Romance / Fantasy / Time Travel / Adventure

Moonlight Goddess

Kawaii Girl - CherriDoesStuff
90 % of the episode, some dood talking with uhh i forgot his name xD
Cheng Cheng
Me : Mom look there is a Phoenix..
Mom : (Stare for 3 sec.) It's a white pigeon..
Me : *_*
Cheng Cheng
I thought he's a Dragon but now he's a Phoenix..
Monika Ghale
ohhh i really his shocking expression
Kalpana Sarkar
Nice but what happened??
Kaylin Xiao
I lost myself 😵😵😵
Annie Burton
so.. SO CUTE
Chill Massage
her parents told her to run away far and she's running right back into the fire
Hana Yuuki
Yan Shen is a good guy 👏👏👏
Cha Eun-Woo fan Astro
well...........I need more😭
Hmmm...I wonder...What is Xiu Chen's identity??? He looks suspicious to me🤔🤔🤔
OMG😍😍 I love that kitty ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)
Smith Silverio
What is this uglyass boy talking he should better think about fixing his face before bullying other😤😤
Santi Djap
i like this story ❤
BTS 💜ARMYs{VKook is life}
Thank author for ur hard work and i love it,i will be waiting for next chapters 😘
BTS 💜ARMYs{VKook is life}
Oh those guys are in the hell😎
BTS 💜ARMYs{VKook is life}
Hey, u guys back off don't even try to bully her😟
i really hope my cat can talk😝😝😝emmm
wait for the second time thinking back... i dont want my cat have ability to talk.. it creep me out😂😂
im not strong enough to take it😂😂😂
i am Jin's wifeu
Hehehe cute.. Can i summon a ghost like this
Elmy Tabassum
I really hate the art.idk
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