My Ex, Client

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Jihyo is an Account Executive at a mid-size ad firm.
Jegook is Jihyo's ex-boyfriend who shows up one day as a very important client.
Jihyo tries to avoid working for Jegook, but the client is too important for her company that she has no way to escape.
What does he want from Jihyo?!

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Kakasexy Hatake
This is the best (read: THE BEST) story I have read byfar. It is rare, mature and has the best storyline. No one night stands, no r*pes, no getting pregnant and all those typical tropes. I'm so satisfied after reading this. Your art work is perfect (Jaewook and Yung Min oppa are 🔥). The development of the story is perfect. All the important characters are well developed and they're not one dimensional.
This manga shows that we don't need aphrodisiacs, an abusive and cold male lead, a b*tchy vamp, and a weak female lead for a manga to succeed. The relationship between the different characters you've shown is really good. Only one I missed was Sungchae. I would've liked to see more of her in the story.
Thank you, author, for your fantastic work. I look forward to more of your creations.
hanbinlee: i totally agree with you. Glad I read this
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I don't get this, which stupid idiot said u can't get married and have a job at the same time???😑😑😑
Don't u know what compromise is??!! Maybe he can obviously buy ur company and u can be the head after giving u a hard test. thennnnn u won't have to work too hard and u can still take care of ur kids, without caring what people think as long as u passed the test with ur own efforts.🙄🙄🙄
What the hell do u think love is? are u that scared that you'll change and die just because you got married? 😕😕😕
To me it looks like she just saying she doesn't love him enough otherwise, there are lots of people who are happily married..she should stop living in her mother's shadow even if it's hard life goes on......geeezz😒😒😒i finally got it out of my system.
plum cake🍰🎂🥧🍰🎂
finally completed reading it now...and trust me author it was really a heart melting story.😍😍 really loved it..thank u author for this wonderful story...but it ended..I hope it could have been a long running series just as you wished😔😔 really wished to see more of it..maybe u have ur own's ok..I really wished to see more of (yejin and Yung story)😍😍so cute.. people were telling that yejin is so childish and immature and maybe his and Yung pair wouldn't be good..but I liked this pair..I agree she shouldn't be so stubborn but a mature guy and a little childish girl..perfect match🤭🤭💜💜I really really wanted to see the second leads story with the leads story..I don't know whenever it comes to K-dramas or comics always the second leads catch my attention more than the leads😅😅🤭🤭sry..but the leads story was also damn amazing..I really really liked both the couple's story how they solved their problems how they overcame it..I don't know why but either it's K-DRAMAS or K-comics.. everything the storyline are very realistic..K-stories always gives me the feels 😍😍😍❤️❤️
Jonna Perez: I wished this series make one of my favorite😘
Jonna Perez: I wished this series make one of my favorite😘
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