The Journey
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The Journey

The Journey
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The Journey Comics Online. The story about a special service agency that deals with people’s previous lives. Whoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will reap generously. No one knows. In this line of trade of ours, we offer you a chance to return back to your past life. discover the origin of your troubles,seek redemption, and reshape the course of your current life. For such a service, we do not ask for money. Instead we desire. a single drop of your tear.

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Winter Bree
some are saying that yin 'keep falling in love' in her every mission. well, personally, i think the only ml who'm yin has fallen to was thanatos. she did not actually fall for the emperor, xiao zheng, she was just a bit sad that she has to leave him (since it was also her first mission), and the second one which was souji. souji was merely like a 'bestfriend' and a 'brother' to him, which she mentioned on the previous chapters. but, i think souji likes her in a romantic way though. the third one, thanatos is where she already fell. but if i were to be asked, the most memorable one for me is souji. it was just so painful that my heart still aches up until now. i wonder if souji will meet souji's reincarnation in the present. i really do hope.
DO YOU KNOW Lin Dong hes my man: I agree
DO YOU KNOW Lin Dong hes my man: I agree
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Michele Shaw
1) Egypt mission has my fav ML so far (I’ve only read thru 6 missions so far though). He is BY FAR the hottest one! 😍(And that’s saying a lot because they are all gorgeous characters).
2) In her previous life, she looks like a goddess of some sort. It makes sense then that this is a punishment, most likely for breaking Heavenly Law or something like that. ***Spoiler*** I know they mention that they eventually need to go to the Underworld. Although it’s probably not the case, I’d love it if her Master and her were reincarnations of Hades and Persephone <—(I’m thinking of the correct goddess, right? I can’t remember now. 🤷🏼‍♀️)
I’m really enjoying rereading this! 👍
Kurenai Mamiya: I've read it in the chinese raw of mangatoon
Kurenai Mamiya: Since Yin doesn't wanna be a vampire, I hope there is a way to make Thanthanos Human again! Then he'll be able to Stay with Yin 24 hours and will be able to enjoy the sun!
It will be so good for them if it really happens!
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Angel Christ
To be honest .. every time she finish her mission .. i'll cried .. it hurt .. when every time she's on the mission .. someone will fallen love to her ... then she have to leave the era .. and Ye Yin also have a some feeling .. fallen on them .. i don't know what a BIG SIN she do in her past life .. but seriously .. it hurt deeply .. u can't be together with someone u love .. and Fei Nan past life also sad .. sigh* i'll waiting for her next journey .. hope this manga got good ending .. for now i just finish read it till EP 142 in others apps .. author .. i love ur story line so much .. but .. u are the sadist AUTHOR ever i know .. because u always make me cried . THE FAITH is cruel ended .. FAITH and CARMA humans are the one make it CRUEL ...
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