My Ex, Client

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Jihyo is an Account Executive at a mid-size ad firm.
Jegook is Jihyo's ex-boyfriend who shows up one day as a very important client.
Jihyo tries to avoid working for Jegook, but the client is too important for her company that she has no way to escape.
What does he want from Jihyo?!

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I think its actually good for her that he is by her side (the bodyguard) he actually teaches her the values of life and also that she cant do whatever she wants and i think its also good for him he learns that being rich doesn't mean that everything is easy don't get me wrong though i do think being rich is easy in a materialistic way but that doesn't mean it can buy emotions and since he is honest she will appreciate it more because everyone just says what she wants to hear so they complete each other and same goes for sunbae and jongwook😁 anyways i love this story so much 🤩😍 (just try to see it from different point of views ♥️
Thank you. I have been disappointed after reading a few manga with a lot of questions with the story line and like “wtf! The ending is like this”. Your manga made me feel i didn’t waste my money paying the coins just to read your manga till the end. And your manga is one of the nicest manga i have read in MangaToon. Thank you.
Ha Yin: Omg, I agree with you! I’ve been reading a few completed comics with an unsatisfactory ending that I couldn’t help but be mad about it 😤 I’m really happy that this comic ended beautifully. Probably one of the best ending there is on mangatoon 😌
Aderila: Finished already
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Amaya Rain
if it were me, I wouldn't quit either. Its 2019, the old concept of housewives and motherhood needs to change. They may be your children, but one day they will grow up and live their own life. If you give up everything for them, what will become of you when they leave? Everyone should have their own lives to live and the responsibilities that comes with it, the children are not an exception. Perhaps she should try to find a balance such as switching a job, but quiting all is just too much to ask.
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