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Moonlight Goddess

We just have to first really appreciate the handsomeness of this guy his totally beautiful. I just have this thing with guys who have long hair but only in shows or comics, real life once are disgusting with the long hair.
Petra: Totally!!!
lemurloki: Petra, anime boys don't ever smell bad, don't eat your snacks and don't cause trouble at school. All strong points in their favor.
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Akarine Chan
haha😂😂😂he hold onto his master.he gave an serious expression when she said him I don't like dirty things following me his expression turning into sad one I was also becoming sad but suddenly it became funny.he sure love his master😘.
Well, we have to remember that in ancient times, where he is from, certain diseases could kill you with a fever in less than a day, others in only a few days. He doesn't yet know about modern medicines. Still, that look...
OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO OH NO...I read all the chapters in one sitting. Now I have no more. Just like those lemon cookies, I really meant to save some. Sigh. Whimper. Sigh.
Akarine Chan
his face when he was trying to stop her from cutting hair😀😀.I want to know why her eyes covered in her previous life.I think soon it will come out.I will be waiting.
Dearest author ...... I love did story soooooo much and I might as well tell u I love u for writing did lovely story ... but pls don't take long tu update more....
Hagahahaha lmao😂😂😂 she just noticed the cat talking after like 30 sec of the cat explaining its torture from the hottie god
Every time she reaches out to him and lets him help her, it is good for her. She has a deeply wounded soul and needs caring interaction desperately.
Marshmallow Creamy
*crossing my legs on my bed and sipping tea*
Go on, keep talking about this master thing im listening 😏
Bahsan Ahmed: same lol
WickedWillows13: Haha. What’s funny is when I read your comment i was on my 9th cup of tea. Yeah I’m never going to sleep.
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• т н α ι т є α •
DUUUDE CHILL ITS JUST A FEVER well if it’s a rlly bad fever that’s something to wort about :p
why: It must be ammonia
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Sianiviyanti Yochebeth
but he is bound to death since its only his soul.. in the first chapter his friend said so.. 😭
I'm so glad she's not cutting it. All those other comics cut hair. I'll just hope in future it will be the same..
Awh the kitty is just so adorable!! 😆😍
It’s only chapter 4 and I’m already loving this!
Annie Burton
how tf does a spirit from savage ages know how to cook ....*thinks they didn't have stoves,microwaves,or sinks so how*
only one nice small nice ward THAT'S IT YOU STUPID !!!!!! IS IT SO HARD TO SAY IT'S NICE OR GOOD🤬🤬🤬
Akarine Chan
he sure do a wonderful work for his master.thank u soo much mangatoon for this new amazing comic😊.
nightmare 😈
I know how it feels my grandma died and I hear her voice saying my name ps I still hear her 😅
Itz Vao -Gacha Studio, Animation, speedpaint
i am a normal girl who watch comics and grin

That Normal Right ? ⊙_⊙
interesting so far.
Akarine Chan
haha soon. he will fall for her.
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