Money-To-Burn System
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Money-To-Burn System

Money-To-Burn System
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Money-To-Burn System Comics Online. Everyone dreams of having money to burn, but what if... the money must be burnt before a deadline?
System Alert: Please spend 70 million in time. Should you fail this mission, you will have to bid farewell to your *beep*...

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hello guys please read my chat story little bunny will be yours and support my story by like the chapter and subscribe it and don't forget to comment
sakusha: ok sorry, if you don't understand . ☺ and I'm just asking you guys to read my chat story.
Dank Kush: your typo is just another level madam, I don't even know what are you trying imply
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Immortal God king
I already know the MC one because if the MC does not win he is not the MC everyone knows the MC is going to win so why do we even read this comics we already know the answer God what are we doing why are we here.
G•Ø•DWrãth: i am here just for the comedy stuff
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Lonely Goblin
Next ep. please choose your own answer...

a. No, im just kidding

b. Yes, i love you nii nii~

c. I rather marry gordon ramsay
The Fool's World: What a cute,lovely goblin you are hehehehe😈😈 hehehehe(echoes) (goes back in the dark shadows)
Lonely Goblin: Im just a lowly mere goblin but we goblins are civilized than those who kidnap women and breed are uncivilized.
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