My Ex, Client

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My Ex, Client Comics Online. Jihyo is an Account Executive at a mid-size ad firm.
Jegook is Jihyo's ex-boyfriend who shows up one day as a very important client.
Jihyo tries to avoid working for Jegook, but the client is too important for her company that she has no way to escape.
What does he want from Jihyo?!

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Kakasexy Hatake
This is the best (read: THE BEST) story I have read byfar. It is rare, mature and has the best storyline. No one night stands, no r*pes, no getting pregnant and all those typical tropes. I'm so satisfied after reading this. Your art work is perfect (Jaewook and Yung Min oppa are 🔥). The development of the story is perfect. All the important characters are well developed and they're not one dimensional.
This manga shows that we don't need aphrodisiacs, an abusive and cold male lead, a b*tchy vamp, and a weak female lead for a manga to succeed. The relationship between the different characters you've shown is really good. Only one I missed was Sungchae. I would've liked to see more of her in the story.
Thank you, author, for your fantastic work. I look forward to more of your creations.
Akuma Is: Because this is actually manhwa. Not manhua
Lookout: Great review to sum up a great piece
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I love this story 😁 it is very different from what I have read before. The characters are very well mannered, nice, good looking and the art is soo flawless, bright and fantastic. But unfortunately it was a bit too short. I started to read this comic just today, and I have already finished it after a few hours. Hopefully the author will upload more episodes or the original story. But still THANK YOU VERY MUCH author for creating such a good and peachful comic. 👏❤👍
Ÿükïë Åmã'nnē
I really really love this story..not even talking of the art!!!!! it's super good work! so well drawn!, they look so... realistic and beautiful~!! the ML is so manly and handsome..and very charismatique.....ayyyaa~ I think am in love 😍😍.
Author, staff, please kindly accept my appreciation and gratitude for this work.
keep up!! We'll look forward to more comics with this super cool art!!
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