The Wonderful Colors of the Lipsticks

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Girls love lipsticks for their various and beautiful colors. In this comic, girls pursue their happiness, their love, their career by their hardworking, insistence and independence. And the colors of the lipsticks make their lives more colorful.

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The one that knows
Ok so my answers would be
1. Seaside 3. Tripping on dog poop
2. 10 years of life 4. Dogs
1. I love the sea
2. 1 million will finish quickly so if I get 10 more years I will get more money
3. I don’t feel like going to the hospital and breaking my cheek
4. I’m allergic to cat fur, and I don’t like cats without fur, but I still love ‘em (the cats with fur)
And dang that guy that got nearly the same answers is cute!
Faiza Ajmal: well i am single too
The one that knows : 😂😂😂 I’m glad I’m not the only one!
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Tae with Suga and Kookies
I hope they will end up together T^T y‘all probably say that they will come together for sure but should I remind you of some chapters where a girl made herself pretty so that her boyfriend likes her? Ok so her boyfriend send some pictures of her body to his friends blablabla and we all thought that she will end up with that other guy.
Faiza Ajmal
i am also waiting for the one .
Hope when he comes,he gives me love and we should match.
Like life is not easy ......💄
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