The Journey
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The Journey

The Journey
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The Journey Comics Online. The story about a special service agency that deals with people’s previous lives. Whoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will reap generously. No one knows. In this line of trade of ours, we offer you a chance to return back to your past life. discover the origin of your troubles,seek redemption, and reshape the course of your current life. For such a service, we do not ask for money. Instead we desire. a single drop of your tear.

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It’s just a dream . The Male lead is her master. The every journey she takes includes her masters recarnation. Her master loves her.
mzz lexibelle: oww God I'm losing my patience please tell me where you guys read them
werewolf_lover-29: where did u read the further chapters? we're they in English or raw?
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There are two types of time-travelling to the past:
1) The one that it's already predicted and the future is due to you already going to the past, thus you cannot actually change the future by changing the past. (it's hard to understand and scary, thinking that the universe already took you future actions into calculation and shaped the past to accomodate your actions...)
2) And the second one when even your presence can change the future. When she saved Dora (I think), in the mission with the vampire, she probably brought other people into the present..., 'deleting' others' existence. As the girls lived, their actions influence the future.
Its my third time reading this manga. And the more I repeat the same plots, I realize its not actually yins fault. Who can stay indifferent with those guys? Specially Thanatos and Ramses... unless one is totally heartless, I don't think anyone could withstand them like nothing happened. I don't know who is the person she'll get the permission to love, but I hope that at least this manga stop breaking the heart of readers soon. there is still one more plot at Arab, I don't know if there someone will again fall for her....
🇮🇳Pahi🇯🇵 💘NSA💘: I read it in Instagram. U can search Kuma_Manhua.
werewolf_lover-29: where have u read it? pls tell the web site name and is it in English?
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