My Ex, Client

My Ex, Client

My Ex, Client
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My Ex, Client Comics Online. Jihyo is an Account Executive at a mid-size ad firm.
Jegook is Jihyo's ex-boyfriend who shows up one day as a very important client.
Jihyo tries to avoid working for Jegook, but the client is too important for her company that she has no way to escape.
What does he want from Jihyo?!

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Every woman is different, some are suitable and some are not.

I would suggest to think it throughly before deciding to lock your fate because every situation in regards of marriage is different.

I enjoy kids more, so I don’t have a problem when they will ask me to quit my career in the future.

So, do as you wish BUT don’t neglect your family because of work, when decided this fate.

Always make them feel love and your top priority. Woman are the light of the family, then don’t let see the darkness.
I honestly I can relate as a former EA, I may not look not doing anything but I’m doing a lot of things.

I am EA who learn by learning by myself or asking a fellow EA of our partners what should I do.

90% of the Microsoft system of our company is created by me, 5% from the our partners.
🌸💮lee ya💮🌸
i was once thinking that girl should have their own working life even after marriage, but now.. after im seing how my friend crying just by seing her baby's pict who she left at home cz she needs to work someting till late night..
i can't do that..
i can still working if my hubby permit me but i'll quit for my baby, cz for me my baby comes first..

thats i thought now..
yeahitsnish: In my opinion it depends on the situation you have with you hubby and if career is important to you then do something about it.

Do something that makes you happy because you deserve to be happy and feel contended, find suitable career that manage you being home but not too busy to take care your child.

Do a little business, like online selling, learning pastry (no bake) so you could sell or cook and sell and learning to how to make candles or soap then sell.

Choices and solutions are always available if your want something, there’s NO “if” or “what if” just do it.

Hope this help.
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