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DIVA ( Angel sect new elder 🌈)
In next few episodes they will go to try some wedding dresses and in ep 342 they will get marred an some special person will return 😜✌🏻️
BTS- ARMY is everywhere😆onion hey say yo🤧: Awww I'm so happy to hear this good news -spoiler-*sigh*
Meerab Farooq: Not sure just an assumption
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Oo well everyone is saying that author have to stop now and put some romance ep and then happy ending cOol but what about Robert wait till all characters have there own lovers it will be then a happy ending .💕 thanks but I feel like happy ending is not in which just main characters gets their love 🐣
👑S E R E N I T Y👑

do you remember when the assistant of york told him that they will be a girl auctioned york will buy her ONLY because he wants to know the whereabouts of ryan the former leader of night owl but molly doesn't know so she would misunderstand york that york like the girl (who is auctioned😂😂😂
Midnight Crystals: SHUT UP
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Wow she looks stunning in the last panel! Love this comic so much! Yoolook culture does have some of the most beautiful consistent artworks in their comics!
👑S E R E N I T Y👑

molly will also be there on the cruise BUT with Christina and somehow that thomas harden will also be there they would meet and thomas will let molly go with him in the auction and something bad will happen to york and molly i won't tell anymore i pity the other readers who will read😂😅
you're cancelled: If you actually pity us then stfu
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I understand robert but please dont ruin our ship..I know how hard it is to move on that's why you left the country but dont do something than can bring some misunderstanding 😓
Kathleen Sacluti: yes! let him find someone else asap!!! huhuhu
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All of them are gonna be related once married

York and Molly= couple
Ace and Queen=Couple
Sheenhan and Christianna=Couple
Molly and Christianna=Cousins.
Sheenhan becomes Mollys cousin through Christianna
York and Ace= brother in law. York also is related to Lizzy (Queen)
Molly and Queen= Sister in law
Christianna and Sheenhan become related to York and Lizzy through the marriages
Shielamae Bautista: you forgot someone..
Ace and queen(elizabeth)=couple
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I think Sheryl will lose her life and maybe molly will feel sorry toward york because of her brother didn't treat Sheryl well. and they will grow apart. just my opinion because thats always happens in comic 😂
JABSV: Ya that's true though
BTS- ARMY is everywhere😆onion hey say yo🤧: No she still alive
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👑S E R E N I T Y👑

the 6 families:

1. Elizabeth Agulera
2. Ace Wood
3.Molly Tang
4.York Ling
5. Sheehan bei
and last but not the least is very shocking
6. Robert Huangfu
i know it sounds unreal but sadly yes its true the last comes from robert's family a.k.a. thomas harden
Shekinah Tantiado: i knew that
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Did I travel back to 18th century or what?! Why do i see everyone whining bcz he turned out to be a gay? What's so wrong with gays...
❤️: Exactly!
Vegeta'sChick♥️7♥️A♥️Q♥️2♥️I♥️U♥️: Hate speech should not be tolerated towards no one, specially for being who they are, every single human being deserves respect that's is called tolerance.
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sangsok park
Time to spill the tea sis😊🍵

As you guys all know, probably, molly and york like eachother (obviously😁) and Whitney is trying to break thrm apart😒😣. But here comes the real tea spilling😔😆, everyone in the comments say that they want whitney to die and stuff like that🔪, but if that happens whitney is probably going to blame it all on molly😣😒😖 and then whitney will be like, "it's all my fault please don't hurt molly😒" to york. And I know that maybe york wont believe whitney, but if he does, oh honey you messed up😳. And if molly hits whitney then being the b*tch😶 she is she's going to tell york and york will be confused and all sorts of BAD emotions😨😱. Well sorry to tell you this, but all the tae is gone and there is no more shooky and tae to spill so bye

Now please don't take this too personally, I just think this is going to happen because if you watch enough kdramas and romance comics it's just WAY too obvious😊
sunflower texas: didn't all that already happen tho?
kristin: it is to long. . .
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Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
Did anyone one see robert when molly said that she followed him home.
York noticed that he was there too.
fuq fuq fuq, im not into gay shit but fuqing hell, for some reason i dont want robert to feel like that. afterall, he may be biologically a man but he is a maiden inside. Y AM IN THINKING LIKE THIS?!!SEND HALP!
Betelgeuse 👻: Well,,anything can happen in Manga world😂
ymerej-kun: @Betelgeuse

thats kinda a lil bit too impossible, if that even make sense, but thats exactly what it is. im a guy, but i came from a country where i sometimes see guys but maidens inside, and once they change their heart to a maiden's, it would stay like that for almost forever. so basically they wont fall to pure maidens ( girls ), they would fall to guys. so basically, introducing another guy to robert is the only thing i can think of, but theres also some saying that when a guy/girl has fallen to someone, that person will be the one and only, and nothing will change that, unless something really depressed or unusual happened between them.
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Jungkook oppa!
I guess everyone forgot Robert is a girl
😂No one cares 😂🤫😢: No I didn't 😐☹️
Maricris Diosay Arenas: Robert is not a guRrrrl!
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Nalu Shipper
Didn't think I'd be saying this but The author should probably stop the series now, the conflicts have been cleared, just a little more romance and it should be the end.
A sweet and happy ending is what we want.
Animegirl005: agreed it has gone way away from original story with conflict after conflict and decreasing amounts of romance. Time for a happy ending. (And maybe more baby panda 🐼)
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YES FINALLY they’re getting married!! I hope nothing goes bad and runs smoothly for them both! Finally some marriage talk after 300 chapters!
Well York and Molly will return to her parents house and they arrange a wedding for them at the wedding when Molly throws 💐 a special guest catches it.
Aimen Khalid: Thank you so much for the spoilers ! 😄💕
Aimen Khalid: OMG YAYYYYY
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I hope Robert get his future boy/girl from his ART INSTITUTE sOon THEY FALL IN LOVE Bcuz I don’t need no more conflicts about YORK AND MOLLY relationship
Lin lu lu
I can feel that he's guilty that he couldn't give her enough time and now that he witnessed such a dangerous accident of her beloved he realises her importance and could prioritize once again. Sometimes it is important for us, to experience the bad so that we treasure the good
Not much time for each other?? I hope everything is fine tho.Can't wait to see lil panda.I don't think York and Molly will ever be this way.Molly is too energetic and York too is a romancist who'll forever keep loving his wife.
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