The Wonderful Colors of the Lipsticks

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Girls love lipsticks for their various and beautiful colors. In this comic, girls pursue their happiness, their love, their career by their hardworking, insistence and independence. And the colors of the lipsticks make their lives more colorful.

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Hottest Comments
Moon river
You want your perfume girl? Be independent, buy it yourself, vixen woman!
Shrutika Bhandari: yep now she is acting mean.....😕😅
Otaku4Life: 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂
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vitamin D
what is wrong with her "friend"
how can that be considered NOT materialistic but independent?? I really hope our mc steps up more for herself and to help her friend not be a good digger. if she herself doesn't have money to spend on others, why should her boyfriend do it for her??
really.. who taught her to be like this
vitamin D: I wouldn't say that lady is the first part, because she already was like that. it definitely reinforced her attitude though
Little cheddar : The lady that they went to in the first part of this
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LenaXxX Unknown
What the heck! She works so hard and doesn't even have that much money and her friend just asks her like that... I just can't understand that. Why doesn't she just go work like her too but finds boyfriends who buys her things. I mean... A lipstick for 500$??? U kidding?
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