The Wonderful Colors of the Lipsticks

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It's good that she tells her opinion ~ Now karma is striking back so be prepared materialistic girl !! 😞 Learn your lesson and be better with money ! U don't need a sugar daddy if u can work for yourself ! Don't trust those men and depend on them ! What's the difference between a bird in a cage then? Be wise and choose your own path ! 🙄😁
Just be yourself ! No need to change for anyone ! 😉 With your personality and looks your Prince charming will fly to u soon anyway ! 😁 Be & love yourself ! 🙄 Don't let yourself be dragged down for some guys ! 😉😁
hello people
i dont like this girl. she is influencing her awesome friend in a bad way, and using her and other guys for money, and then going around talking about how independent she is....

but I do sort of understand why the other girl is still with her, because it is hard to spot these bad things in a good friend you have had for a long time.....

(sorry that this comment is so long...)
Magical Hand
She doesn't has enough will to find a new lover so... I think it is better if she just focus on herself first and then find love after she really desperate
I understand her friend wants to enjoy her life but she is ... well a little materialistic. Our girl just cares about her future and her friends bad habit... 😞
Magical Hand: She's 100% materialistic
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yeah! be positive be happy you'll definitely find someone stop being afraid from the past experience embrace it and look up to the upcoming opportunities
vitamin D
what is wrong with her "friend"
how can that be considered NOT materialistic but independent?? I really hope our mc steps up more for herself and to help her friend not be a good digger. if she herself doesn't have money to spend on others, why should her boyfriend do it for her??
really.. who taught her to be like this
vitamin D: I wouldn't say that lady is the first part, because she already was like that. it definitely reinforced her attitude though
Little cheddar : The lady that they went to in the first part of this
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Friendship is beautiful
Eva Simon
at first I was kinda irritated by that girl but then I understood that it was not her fault at all.
Bet her best friend is going to be with her boyfriend later because of her “lipstick”
Midche Saint-sulne
Instead of throwing everything away I would re sell them smh🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Welp🤷‍♀️: Ohhh!!! That's what you were referring to!!!😅😅 In that case yes, very much yes. But I guess for the whole turning over a new leaf is let go of inanimate objects and to focus on the real things in life - like friends and family. But if it was me I'd agree with you and sell it🤷‍♀️
Midche Saint-sulne: She’s not only throwing away makeup but expensive bags and clothing which she could sell
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what a beautiful story about friendship...💑💑💑
Hobihopes Rubal
this actually made me feel so tried her best to stop her...can't she use her left 1 brain cell for a minute to listen and understand what her friend was saying??😑😑...too much of self obsession
Ritu Akoijam
Seriously.... Are we suppose to connect the small2 stories or not!?? Still reading but literally can't make up my mind
I think everyone should be independent in terms of income both male and female then one can be considered truely independent . And if you marry a man for money then you can never be happy and it is not based on love but money and money has a bad reputation of ruining relationships scince a long time
I like that friends new attitude towards her NEW life ~ Fighting girls ! 😉😁
LenaXxX Unknown
What the heck! She works so hard and doesn't even have that much money and her friend just asks her like that... I just can't understand that. Why doesn't she just go work like her too but finds boyfriends who buys her things. I mean... A lipstick for 500$??? U kidding?
*screenshots the moment he hug her
Okay I’m done😍
Angel Siya
i think the stories main focus is going to be on the spoiled girl. when her bestfriend will leave her for being shellfish and then her showing her suffering. But I'm not sure it's only possible I'm not sure about it going to happen or not only the author knows. wait for the next part post soon.......
how I wish.. this story have more episodes that the two of them destined to be together ☺️☺️☺️😢🤧
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