The Wonderful Colors of the Lipsticks

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Girls love lipsticks for their various and beautiful colors. In this comic, girls pursue their happiness, their love, their career by their hardworking, insistence and independence. And the colors of the lipsticks make their lives more colorful.

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It seemed that majority of the readers here are still young if they can't understand the seriousness of the situation or fail to see why she reacts like that. Raising a child is very costly. She is currently working hard to earn enough money to support the two of them, since her bf's salary is quite low due to his unstable job. Having a child will be a great burden right now due to their current situation. Unless they can find a way to solve this problem, I'm afraid that their relationship might break apart and it would not be a good idea to raise their child in that kind of situation. It makes me wonder if they didn't use protective measure before, or they are faulty. I don't like this kind of story since younger readers are usually not mature enough to handle story like this.
CuriousKat: Pregnancies can happen even with getting your tubes tied, nothing, but a hysterectomy is 100% full proof. Most doctors won’t even grant one without you having a child or two first, or being over a certain age. Even with that they are still very much hesitant. This varies country to country, but that’s how it is in the states. Cost is another thing, that surgery is not cheap and it induced early menopause. So not only is having a child quite expensive, but so is preventing one.
Lettucebag: Its the parents fault for having intercourse with out protection. Why are they punishing a child that doesn’t know any better by killing them? Abortion isn’t right no matter the trimester the mother is in.
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Sorry to disappoint you guys, but there are men who are into older women. Sure there are some men who are after their money, but others just happened to like older women for various reasons. And she has every damn right to wear whatever kind of clothes that she wants to wear. None of your business really 😒. Who are you guys to tell her what kind of clothes to wear, and what kind of story to write?
Amiksha: It was mentioned earlier 😅😅😅😅😅😅sorry for your heart😣😣😣😣
Imai Mamoru: @Amiksha Is it the truth? Ah... I have such a broken heart...
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Habiba Hossam
If he asked to marry her and move there together she has the reason to accept moving out of Beijing because she would do that with her husband
But he didn’t even propose and moreover he told her that he didn’t have a plan including marriage
So she made the right choice by breaking up with him
Because who knows if she went to his hometown he’d still stay as her boyfriend and not break up with her
Literally the only manhua that relates to real life incidents
Hats off to the author of this manhua
Jess Knopp: thanks for the update! I will be back in a bit to get back to you on that one is the best one is a bit of a drive but will be back in town on the trip to then the one t mechanic to you on the phone with me me know run to you in person family for a few days but I have a great day at work babe I love you
Maddery: Well-said Habiba 👏 If my bf did not include me in his plan then there is no point staying with him. There are other better men out there.
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