The Wonderful Colors of the Lipsticks

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Girls love lipsticks for their various and beautiful colors. In this comic, girls pursue their happiness, their love, their career by their hardworking, insistence and independence. And the colors of the lipsticks make their lives more colorful.

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Jane Cords
lmao people are hating on haili so much but the thing is, shes right. theres no point in having a husband or boyfriend who will act like a woman or broke in this economy because one day theyll be discarded for someone else whos tried to be their feminine selves. its wrong that she cant find the time to budget and save but its not wrong to have rich boyfriends provide for you in the way you want. she said theres no difference between whatever the date thing is and prostitution but if you have sex in a normal relationship or whuteva isnt it the same. when girls have sex its not always benefitting them its more the guys so why cant girls want what they want from the guys
Pika- Ra
Just because your bf don't want to buy a perfume, you broke up with him and only becauseba guy you completely don't know give you a bottle of perfume of Channel you just go with him? I don't understand you, if you want perfume, then buy it yourself 😒 It' like if your bf breaks with you just because you didn't buy him some Kalvin Clein underpants, please, be a little bit more independent 😒😡
Pika- Ra
If she wants, she can abort, is her decision, I won't interfere, but, before aborting don't think only about YOU, you are killing someone who is inside you, yes, it's unworthy but think before don't putting precautions, now is your responsibility, you can abort or not but you don't have to talk like this to your boyfriend, if he was the only guilty
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